The King of Trios Retrospective: Day 19

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King of Trios 2011: Night 2

You may have noticed that King of Trios 2011 has a major Transformers motif going on. There’s a reason for that. As it turns out, Mike Quackenbush is good friends with musician Stan Bush, best known as that guy from the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack. His more modernized take on his memorable song “the Touch” is the official theme to King of Trios 2011. As part of that, he got to do a live performance of it at the Fan Conclave.

Also at the Conclave, they had a contest to see who could bodyslam Tursas. Many tried, including both fans and wrestlers, but nobody could do it. All of the sudden, Green Ant marched out and challenged him while wearing American flag Zubaz pants and a fanny pack. The two got in a scuffle and Green Ant briefly held him up. Before he could do anything, Jakob clipped Green Ant’s knee and Tursas crushed him. The rest of the Colony ran into the ring and Tursas backed off… for now.

Match 1
Archibald Peck vs. ???

A little background on Archibald Peck. In the months leading up to King of Trios, CHIKARA started showing these videos on YouTube about how “the Band” is coming. The videos acted like it would be this major event with a split-second sample from the nWo theme song. As it turns out, the Band is the name for the former nWo guys in TNA. That led to speculation. Would CHIKARA really have a team of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman show up in King of Trios, let alone at all? Would that be a disaster of epic proportions? Well, that didn’t happen. The Band turned out to be bandleader Marchie Archie and his valet Veronica. If it was someone less entertaining, this would have fallen flat. Luckily, while Archie isn’t the real Band, he is the real deal.

He’s announced an open challenge against anyone in the back. He comes out to a marching band cover of “Any Way You Want it” by Journey and, much like the nWo, starts his promo with a survey. What month is it? April? No. It’s irrelevant because as long as Archie and Veronica are around, it’s always MARCH MADNESS! A taker to his challenge shows up in Colt Cabana. I wonder if he and Matt Classic crossed paths backstage. Archie challenges him to a duel by slapping him across the face with his glove. Colt removes his boot and does the same as to accept.

As he tries to put that boot back on, Archie puts him in a headlock. Archie keeps attempting shoulderblocks, but he bounces right off each time. Then in one instance, he stops himself and takes out Colt’s feet. After Colt falls, Archie goes around celebrating like he just won the lottery. Maybe twice as long. Colt gets up and knocks him over with another shoulder and does a mock celebration. Archie doesn’t take this too well.

The crowd chants at Colt, “SAY YOU’RE SORRY!” but he refuses. He spends the next few minutes making an absolute fool out of Archie, as if Archie needed the help. Archie gets some offense in there and knocks Colt down. He climbs to the top rope, sees Colt already standing and shouts at him to lay back down so he can do his finishing move. Colt can’t believe this and the ref asks him to just humor him. When Archie does jump off the top, Colt gets up and punches him in the stomach. Archie gets some fortune when he kick-shoves Colt so that he hits the corner post shoulder-first. He tries another top-rope diving headbutt and Colt moves out of the way. A minute later he tries yet again and this time lands on Colt’s boot. Colt gets up and goes on a rampage of clotheslines and elbows, knocking Archie down again and again. And again. And again. And again and again and again. Archie keeps getting back up only to be knocked down. Colt even stops putting effort into his strikes.

He prepares a Butterfly Suplex and Archie’s able to reverse it into a Playmaker. He makes another trip to the top rope and gets crotched. As he’s sitting there prone, Colt runs over, jumps and nails him with his posterior. He goes to the top for a superplex and Veronica starts distracting the ref. During this, Archie pulls out a baton and clocks Colt in the skull. Colt goes down, Archie FINALLY lands a diving headbutt and he wins the match.

Match 2
King of Trios Quarterfinals
Team Osaka Pro (Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada and Ultimate Spider Jr.) vs. FIST (Icarus, Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano)

Icarus and Harada go at it first. Icarus plays to the crowd in terms of whether or not he should remove his jacket, getting people practically begging for him to keep it on so they would be spared a look at the world’s worst tattoo. They start slow, but it explodes into quick pin attempts and a standoff. Harada offers a handshake, but gets raked in the eyes. He reacts to this by punching Icarus so hard that he exits the ring and rolls out into the crowd.

Gargano faces Spider. It’s brief and speedy with Spider sending Gargano out with an RVD-like spin kick. Kotoge vs. Chuck is pretty much like every early Kotoge encounter I’ve seen from these shows. They run really fast and Kotoge catches him off-guard with a flying kick. Kotoge gets Chuck in some legscissors and his partners trick the ref into arguing with the rest of FIST. While this goes on, Harada puts Chuck in a Figure Four and Spider lands on him with Rolling Thunder. Yeah, Ultimate Spider Jr. apparently idolizes RVD. Spider keeps on Chuck until running into an elbow in the corner. Chuck powerslams the little spidery guy and FIST proceed to take turns wearing him down. Gargano takes a moment to kick him in the butt just because. Like in the last match, Chuck and Gargano do their little double elbow that leads into the two of them dancing around. This time, a loud contingent of female fans go crazy over it.

Spider starts to power through Chuck’s punches. Chuck bounces the ropes and eats a dropkick (see? He finally landed one!) and Spider tags out to Harada. Harada faces Icarus and Gargano at the same time, evading both their attacks and belly-to-belly suplexing Gargano into Icarus in the corner. Kotoge runs at Gargano, but at the last second hops over and dives into Icarus on the outside. Harada punishes Gargano with a second-rope double stomp. Gargano fights back with a surprise kick out of nowhere and does a move he calls Diced Bread, I guess because it’s a cross between the Shiranui (aka Sliced Bread #2) and the Overdrive (aka Rolling the Dice). Harada kicks out. Chuck faces Kotoge and powerbombs him, still not enough for a pin. Kotoge fights back and does a Lionsault from the top rope. He misses, but lands on his feet and catches Chuck with a superkick. Chuck’s saved by Icarus getting in the ref’s way.

Spider takes on Icarus and gets beaten down until breaking out a surprise Ace Crusher. Using his “webbing”, he webs the turnbuckles, slowly steps back and slingshots himself into a dropkick. Kotoge and Harada easily disassemble Chuck and Gargano with no problem, culminating in a Kotoge springboard splash on Chuck. Not enough. The team lets loose with a series of strikes on him, Harada holds him up for a Death Valley Driver, Kotoge kicks Chuck in the head, Harada drives him down and Spider does a Swanton. Icarus barely breaks the pin. Harada goes for his hiptoss/knee, only Icarus scouts it and turns it into a DDT. He fights with Kotoge and during the mix-up, he gets grabbed in for Harada’s hiptoss/knee attack anyway. Kotoge superkicks him and the match keeps switching between various pairings with many finishers being landed, ending with Harada superplexing Icarus. He takes too long to pin him and Icarus kicks out because of it. FIST do the same ridiculous end sequence from the night before only with an Icarus top-rope double stomp tossed in there. Harada jumps in out of nowhere to stop the pin with a legdrop. Kotoge and Harada dive out onto Icarus and Gargano, leaving Chuck unharmed. Spider prepares a dive, Chuck Spears him through the ropes, rolls him up and grabs the tights for a pin. Hey, that’s how Chuck lost last year to this team!

Having lost, the Osaka Pro guys soak in the cheers and chants of, “OSAKA!” “PLEASE COME BACK!” and even, “STAY!”

Match 3
Rey De Voladores Round 1
Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Marshe Rockett vs. El Generico

A backstage interview shows that the English Sabre isn’t a big fan of the flipping and aims to win all of the matches in the tournament with armbars, causing it to be renamed Rey De Armbars. Then he and the creepy ice cream guys will go get a pint together. Sounds good to me. Unfortunately for him, Marshe and Generico, not only is Pinkie in this match, but Sabato is the referee. Uh oh.

Sabre and Pinkie attempt a Test of Strength, but Sabre keeps moving his hand before the lockup and Pinkie freaks out. Sabre gets gross by putting him in an Abdominal Stretch, removing the gum from his mouth, putting it in Pinkie’s mouth and then putting it back in his own. His grounded style owns Pinkie and makes him look like a chump, especially when he’s able to grab him for an armbar at the snap of a finger. Pinkie escapes via the ropes and takes out his frustrations by punching Marshe and later Generico. He turns around into a hard kick from Sabre, rolls out of the ring, gets beaten up by Generico, reenters the ring, takes another hard kick, rolls out again, gets beaten up by Marshe, returns to the ring, gets kicked again and then hides out in the crowd while begging off.

Generico vs. Marshe is an even enough matchup, but the moment Generico gets anything resembling an advantage, Pinkie tags in and goes to town on Marshe with some boots. Marshe recovers quick enough and sends him away with a dropkick. Sabre reenters and Marshe unleashes a series of strong chops. Sabre interrupts this onslaught with a headbutt that sends him to the outside. Generico comes in and Sabre puts him in a light armbar with focus on bending Generico’s fingers.

Generico reaches the ropes and escapes. He fights back, but Pinkie pulls the top rope down and causes him to fall over to the floor. He strangles Sabre to the point that even Sabato has to tell him to cool it. He punches Sabre in the face with his butt, as that’s his deal. When trying for some kind of wheelbarrow-based attack, Sabre reverses it and suplexes Pinkie. He tags out to Marshe, but the Soul Toucha is stopped by Sabato, who takes a second to check his gear for foreign objects. As he’s checking, Pinkie runs and jumps off Sabato’s back, hitting Marshe in the face with his butt. Marshe takes some damage for a moment or two until pulling Pinkie in for a powerslam and tagging in Generico.

Pinkie ends up on the apron and attempts a springboard attack. When in mid-air, he’s kicked back by Generico and falls to the floor. Generico gets ready for his diving DDT move that he did to Jigsaw in 2009, but Sabato stands in his way. Instead, Marshe clears the ropes and dives down onto Pinkie. He brings him back in and sets up for the Death Valley Driver. Sabato purposely walks into Pinkie’s legs, screwing up the hold. As Marshe complains to him, Pinkie jumps off the second rope, catches Marshe and DDTs him. He holds him down for the pin, Sabato makes a fast count and we’re down one man.

Generico and Sabre have some fast-paced attacks and reversals until devolving into an exchange of strikes. Generico misses the Yakuza Kick and receives a jumping kick to the back of the skull. They trade running corner kicks and Sabre ends up getting Generico exactly where he wants him with a Fujiwa Armbar. Generico is about to tap, but Pinkie planchas into a sitdown senton on Sabre and pins him. He stays on Generico, but when he climbs to the top rope, Generico kicks him. He prepares the top-rope brainbuster, but Sabato gets in his face to prevent it. Generico climbs back up to try anyway, gets crotched and hangs off the ropes. Pinkie hits a falling butt drop and Generico barely kicks out.

The crowd is insanely behind Generico here, loudly singing his theme song to pump him up. Pinkie runs into Generico’s clutches and we get a Michinoku Driver. Sabato counts slowly, allowing Pinkie ample time to kick out. The crowd demands, “KILL SABATO!” Pinkie desperately hits Generico with a superkick out of nowhere and they both go down. As Sabato starts the count, Wink Vavasseur shows himself with a blue ref shirt in hand, demanding he wear it or else. The crowd chants, “YOU’RE IN TROUBLE!” and Sabato begins to realize that his cheating ref days are over. Pinkie gets to his feet and sees the new shirt, causing him to freak out while Sabato demands he keep it together. Pinkie bolts at Generico, is thrown into the corner with a suplex, eats a Yakuza Kick and is put away with a top-rope brainbuster.

Generico gets the win and forces Sabato to hold his hand up in victory. Not the best weekend for that guy.

Match 4
King of Trios Quarterfinals
The Osirian Portal (Amasis, Ophidian and Hieracon) vs. Team Dragon Gate (Akira Tozawa, KAGETORA and Super Shisa)

The Portal is shown doing a confident promo backstage about how they’ve been undefeated ever since forming this new trio and will definitely come out on Sunday as the winners. In the match, Shisa and Hieracon begin the action with some impressive hold reversals right out of Johnny Saint’s playbook. They kip-up at the same time and tag in Amasis and KAGETORA. KAGETORA can’t hit Amasis with his clotheslines as much as he tries, but Amasis has no trouble downing him with his own. Akira rushes Ophidian and lays into him, but is taken aback when Ophidian breaks out the headstand taunt.

Akira still wins their exchange and does his own snake taunts to rub it in. Amasis gets him from behind and they lead into a war of slaps. Akira elbows Amasis and shoves him into his team’s corner. Shisa works on Amasis for a second, but Amasis reverses a hold and drags Shisa into the Osirian Portal corner. His team has Shisa at their mercy until Akira runs in and attacks them out of anger. Ophidian gets a handle on Akira and has him in peril until Akira reverses a crossbody by jumping up and bending his knees. Team Dragon Gate clears the ring and isolates Amasis. They beat on him for a while until he springs to life with a spinning kick and shoulder tackle on KAGETORA.

Akira and Hieracon go at it with some endless forearm shots back and forth. It just goes on forever with no slowing down. It’s amazing. Hieracon turns it into a spin kick, Shisa enters to help and Hieracon gets the best of him by forcing him into Dragon Screwing Akira via a kick to the head.

KAGETORA comes in and beats the hell out of Hieracon, but he fights back and puts him in an armbar. Shisa stomps down on him. Shisa and Amasis pull off a series of nearfalls against each other until Shisa pulls off a piledriver. Then he puts Amasis in a more advanced-looking version of the STF where the legs are more tied up than usual. Ophidian makes the save. Akira and Ophidian tear into each other. KAGETORA and Shisa try to help out, but they’re thrown out and Ophidian dives onto them both. The Osirian Portal hit some triple team attacks, ending with Ophidian landing on Akira with a springboard splash. He kicks out. Amasis climbs to the top and Shisa appears to jump up and send him down with a hurricanrana.

Team Dragon Gate let loose with some corner attacks on Amasis, ending with Akira doing a Yakuza Kick, a Backdrop Driver and trying for a pin. Hieracon stops him. Things get completely chaotic at this point with everyone taking out everyone else and they’re all sprawled across the mat. Dueling chants for the two teams start up. Shisa and Amasis start striking back and forth. Shisa sets up the Yoshi Tonic, Ophidian stops him. The Osirian Portal let loose with a never-ending onslaught of insane triple team combos and holds with the finish being Amasis landing on Shisa with a 450 Splash. One, two, three, it’s over.

Meanwhile, they air a commercial for the upcoming 12-man tournament to crown CHIKARA’s first Grand Champion. As the commercial says, “It’s time.”

Match 5
Arik Cannon vs. Eddie Kingston

This is basically the Larry Sweeney Appreciation Match. Eddie walks out to the song “Highwayman”, which was apparently Sweeney’s favorite. He’s wearing a Sweeney tanktop and is already looking emotional. The two handshake into a hug before the match begins. The action gets heavy fast with Eddie landing a back suplex and immediately following with a tope. Impressive for a guy his size. He throws Arik into a guardrail and Yakuza Kicks him. Arik fights back, drapes him across the guardrail and then drops him with the Siakolypse.

OW, MAN! They get back into the ring and start trading strikes while on their knees, evolving into striking while standing. Arik wins out by dazing him with a kick and throwing him with a T-Bone Suplex. Kingston kicks out, gets up and starts showing off his own array of suplexes. Arik kicks out of that as well. Arik ducks the Backfist to the Future, but gets hit by a lariat anyway. Eddie misses the Sliding D and eats a superkick. Arik does a brainbuster, but it’s not enough. Arik does the Backdrop Driver, another Siakolypse and Eddie kicks out again. He jumps off the second rope with a moonsault, but misses. The two stand back up and Arik punches him right in the face. Eddie absorbs the punch and delivers his patented backfist. It merely dazes Arik, so he tries again. Arik ducks this backfist, punches him again and Eddie still isn’t fazed. He gets him with another Backfist to the Future and this time Arik goes down. Eddie bounces the ropes, hits him on the way down with the Sliding D and it’s over.

Afterwards, Eddie starts openly crying as “Highwayman” plays once more. He and Arik take the Sweeney shirt from earlier and drape it over the ropes before embracing.

Match 6
King of Trios Quarterfinals
Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Tim Donst, Jakob Hammermeier and Delirious) vs. the Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and Green Ant)

Being the only one who can talk normally, Green Ant cuts a promo about how they’re tired of talking about what happened with the BDK last year. They’re going to win the King of Trios because there is no other option. Jakob gets a lot of heat for walking out in Pinkie Sanchez’s Pink Ant mask, saying, “BDK Ant here,” before doing his opening announcement. When the Colony are all in the ring, the BDK rush them and miss completely, leaving only Jakob in the ring. They punch him back and forth between the three like a three-way game of ping pong. Donst and Delirious slide into the ring and they too get brought into the comedic beatdown. Delirious is knocked into the corner and the Colony get him with their triple running dropkick. The ring is cleared and they throw Fire Ant at them with the Antapult.

Fire works on Delirious until Donst gets in there. Fire smacks him around as well, but Delirious is able to boost him forward, Donst grabs Fire and spikes him with an STO. Delirious freaks out with some hard-hitting, rapid offense. Jakob tags in and strangles Fire, later even using his jacket to do this. Donst continues the ordeal by biting down on Fire’s antenna. Fire catches a break when Donst and Jakob each miss their corner attacks and are left in a heap in the corner. Soldier runs in there and hits both with a diving headbutt while saluting. Delirious runs at him, Soldier picks him up and falls back with a Samoan Drop. Donst makes a go at him, Soldier dodges his attacks and topes out onto Delirious.

Donst gets the better of Green Ant for a second, but his ego gets the best of him. He holds him up for an extended vertical suplex. He takes so long that Green simply recovers and rolls him up before he can even do the slam part. He puts Donst in the Cloverleaf for a moment until Jakob and Delirious make the save. All six stand up and we have three synchronized instances of “YAY!”/”BOO!” chants, albeit Fire blocks every one of Jakob’s punches. Donst breaks the pattern by hitting Fire in the back and the BDK guys are able to clear the ring of everyone but Fire. They set up a rather weak-looking version of Ragnarok, but when Fire makes the flip, he’s caught by his partners. They help him reverse it into a Stunner on Delirious and Donst at the same time. Jakob turns around and gets a face full of Green and Soldier’s boots. They make him the victim for the Anthill, but Donst is able to break the pin in time.

Donst and Fire mix it up for a second and Donst maneuvers him into the Donstitution. Fire kicks out. Donst goes to the top, Fire springs upwards and gives him a Super Fireman’s Carry. Soldier crawls across the ring amongst all the carnage and Delirious jumps down and crushes him with Shadows Over Heck. We’re left with Green vs. Jakob and once again, Donst threatens to bring in a chair. The ref gets in his way and like clockwork, Tursas enters the fray. Green moves out of the way and Tursas accidentally crossbodies Jakob. As Tursas gets back up, Green is ready for him and BODYSLAMS THE GIANT VIKING!

Place goes nuts for that! Keeping the Luger theme going, Green picks up Jakob and makes him tap to the Torture Rack. It’s over. As he carries the immobile Jakob on his back, Tursas is livid at the chants of, “YOU GOT SLAMMED!”

Match 7
Rey De Voladores Round 1
Frightmare vs. Amazing Red vs. Obariyon vs. 1-2-3 Kid

1-2-3 Kid offers handshakes to his opponents, but Obariyon chooses to simply slide out under the bottom rope. Shockingly, despite the Kid being there, the most popular guy here is Frightmare. That’s pretty awesome. Frightmare, Kid and Red play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who starts and when he loses, Kid shrugs, does a minor crotch chop at Obariyon and walks out. So Frightmare and Red go at it with some great high-flying exchanges. Red wins out of this introductory clash by sending him to the outside and doing a springboard flipping dive follow-up. That means that it’s Kid vs. Obariyon. Kid outwrestles him easily. He’s about to taunt him with the crotch chop, but referee PJ Drummond stops him at the last second. The fans remind him via chanting, “THAT’S NOT PG!” Obariyon surprises him with a flying headbutt out of nowhere and gets some offense in. Kid fights back and prepares the Bronco Buster, but Obariyon escapes at the last second. He doesn’t escape completely, as the Kid lands on him with a slingshot crossbody to the outside.

He gets back in there, shakes Red’s hand and pulls him in for a kick. Red gets the better of the veteran with a headscissors takedown and a dropkick. Kid rolls to the outside, Obariyon gets in there and is also sent to the floor. Red bounces the ropes, jumps over the top and corkscrews onto them both. When he returns to the ring, Frightmare is waiting for him with a top-rope crossbody. Rather than pin him, Frightmare whips him across the ropes and scares him away for his own amusement.

Obariyon clips his knee and holds most of the advantage in this encounter. He puts Frightmare in a sleeper, Red gets in there and puts Obariyon in a sleeper, Kid goes in there and puts Red in a sleeper and we have ourselves a submission chain. Frightmare wins this by turning it into a triple jawbreaker.

The three faces decide to torture Obariyon for a sec by delivering a series of running corner attacks. Frightmare and Red leave him open so Kid can finally do that Bronco Buster from earlier. He does so, but only after clotheslining Frightmare and Red. Once that’s done, he focuses on Frightmare, nearly decapitating him with a spin kick. He plants him with a Michinoku Driver, but Obariyon chooses to save Frightmare, despite it being counterproductive. He and Frightmare start going back and forth with chops and forearm shots. Frightmare bounces the ropes and Obariyon meets him with a running knee to the chest. Obariyon does an Inverse Go 2 Sleep and Frightmare rolls to the outside. Obariyon follows to beat on him some more, reenters and gets dropkicked by Red. The two fight it out on the top rope and Obariyon ends up winning. He shoves Red to the mat, Red gets back to his feet and Obariyon hops off and catches him with a DDT on the way down. He pins Red and then there were three.

Kid takes Obariyon down with a spin kick, they go at it some more for a moment and Kid knocks him out with an X-Factor. Frightmare pulls Kid off the pin, which is confusing at first until you remember that the Spectral Envoy and Dark Army are feuding. He flips onto him with the Kneecolepsy and pins him. Now it’s Frightmare vs. 1-2-3 Kid. Frightmare doesn’t waste a second and with a running start hops out of the ring and flips onto his final challenge. He brings him back into the ring, goes for a flipping senton and misses. Kid goes to the top, Frightmare crotches him and climbs up so he can turn it into a top-rope hurricanrana. Kid fights him off and turns it into a top-rope X-Factor. Better believe that’s a pin.

Afterwards, he gets the mic and apologizes for how he almost forgot they were supposed to be family friendly. The crowd chants that they forgive him and he jokes that he has an awful lot of things he needs to be forgiven for. He tells them, “I have two words for you: thank you,” and helps Frightmare up to his feet out of respect.

So that means tomorrow is 1-2-3 Kid vs. El Generico. Hot damn!

Match 8
King of Trios Quarterfinals
Team Michinoku Pro (Dick Togo, Great Sasuke and Jinsei Shinzaki) vs. Team Quackenbush (Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw and Manami Toyota)

Very interesting backstage segment where Jigsaw tells Quack that he isn’t so sure that they can win. Quack reassures him by pointing out what they’ve been through. What makes this interesting is that Quack brings up these failed students of theirs named Jose and the two Franks. This is a very nice piece of foreshadowing that won’t show itself for quite a while.

Our opening pairing is Jigsaw and Sasuke. They do some slow, but elaborate grapples before changing it up into Quack and Shinzaki. They also do some elaborate grappling with a definite Johnny Saint feel from Quack’s side. Togo is left to face Toyota. She offers a Test of Strength and he kicks her, then chops her down to the mat. He delivers a shoulderblock and while he wins out, she doesn’t fall and instead angrily gets in his face. She clotheslines him, stomps his head and gets him with a Missile Dropkick. Jigsaw makes a go at Shinzaki, but he evades Jigsaw’s offense with cartwheels and with a rather calculated intensity takes him apart, including a nice thrust kick and his walk-the-ropes chop. Togo and Quack rush each other and start trading blows and soon the whole match loses control. Nobody can keep track of what’s going on and suddenly everyone does that spot where they all stop what they’re doing and jump at the same time. Sasuke is weirded out by this, as if he recognizes it from his past but can’t put his finger on it. Anyway, he runs out and dropkicks Quack and Jigsaw into the guardrail. Toyota climbs to the top and jumps down onto everyone else.

Shinzaki goes back to making mincemeat out of Jigsaw and flattens him with his Vader Bomb-like corner splash. Jigsaw kicks out, but he’s not out of the woods. Sasuke puts him in what looks like the start of a leg hold, but instead of doing anything with it, he just kind of trails off and tags his partners. They all get a couple turns on hurting him and Sasuke even bites down on his foot. When being hit repeatedly by Togo, Jigsaw stands up and tries to fight back. He doesn’t do so well head-on, but he does dodge an attack, shove Togo to the outside and topes into him. Quack and Shinzaki enter the ring and Quack gets the better of him. He then shifts his focus to Sasuke and calls Toyota over so they can double palm strike him. After that, he leaps out onto Shinzaki.

Toyota rolls Sasuke around the ring in circles and tries to pin him. He kicks out, but he’s incredibly dizzy from the experience. He punches her down and while the ref is too busy arguing with the other wrestlers, Sasuke pulls out a chair. He sets it up over Toyota’s head, performs a Swanton, she moves and he ends up destroying the chair instead. Or the chair destroys him. Either way. Toyota moonsaults him and Togo breaks the pin. Togo clotheslines her and she rolls to the outside. Jigsaw avenges her by taking it to Togo and getting him with a brainbuster. Togo gets a shoulder up. Togo stands back up and eats a superkick. He wobbles, but he doesn’t fall. Togo kicks Jigsaw in the chest, Jigsaw tries for a second-rope crossbody, misses and Togo turns it into a crossface. Jigsaw reaches the ropes and then gets put down with a Pedigree. Togo climbs to the top, Jigsaw stands back up and stops him with a superkick. As Togo slumps over on the top rope, Jigsaw goes to the adjacent corner and jumps across the ring, dropkicking Togo with a Coast-to-Coast.

Shinzaki breaks the pin and sees Quack coming at him from the top rope. He intercepts his attack with a thrust to the throat. He gets to the top and smashes into Quack with a shoulder tackle. He prepares for a powerbomb, notices Toyota entering the ring and discards Quack so he can catch her leg and give her a Dragon Screw. She stays in the fight and holds him down with a Sunset Flip, but Sasuke kicks her off. He and Quack battle where they take turns setting the other up for a Swanton and missing. Though at least Quack is able to land on his feet. Quack puts him in the CHIKARA Special until Shinzaki shows up to deliver another thrust to the throat. It takes one more thrust for Quack to let go of the move.

Shinzaki chokeslams Quack, Togo does a Pedigree and Sasuke does a top-rope dropkick to the laying Quack. To make sure there’s no more intereference, Togo puts Jigsaw back in the crossface and Shinzaki keeps Toyota at bay with a Straightjacket Camel Clutch. Sasuke powerbombs the hell out of Quack and that’s all she wrote.

There’s a big, “THANK YOU ALL!” chant and while the two teams don’t exactly embrace, Sasuke does offer a fist bump to Quack.

We’re now down to four teams. Here’s the brackets.

Tomorrow we work our way to the finals. Plus the Tag Gauntlet!

King of Trios Retrospective: Contents Page!

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