This Week in Panels: Week 27

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Time for another installment of TWiP, which is almost late since I was too busy watching the All-American American Jack Swagger be awesome. Oh, and Shawn Michaels is apparently retiring too. But the Jack Swagger part is more important.

Amazing Spider-Man #626
Fred Van Lente and Michael Gaydos

The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding #2
Joe Carnahan, Tom Waltz and Stephen Mooney

Captain America #604
Ed Brubaker, Luke Ross, Sean McKeever and David Baldeon

Deadpool #21
Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi

Green Lantern #52
Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

Nemesis #1
Mark Millar and Steve McNiven

New Avengers #63
Brian Michael Bendis and Mike McKone

Power Girl #10
Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner

Prelude to Deadpool Corps #4
Victor Gischler and Paco Medina

Secret Warriors #14
Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli

Thunderbolts #142
Jeff Parker and Wellinton Alves

With Thunderbolts, just about any panel of the US Agent vs. Nuke fight could have worked. That and the Amadeus Cho vs. Mr. X fight. What a totally badass issue. Almost makes me wish I paid more attention to Mighty Avengers.

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8 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 27”

  1. co-signed on Tbolts.

    also surprised how much I loved Nemesis, Sims got it down perfectly

  2. I was personally pulling for Drew (I’m in the minority there, I’m sure) but Jack winning certainly surprised me. My buddy who I watched the PPV with won $50 from the bar for guessing the winner.

    Also, Nuke FTW.

  3. Trust me, Thunderbolts is the best two issues of Mighty Avengers since Bendis left. Don’t check out the main book.

    Also, that Secret Warriors panel is still fantastic. God, I love Hickman. He drew me in as a plot guy, but he’s really getting great with characters.

  4. Bendis was writing Mighty Avengers? I thought Slott was…

  5. Bendis kicked MA off with the girl-Ultron plot, then the Carnage bomb, then the Iron Man-Sentry-Doom time traveling plot.

    After Secret Invasion, Slott took over. It’s very much a traditional Avengers book. For me, it’s solid enough — all the ingredients are there — but it hasn’t quite jelled. It seems a bit inconsequential, probably because Bendis is still the main driver in the Avengers corner of the MU.

    Can I just say that having Secret Warriors *and* Thunderbolts in the same week is an overload of awesome. Marvel needs to spread that stuff out.

    Gavok, no Peter Parker #1? Here I thought you were a Spidey completist… Anyway, van Lente is best writer currently on ASM and that’s saying a LOT.

  6. @David Uzumeri: What about Assault on New Olympus?

    @clay: I place Kelly on top but mainly due to his Rhino stuff.

  7. @Nathan: Reasonable people can disagree, but they’re wrong.

    Actually, van Lente, Kelly, and Waid are all knocking Spidey out of the park. In the original brain trust, Slott was clearly the stand-out, but now it’s much more balanced.

  8. Dan Slott’s Avengers, is better written in its 16 issues than the near entirety of Bendis’ Avengers. At the very least, you never get the sense Slott would rather be doing something else, but the money’s too good to stop.