Ultimate Edit Week: Day Two

December 13th, 2007 by | Tags: , , , , , ,

Last time in Ultimates 3 #1, Vanessa from King of Fighters had sex with a dying man on video and then Venom showed up for no raisin. With the help of ManiacClown, join me in looking at the next three pages of this epic.

More tomorrow. See you then.

Day Three!
Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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10 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week: Day Two”

  1. So Ultimate Black Panther is like a merging of Supreme Nighthawk and 616 Bat-Black Panther?

  2. The rumor is that Ultimate Black Panther IS Supreme Nighthawk.

  3. “My black parents are dead!”

    You are the worst person in the world! 😀


  5. Wait, was Black Panther’s dialogue really like that? AAAAAAAAAAA LOOOOOOOEB!

  6. By that I mean, was it similar to this parody.

  7. Nah, he had no lines at all. Not even shouting as he was thrown half a mile.

  8. I’ve always hated the giant muscle-blob interpretation of Venom. Partly because, as shown here, it looks like shit. Shit from an ass.

  9. holy shit @ his parents. You’re supposed to be ruining the moment, not improving on it by magnitudes immeasurable!

  10. “Fag”? Really? Lame.