Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Two

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In yesterday’s crackerjack installment, Ultron just kept talking about his backstory. He was in love with Scarlet Witch, so he killed her. As Kyle Gass would put it, Ultron is total love-knife material.

Let’s continue, shall we?

I should note that prior to this issue’s release, ManiacClown forced me to watch Maximum Overdrive. Hence, he insists that we shove in as many references to it as possible. Just a warning.

More tomorrow, but you already know that.

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Day Four!
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3 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Two”

  1. The instant I saw the second panel, the stage select theme from Mega Man 2 starts going off in my head and just sealed the deal. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  2. the ‘Jeph Loeb: “Writer”‘ bit was beautifully subtle.

  3. Some Megaman love just as Megaman 9 got released! LOL @ Incest Man.