Ultimatum Edit Week 2: Day Three

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After a little recap, yesterday saw Iron Man try to save Captain America’s life in the way you save a man on fire by stomping on them. Then we had Carol Danvers’ gigantic guns.

With the disaster still fresh, we now join Yellowjacket and Hawkeye, followed soon after with Thing and Invisible Woman.

Hey, by the way, if you’re reposting these images on another site, please be nice enough to at least post a link to us. That includes you, Banhammer.

ManiacClown insisted that Giant Man use the line “Olly, Olly, X-Men free!” but that’s so corny that even I feel like punching my monitor.

I’m also disappointed that at no point during the Thing segment did I have a chance to fit the line, “Oh, Aunt Petunia. Oh, forgive me. Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me…”

Join us tomorrow as Zarda appears and reminds me of how horrendous Squadron Supreme has become in the last couple years. Have any of you been reading that junk?

Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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4 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 2: Day Three”

  1. My deepest apologies. I did used to use the lnks, but then they wouldn’t transfer well, so when I used tinypic, I forgot to credit you.
    My humblest and late apologies.

  2. Well, on the plus side, there’s the fact that unlike Ultimates 3, the anatomy doesn’t look like it’s all made of silly putty (everyone doesn’t have rubber-face syndrome, arms aren’t completely bizarrely out of proportion etc) and it’s easier to tell what’s going on in each frame due to more rational depth-of-field and background detail choices, so the art gets props (not *mad* props, but props) and…


    …I’m *sure* there’s got to be something else – let me get back to you on that…

  3. @Banhammer: Don’t beat yourself up over it. Tis cool.

    @bellatrys: After two issues the only obligatory Wolverine appearance has lasted merely a page? Does that count?

    On the other hand, Ultimatum #2 itself has more pages that make you go cross-eyed from the stupidity before you can even read the dialogue. If you’re someone reading the issue for the first time here, you know that ridiculous Carol Danvers intro shot? There are two pages coming even worse than that.

  4. There are two pages coming even worse than that.



    GAAAAAAAAH!!!! [Hunts around for Ze Goggles, though without much hope…]

    After two issues the only obligatory Wolverine appearance has lasted merely a page? Does that count?


    I think what got me most about the the Ultimates 3 art is that it was really well colored, very painterly and had some nice linework, kind of like those classic posters/covers for Indiana Jones and Star Wars EU, but the draughtsmanship and composition was just so eye-gougingly awful – Thor’s head should NOT munch up like one of those rubber balls with a face on just because he’s scowling! You should be able to tell even Scowly!Thor from Sabertooth in a closeup *without* having to check the dialogue! People *shouldn’t* appear to be shrinking or growing in size from scene to scene *unless* that’s their superpower! You shouldn’t need to make diagrams to figure out the action in a frame! And so forth and so on.

    And then we get to stuff like the vibrators, and how the MST3K version shouldn’t make *more* sense and be *more* in chara than the original… sigh.
    It really almost seems like a deliberate farce, or maybe a high school play version, written/directed/starring a bunch of kids who haven’t really thought much about the characters they’re playing or the scope of the roles in relation to the plot they’re in, it reminds me of when we’d be drawing action games on notebook paper in 3rd grade, and someone would have Superman randomly show up in an X-Wing vs Tie Fighter battle “because Superman’s cool!” and then someone would have Darth Vader trip on a banana peel because “that’s funny!” and it would just go on getting stupider and stupider as the serious players got frustrated and gave up.

    (I have limited access to stores, plus limited budget at the best of times, so I read blogs to see what’s worth checking out and rec’ing to other fans – and what to avoid like the plague, or grape bubblegum on pavement on a sunny day, even if I like the charas, or the sound of the story. So posts like these are a public service to the world. Plus, good snark is worth its weight in chocolate.)