Light redesign for the site!

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I’ve done a few background-type redesigns on the site over the past year or so– widening the post box, changing the way the headers work, fonts, etc etc. My secret guru/consultant in that has been David Cole of Sleepover. He does webdesign professionally, and he’s the guy I go to with dumb questions like “Is this how CSS works?” and “Hang on, is this hard to do?”

He did me the favor of doing some minor web work, or so he says, on the site over the weekend. He’s the reason why each post, the sidebar, the headers, and the navigation are their own separate elements now. There are some other background things you probably won’t notice– cleaning up functions, straightening out some navigation stuff, blah blah blah. I went in behind him and added in a few dozen headers (some of which Gav mailed to me, oh, eight months ago or so). I’ll be doing some sidebar work over the next week, too.

Anyway, he did me a solid and I wanted to publicly thank him. Check out Sleepover, take a peek at what he does to show off, and if you’re in the market for some web design work… give Sleepover a shout. If he’ll do stuff for my piddly little comics blog, he’ll definitely make your corporate site prettified.

Thanks David!

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4 comments to “Light redesign for the site!”

  1. Oh no, trust me, some of that behind the scenes work is noticable. This site was the slowest by far in the bookmark cluster it opened in, now it’s pretty zippy.

  2. heh, everyone seems to be revamping their sites lately

  3. The new banners are nice, but I still think you could use a Yotsuba& one.

  4. @VersasoVantare: I think you might be right. That’ll be fixed soon, assuming my scanner/time agrees with me.