Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day Three

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It was only yesterday when we saw some of the Ultimates just kind of hang out in the jungle. Then Captain America rescued Wasp from the clutches of a robotic Iron Man double. That’s about it.

This issue is a very special one. I’ve decided to fit in a couple pages of ads for you. Namely, Marvel’s ads for Ultimate Origins. Sure, the first issue already came out, but better late than never.

ManiacClown and I will continue with Hawkeye’s emergency intestinal surgery tomorrow. See you then.

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3 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day Three”

  1. Was the random page of Logan actually in the book?

  2. Those panels come from USM, don’t know the issue #, but it’s the Freaky Friday one starring Peter and Logan.

  3. last page, top right panel. Pure, unrefined gold. People (even mutated people) / never look like that /.