Admin Crap II!

December 28th, 2006 by | Tags:

I’ve taken down a bunch of the header images. I kept a bunch of the good ones up, but we went from around 100 to maybe 20. There is a reason why, however!

My buddy Elfbot has provided me with a simple, clean, and attractive logo. It’ll give things a more cohesive look, I thinks. I’ll be reposting some old headers and uploading new ones over the next couple of days.

It is going to be better than ever.

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5 comments to “Admin Crap II!”

  1. Oh, but I _liked_ those headers. (Even if the exchange from that Kabuki one was taken from a T-shirt in a ten-year-old Wireless catalogue.)

    Good luck with the logo, though!

  2. Posting in response to my name

  3. Synonymous: The issue of Kabuki that that was taken from is just around 10-11 years old (I think it was first published in 1996?). I wonder who got to it first?

    Regardless, a lot of the old headers are going to return, just with a teeny tiny logo added in replace of “4thletter!”s of varying fonts and sizes. I’m actually in the process of uploading them now. A handful (maybe less than five) of the old ones are going to stay in the rotation because I like them a lot, though.

    All will become clear soon, however!

    elfbot: :hfive:

  4. The “Iron Foot” one is awesome.

    Also, if you got rid of the Cap throwing his Shield at Galactus, you might wanna make an edit ot the article you mentioned it in.

    I’m enough of a comic book geek that I do not only pick at continuity in comic books, but also the blogs that review them.

  5. Ah, wouldn’t it be remarkable, then, if David Mack were being surreptitiously marketed to casserole-bearing Lake Wobegon fans?