New Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day One

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Welcome to a special holiday edition of New Ultimate Edit. Those of you paying attention may have noticed that Ultimate New Ultimates #4 came out two months ago. Due to scheduling conflicts, ManiacClown and I couldn’t get on it immediately like we’ve done with all the other Loeb/Ultimate stuff. As it took longer for us to get to it, we found that it brought sadness and annoyance to… well, nobody really. Not a single person noticed. Nobody cried foul or asked, “Hey, whatever happened to that thing you guys used to do?”

Not that I blame them. The whole thing has become moot. New Ultimates isn’t even that bad. I wouldn’t exactly call it good, but it lacks the apocalyptic, “How did this get made?!” horror that came from Ultimates 3 and especially Ultimatum. Plus Jeph Loeb has left comic writing behind, at least for the time being. Now he’s hanging out in Marvel’s animation division, meaning that the next issue of New Ultimates is his last.

Still, ManiacClown and I felt compelled to at least finish what we started. There are only two more issues left to cover, then we can lay the Ultimate Edit Trilogy to rest. Considering the holiday season kills my productivity due to having a retail job, this issue being a Thor-centric entry and our habit of writing Thor as Santa Claus, it came natural to save it for the week of Christmas. So here we are.

Let’s review, since it’s been a while. Issue one had the Defenders appear with superpowers. They proceeded to steal Mjolnir from Valkyrie and gave it to Loki. In the second issue, the Enchantress mind-controlled most of the women and had them beat up the more high-profile Ultimates as part of Loki’s master plan to conquer Earth. Then in the third issue, the low-profile Ultimates saved the day, Loki’s forces were shot an awful lot and Valkyrie’s death brought the return of a really pissed off Thor.

In tomorrow’s update: Thor is still pissed.

Day Two!
Day Three!
Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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7 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day One”

  1. Hey, alright! I may not have said anything, but I was missing my fix!

  2. I didn’t say anything because I assumed you guys would get to it sooner or later. No point in annoying you guys over it when I doubted doing so would make it come faster.

  3. I think nobody noticed because nobody knew the issue even came out. Nobody fucking cares.

  4. I just read all of these today, and let me tell you that I would’ve asked if I had known about them sooner! Hilarious stuff.

  5. Since you’re doing it out of the goodness of your hearts anyway who are we to complain about lateness? Plus considering how the book drags past deadlines it seems appropriate for Ultimate Edit to show up “whenever” too. Thanks for staying the course. You were missed.

  6. @Oli: At least we get this content for free, though.

    I didn’t care because I consider Loeb’s Hulk a far greater crime, if not the greatest crime ever committed by a creator who JUST DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT since Mackie’s endless run on Spider-Man.

  7. The recap page’s tribute to Brave Combo was the best thing ever.