This Week in Panels: Week 12

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Absolutely massive set of comics this week. What If: World War Hulk is my pick of the week, even despite the crappy Thor story and the even worse comedy stuff at the end. The main story rocks.

Adventure Comics #5
Geoff Johns, Sterling Gates, Jerry Ordway and Francis Manapul

Batgirl #5
Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett

Booster Gold #27
Dan Jurgens and Mike Norton

DC Universe Holiday Special
Jay Faerber, Peter Nguyen and many others

Deadpool #18
Daniel Way and Paco Medina

Ghostbusters: Past, Present and Future
Rob Williams and Diego Jourdan

Incredible Hulk #605
Greg Pak, Ariel Olivetti and Paul Pelletier

Incredible Iron Man #21
Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca

Magog #4
Keith Giffen and Howard Porter

New Avengers Annual #3
Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Mayhew

Punisher MAX #2
Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon

Punisher: Noir #4
Frank Tieri and Antonio Fuso

Spider-Man: Secret Wars #1
Paul Tobin and Patrick Scherberger

S.W.O.R.D. #2
Kieron Gillen and Steven Sanders

Secret Six #16
Gail Simone and Peter Nguyen

Shield #4
Eric Trautmann, Cliff Richards, Brandon Jerwa and Greg Scott

War Machine #12
Greg Pak and Wellinton Alves

What If: World War Hulk
Mike Raicht, Lucio Parrillo, Michael Gallagher and Patrick Spaziante

X-Men: Noir: Mark of Cain #1
Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero

With the Ghostbusters comic, I know that they already dealt with the Christmas Carol ghosts on the cartoon, but the way they have Peter take the brunt of the “Ghost of Christmas _____” treatment is pretty clever. I didn’t even notice the Bill Murray connection until long after.

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11 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 12”

  1. GAHH! Why is Reed stretching like that!?

  2. If I could stretch like Reed Richards, I’d be doing that all the time.

  3. @HItTheTargets: Because Olivetti wanted to, live with it

    @Gavok: my man

  4. @Gavok: Yeah but… like that?

  5. He’s seen something interesting in the distance over Skaaar – no. Sorry. Not using that name – over David? Over Richard? – over Jim’s shoulder. And he’s craning his neck for a better view.

    (Jim? Good name for a Banner? Jim Banner?)


  6. @HitTheTargets: I gotta stand with Gav here, I don’t think I’d EVER be at my normal proportions if I was a rubber man, it’d be too much fun.

  7. @Syrg: indeed, otherwise what would be the point? Plastic man, as with all subjects, had the right idea.

  8. hulk: cry for justice!

  9. Jesus, is that the art for Secret Six nowadays?

  10. @LaterComments: fill in artist for one issue

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