It’s a (Bruce) Banner Day

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New headers are up! I’m going to direct link them to save some time. If you made one of these, let me know! If you want to make one, just give me a 700×200 jpg of cool art with the word “4thletter!” somewhere on it. Make it cool, funny, whatever, but also pretty much worksafe, okay?

Man. I need to check and see my bandwidth usage just to be sure that I don’t go over.

This is from Big Ass Comics 01. This one is by Elfbot.
This is from a Madman comic, but I dunno which. Also by Elfbot.
Another by Elfbot, this time from Kill Your Boyfriend. Words by Grant Morrison, art by Philip Bond.
The rest of these are by me or Gavok as far as I know. A few of them have the fonts way too small, but oh well. The art is good. Enjoy!
Daughters of the Dragon Part 1
Daughters of the Dragon Part 2
Daughters of the Dragon Part 3
Daughters of the Dragon Part 4 (can you guess what I was reading when I was doing these new headers?)
99% sure that this is from a Justice League Unlimited Comic.
From the Waid/Kitson Legion of Super-Heroes comic.
Spaaaaace Ghooooost
Ultimate Extinction
Loveless, by Azzarello and Frusin, colors by Trish Mulvihill.
From an early issue of 52.
LoSH once again.
Brainy at work.
Ultimate Cap vs Ultimate Moondragon-clone.

This one isn’t new, but I love it anyway. Kara Zor-El laying down the law. More content later, kids!

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3 comments to “It’s a (Bruce) Banner Day”

  1. It’s from Madman issue #10. Madman is killed, but it’s not his time, so the hand of God rejects him.

  2. “If you don’t give us free cakes, we’ll kill you.”

    And that’s terrible.

  3. That Power Girl/Girder one is from the JLU Christmas issue. It involves Atom Smasher vs. Girder, which is a rivalry I could definitely get behind.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a series of banners of what the 4th Letter could stand for. Dr. Doom? Deadpool? Deathstroke? Drax the Destroyer? Dhalsim? Dan DiDio?