New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day One

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Welcome back to another week of New Ultimate Edit, based on Ultimate New Ultimates featuring that All-American American Ultimate Captain America.

Thor is dead and has decided to fix that by making a baby with Hela. Loki and Enchantress take advantage of his absence by attacking New York City, taking over the minds of the female team members and showing Valkyrie how Thor has been unfaithful to her. Personally, if someone literally traded places with me in the afterlife out of love and selflessness, I think I’d be giving them a ton of leeway in how they spend their tortured eternity. Loki and his turncoat army have succeeded in defeating the Ultimates, outside of those guys who nobody cares about to the point that Enchantress didn’t even bother messing with Shanna.

If you need a more detailed refresher, check out the previous two weeks.

And… go.

Thanks to the ever-classy ManiacClown for his assistance. Tomorrow will feature more flashbacking, followed by bedlam in the present.

Day Two!
Day Three!
Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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8 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day One”

  1. Excuse me Gavok, did you edit that Antman helmet onto the naked guy on the last page?

  2. I can assure you I did not.

  3. I care so little for Ultimate New Ultimates I can’t even bring myself to read a free parody.

    Please don’t take this as a insult on your work, Gavok – it’s not you, it’s me…

  4. So, that dragon in the Charlie’s Angels panel on the intro page. Coloured and patterned like Spider-Man.




  5. Y’know, I can understand the sexual fetish element people might get from superhero costumes, but I can’t imagine that anyone in any sort of a fictional world could be turned on by that helmet.

  6. That whiteboard made me choke my juice. Well played, sir.

  7. Isn’t that the same dragon that Barda punched out in last week’s Booster Gold?

  8. Did she hit it so hard it landed in an alternate reality?