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Spidey Suit

A small one for today. I recently bought the out-of-print Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot tpb. It collects Amazing Spidey 321-326 or so, I don’t have the trade handy right now to check. Words by David Michelinie, art by Todd Mcfarlane on five out of the six issues. Erik Larsen pitch-hit on the odd issue out.

My first Spidey books were Amazing 316 and 317, a two-parter that brought Venom back into Spidey’s life. My second Spidey books, though I got them all at around the same time, were parts two and three of the Assassin Nation Plot. I still have the (well-read) originals of all of them, but I love the fact that I have them in trade form now.

I also bought the X-Men: Fatal Attractions trade. That’s right. Art by Joe Quesada, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, a cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, and words by Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza? It is just like reliving my childhood!

Guys, seriously. I think I may have bad taste in comics! I need an intervention!

Anyway, here’s a page by Toddy Mac from the Assassin Nation Plot. It tripped me out as a kid and it trips me out to this day. Spidey in a suit with a mask? He beat Deadpool to it, baby!

What comics do you love?

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6 comments to “Cool Comics Love-in Lite”

  1. Man, X-Men: Fatal Attractions was probably the most expensive crossover I ever bought. I paid premium price for a second-hand copy… simply because I bought into the whole “event” thing.

    Then, when I tried to sell it by consigning it to a store, I forgot to get any contract so when it was sold, I can’t prove that I left anything at that store. -_-; Bad memories of a naive 14-year old.

  2. Huh. They had that in the library here.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awful comic, but I do stupid things like dating women who are terrible people and paying money for bad comics that I loved as a kid.

    Only one of these results in joy.

  4. Assassin Nation, is that the Acts Of Vengeance storyline with Solo and Ultimatum? As bad as those probably are today, I’d buy them in trade.

  5. It actually predates Acts of Vengeance by a few months, I think. However, Solo (while he lives… TERROR DIES) and Ultimatum are both in there. So is Sabertooth, Silver Sable, Captain America, Red Skull… man.

    I think the Spidey stuff in Acts of Vengeance was when he went cosmic?

  6. Captain Universe’d!