Redheads… they have a dynamite kiss.

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Bullets-- Caught! Return to Sender Man, I totally didn’t have time to whip up that post I promised you yesterday. It’ll probably come later Saturday. I’ve been busy busy with both welcoming back a friend who just came back into town and some super top secret writing projects that I will be sure to share when I’m sure that I’m able to. Non-Disclosure Agreements make for great teases, but poor fun!

Believe me, though. I will definitely explain to you guys why not only does Jim Lee draw the definitive X-Men (he is to X-Men what McGuinness is to Superman and Romita Sr/Jr is to Spider-Man), but why the early 90s X-Men are some of my favorite X-books. The accompanying image is yet another bit of evidence that Gambit is awesome. He caught a bullet and tossed it back! It’s from X-Men #1.

Want to know something super-nerdy? I bought the X-Men: Mutant Genesis trade (it collects X-Men 1-7), and I realized that I practically studied these books way back when. Some of the coloring errors, like where color leaked into dialogue balloons here in this excerpt were fixed, but Beast is still blue from his feet to his teeth in that first big spread of the X-Men, and there are really only a handful of skintones: White, Asian, Black, and Stubbled. The cover has been recolored or retouched, too. I knew this from memory.

I love the X-Men.

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2 comments to “Redheads… they have a dynamite kiss.”

  1. I can’t help but to cringe when I look at nineties X-Men. God, I hate every single one of those costumes.

  2. With the exception of Cyclops (what the hell does he put in those pockets anyway?), I thought most of the 90’s X-men costumes were pretty good. I mean, they didn’t mess with the classics (Colossus, Nightcrawler) but put in the definitive look for Rogue, Gambit and a lot of others.

    Still, that’s one huge bullet.