The King of Trios Retrospective: Day 15

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King of Trios 2010: Night 2


The Fan Conclave was on this day. What a time that was. I played Guess Who alongside Jigsaw and defeated Steve Weiner and another fan. I played Rock Band with Eddie Kingston. I had a class picture day photo taken with the Future is Now where Jimmy Olsen had me hold a jug of orange juice like it was a baby that I was very proud of. The biggest highlight is that me and Dasher Hatfield did a duet of “New York, New York” on Chikarioke, including a two-man kick line.

I saw some footage of us singing where Soldier Ant is in the background, covering his ears. How DARE he?

Match 1
Brodie Lee Open Challenge

Coming out to the unbeatable intro song of Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”, Brodie grabs some of the CHIKARA staff and shoves them over, one of which gets a chair slammed onto him. He gets a mic and starts ranting about being overlooked by the company. He demands an opponent, whether he be big, small, masked or unmasked. The crowd demands Christopher Daniels, but instead they get Brodie’s former partner Grizzly Redwood. He storms in the ring and gets in Brodie’s face (er, a couple feet lower than that) as the ref Jonathan Barber tries to break it up. Grizzly passes through him and gets all over Brodie, latching on him with a sleeper with both legs wrapped around him. Brodie pushes him off, but Grizzly keeps attacking. Whenever he’s shoved off, he keeps pounding back onto him.

Brodie gets his bearings and slaps Grizzly around. Grizzly starts working on Brodie’s legs, chopping them one at a time as the crowd chants, “CHOP ‘EM DOWN, GRIZZLY! CHOP ‘EM DOWN!” With a clip to the back of Brodie’s leg, he sends him tumbling to the outside. Brodie tries to climb back in and gets knocked back with a Baseball Slide, followed by a tope. Letting Brodie reenter, Grizzly climbs to the top and jumps off, getting caught in a devastating Black Hole Slam.

Grizzly gets back to his feet, ducks a haymaker, runs the ropes and eats a boot to the face. Brodie pins the little man and walks off victorious.

Match 2
King of Trios Quarterfinals
Team Big Japan (Daisuke Sekimoto, Kankuro Hoshino and Yuji Okabayashi) vs. the Future is Now (Jigsaw, Helios and Equinox II)

Handshakes all around. Sekimoto immediately takes down Jigsaw and stretches him with a Bow and Arrow hold. He lets go and Jigsaw stands back up, trying to Irish whip him. Sekimoto won’t budge, so Jigsaw hits him with a sudden sidekick to the chest that loosens him up. He uses his speed against him, although Sekimoto isn’t unable to keep up despite his size. After a standoff, they tag and it becomes Hoshino vs. Helios. Helios evades Hoshino’s punches and takes his time. They keep dodging the attacks of each other until Hoshino nails Helios with his shoulder, sending him out of the ring. Equinox is reluctant to get in there with Okabayashi, especially since Equinox is the muscle of the team and he feels inadequate. True to his fears, he puts Okabayashi in a headlock and is easily picked up and placed on the corner post.

Helios steps in for some double teaming and it helps Equinox greatly, allowing him to knock Okabayashi to his knees for a short hurricanrana. Okabayashi is still able to overpower Equinox and brings in Sekimoto to help teach him a lesson. Equinox is in peril for sure, eating some harsh chops from Sekimoto. After a vertical suplex, the hurting Equinox angrily throws his elbow pad at Sekimoto, only setting him off. That’s a really stupid idea because, I mean, look at this dude.

Equinox is lucky he didn’t have that sword because great Scott. Either way, I’d go out of my way NOT to anger him. As can be guessed, Equinox gets destroyed. He gets his second wind when trading forearm smashes with Okabayashi. He ducks a swing, grabs him for a Manhattan Drop and tags in Jigsaw. Jigsaw goes to town on Okabayashi, tossing him around with his lucha moves. A superkick is caught and Jigsaw’s held up in the Torture Rack. He’s able to escape, take Okabayashi down a peg and get him with a double stomp from the top rope. Okabayashi kicks out. He sinks in some rapid chops, bounces the ropes and gets decapitated with a lariat. Okabayashi powerbombs him, Helios breaks the pin and Okabayashi stands back up and stares him down. He grabs Helios and sets him up on the top rope, preparing for a huge German suplex. Jigsaw clobbers him from behind and grabs him. Then Sekimoto grabs Jigsaw from behind. Get ready because TRIPLE GERMAN SUPLEX!

I pray that Daisuke Sekimoto and Mark Henry never cross paths and make eye contact because the ensuing battle would devastate at least one continent. Anyway, Hoshino and Equinox start hitting each other back and forth with Hoshino winning out, slapping down Equinox. He crushes him with an Avalanche, then crushes him further with a second-rope senton. Jigsaw breaks the pin and then sends Hoshino out of there with a brain kick. He lays some offense into Sekimoto, which he endures without so much as a flinch. Sekimoto strikes, grabs him for a German suplex, but Equinox shows up and FALCON PUUUNCHes him right in the face. Without missing a beat, Jigsaw superkicks him down and Helios finishes him off with a 450 Senton. One—

ONE COUNT. Holy crap. The ring fills and it’s mayhem. Helios tries to dive out onto the others, but as he does some backflips, Sekimoto catches him and plants him with a German suplex. Helios is pinned and the crowd stands to applaud such an awesome match.

Match 3
Rey de Voladores Qualifier
Malachi Jackson vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Amasis vs. Matt Cross

Matt Cross – who you may notice isn’t involved in the King of Trios tournament – is a somewhat big name brought in who appears to think he’s too cool for school. Malachi and Amasis start off with Malachi doing so many flippy armdrags that you’d think he was a CHIKARA Wrestle Factory student. He sends Amasis out and follows with a crossbody. That means it’s Kendrick vs. Cross with a flippy stalemate, ending with Cross simply shoving him out of the ring and a dive fake-out. Amasis attacks Cross in the ring, misses a clothesline and Cross topes out onto Kendrick. Amasis goes back to fighting Malachi and has him under his thumb. Cross steps back in, armdrags Amasis out of there and goes to work on the softened Malachi. He does a pretty cool move where he jump kicks him in the neck, holds the position and uses the other foot to repeatedly stomp his ribs.

The ring fills up and clears out with Cross doing a nice cartwheel into a backflip out of the ring onto Amasis and Malachi. Kendrick goes to the top and flips down onto all three. Kendrick brings Amasis in and does a move where he picks him up in a back suplex and drops him down on his stomach. He flips up for a standing Shooting Star Press, only to have Cross show up out of nowhere and shove him while in mid-air. He tries to steal the pin, but Malachi kicks him to break it. Which is a weird choice in an elimination match, but okay. Cross rolls out as the other three fight, which ends with Amasis as the last man standing. Amasis climbs to the top and notices Cross standing on the opposite turnbuckle. They glare at each other for a second and then jump off with Amasis doing a 450 Splash on Kendrick and Cross doing a Shooting Star Press on Malachi. Both succeed in pinning their opponents, bringing it down to the two of them.

They face off and start striking back and forth. Amasis picks up Cross and slams him down with a Flapjack, but he kicks out. Cross gets Amasis with a German suplex, kicks him in the head and is surprised to see a kickout. He gets to the top, does a weird backflip into a stomp on Amasis’ leg (I can’t tell how unintentional this was), does a running Shooting Star Press and pins him. He’s off to the finals on Night 3.

Match 4
King of Trios Quarterfinals
Bruderschaft des Kreuzes Team A (Claudio Castagnoli, Ares and Tursas) vs. Team Perros del Mal (El Oriental, El Alebrije and Cuije)

Um… oh boy. Ever watch a movie knowing that something very, very bad is going to happen to the good guy? You know exactly what’s going to happen, but you can’t help but watch, seeing the ending coming a mile away? That is this match.

Team Perros get their own pre-match promo, but it’s all Spanish, so I have no idea. Oriental starts off against Claudio and offers a handshake. Claudio smugly goes back to his corner and shakes with his partners as an insult. They begin their opening battle and Oriental runs right into a boot moments in. Then he starts outsmarting all three of them with his speed and lucha skill, causing Claudio and Ares to hit Tursas. Claudio takes a powder and gets out of there, meaning Tursas steps in. Alebrije, being nearly Tursas’ size, steps in there to size him up. Despite the general mismatch in teams, perhaps Alebrije can be an equalizer in a sense, negating Tursas and—

Oh. Maybe not. The fans are chanting, “CUIJE!” but Alebrije isn’t stupid. He goes back in there and chops at the big Viking with no effect. He tries a bodyslam and can’t do it. Tursas, on the other hand, has no trouble bodyslamming Alebrije. Claudio comes in and tries the same, but Cuije sneaks in and gooses him from behind. This distracts him enough that Alebrije bodyslams Claudio. Claudio chases after Cuije and is defenseless when Alebrije gets him with a second-rope dropkick. Alebrije fends off against both Claudio and Ares, then uses Cuije as an assist so they can do a double leg drop on Ares. Tursas shows back up and kicks him under the bottom rope.

The BDK throw him back in there and they all rush him in the corner. Claudio and Ares with clotheslines and Tursas with an Avalanche. Cuije tries to help out his good buddy and gets killed. He’s set up in the corner as Claudio and Ares try to whip Tursas into him. Tursas, a stoic and unfeeling monster since debuting, is very reluctant and stops them from boosting him. He walks over to little Cuije… and LITERALLY KICKS HIM OUT OF THE RING.

They move on to working over Oriental, but he is able to get the best of them. He dodges a Tursas Avalanche, removes Claudio from the equation with a headscissors takedown and works with Alebrije to double dropkick Ares. Tursas then reappears to crush them both. Oriental tries a crossbody, gets caught and Tursas flattens him with a World’s Strongest Slam. He goes for a pin and Cuije dropkicks him in the head. Tursas stands back up and kicks Cuije over. Alebrije again fights off the BDK out of desperation, causes them to accidentally hit Tursas, gets Claudio and Ares to the outside and topes them both. Oriental does a top-rope moonsault to keep them down, but when you do the math, that means we’re down to two men in the ring: big Tursas and tiny Cuije.

Cuije kicks Tursas in the ankles to absolutely no effect and it doesn’t take long for Tursas to get his hands on him. He holds him over his head and prepares to throw him into the crowd, but thinks better of it and sets him down. He kicks him over and SPLASHES HIM OH THE HUMANITY!

Welp. We just witnessed murder in a CHIKARA ring. Tursas gets the pin, Cuije is carried off by the trainer and Alebrije and Oriental get over that rather quickly so they can play to the crowd and shout, “Viva CHIKARA Pro! Viva Mexico!” It’s kind of cute how they were trying to smooth over the crowd’s opinion on Mexico in general.

Match 5
Christopher Daniels vs. Hallowicked

Daniels cuts a promo in front of a CHIKARA logo backdrop, eying the logo smugly. He explains that when a new face shows up in a promotion, he has to work his way up the ladder. He’s the exception as everyone wants a shot against a name like Christopher Daniels and they have to work their way up to him. He promises that in his stay at CHIKARA, Hallowicked will be the first to fall to him, but he won’t be the last.

The crowd is split on the two, taking part in dueling chants. They start it up with some quick grappling and reversals and the fast-paced holds keep going until Daniels feels compelled to leave the ring and regain himself. He gets back in there with Hallowicked retaining control, sends him out of the ring with a hurricanrana and Daniels walks around the outside yet again. Stepping back in, he offers a handshake, but then slaps Hallowicked. Hallowicked lays into him, but in his anger makes the mistake of running into a boot in the corner. Daniels works him over with a lot of kicks and slows the tempo of the match immensely. He heels it up more and more, choking Hallowicked a bit and getting angry at the fans chanting Hallowicked’s name. He performs a second-rope moonsault, but only gets two.

Hallowicked starts slowing him down with some punches to the gut. Daniels stays on him, but Hallowicked is able to pick him up and kick him in the midsection with Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. He collapses along with Daniels. Hallowicked gets back and starts up a strong string of offense, chaining his running knee to the face with a Sky High powerbomb, then toping out onto Daniels. Hallowicked rises to the top rope and gets shut down with a palm strike. Daniels slams him to the mat with a snapmare-like move and only gets a two-count. He picks him up for a Death Valley Driver, drops him on his head and still, a kickout. The dueling chants pick up and they start chopping back and forth. Daniels runs the ropes and runs right into a Yakuza Kick, but he keeps his leg over the bottom rope and escapes the pin. Hallowicked holds him up for the Graveyard Smash, Daniels grabs the ref and evades it. He drops Hallowicked with a Rock Bottom, performs a picture-perfect moonsault off the top and pins him.

Afterwards, he looks to the camera and comments, “One down, CHIKARA. Who else you got?” We’ll find out tomorrow.

Match 6
King of Trios Quarterfinals
FIST (Icarus, Gran Akuma and Hallowicked) vs. Team Osaka Pro (Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada and Tadasuke)

Chuck and Kotoge have a very fast-paced starter, ending with Kotoge knocking Chuck out of the ring with a jump kick to the head. Tadasuke and Icarus mix it up with a very even match, albeit far slower than their predecessors. They slap each other back and forth, getting the appropriate “YAY!”/”BOO!” responses. Icarus has had enough as when he sees a Tadasuke slap coming, he falls to his knees and screams at him not to do it. Then he gets up, misses a clothesline, gets chopped in the chest and crawls over to the corner, where he cries into the arms of his teammates. Harada and Akuma trade kicks, leading to Akuma cowering in the corner as Harada stomps a mudhole in him for a lengthy amount of time. Akuma gets worked on by each member of Team Osaka Pro until Chuck trips Tadasuke and tips the odds in his team’s favor. Tadasuke tries to escape the ring, but gets shoved back in. FIST wear him down, including putting the boots to him in tandem.

Tadasuke has some luck when he elbows a running Akuma, only then Chuck runs by on the apron and clotheslines him down. Interestingly enough, it’s noted on commentary that Johnny Gargano of the ill-fated Jack of All Trios team is watching the match intently while wearing a FIST t-shirt. Icarus decides to finish Tadasuke off and sets up the Pedigree. Tadasuke backdrops him off, clotheslines Chuck and Akuma off the apron and tags in his partners. Kotoge and Harada double-team all of FIST, leading to them dropkicking Chuck in the skull from both sides. Harada gives him a Northern Lights Suplex while Kotoge lands on him with a plancha splash, but Chuck kicks out of the double pin. Kotoge superkicks him, Tadasuke catches him and plants him with a spinebuster and Harada ends it with an elbow off the top. Chuck’s teammates break the count in time and he gets out of the ring for a breather. Unfortunately for him, when Akuma and Icarus whip Kotoge across the ropes, he takes the opportunity to leap out onto Chuck.

Harada fights off Icarus and Akuma himself, but he can’t keep it up for long. Icarus supplies the Death Valley Driver, Akuma supplies the Frog Splash and Tadasuke breaks the pin. He brings in Akuma for a brainbuster, but Icarus is there to stop the three-count. Harada does his finishing sequence from the night before, where he hiptosses Icarus into the air so that he lands face-first onto his knee, then follows with a Northern Lights Suplex with bridge. Chuck breaks the pin. He makes a run at Kotoge and falls over a pulled-down top rope. Kotoge immediately bounces over to Akuma and catches him with an Ace Crusher. He steps to the top, gets attacked by FIST and the trio screw up whatever spot they’re going for because Chuck drops Kotoge onto Akuma’s knees and Icarus stands on the top rope with no idea what to do until quietly stepping down.

The pace picks up here. Tadasuke lariats Chuck, Icarus Shiranuis Tadasuke, Akuma drops Harada and prepares a Frog Splash, but Kotoge meets him on the top rope and flips him to the mat with a C-4. Akuma kicks out. FIST clear the cobwebs and clear the ring of Kotoge and Harada, leaving them able to triple dropkick Tadasuke. Like the night before, Chuck and Akuma kick him into an Icarus Backstabber, only unlike Matt Classic, Tadasuke’s able to kick out. Icarus can’t believe this and the crowd cheers the Japanese team on with chants of, “OSAKA!” Chuck hits him with Sole Food and picks him up for the Omega Driver, but Tadasuke – a rulebreaker in his own right – escapes the hold, rolls up Chuck and holds him down by the tights. FIST loses shockingly early and Chuck yells at the ref. His complaints fall on deaf ears.

Match 7
Rey de Voladores Qualifier
Cheech vs. Ophidian vs. Rich Swann vs. Frightmare

Ooo. Interesting grouping here, although I know nothing of Swann other than Quack (on commentary) insisting that his standing 450 Splash is a sight to behold. The crowd seems pretty behind him, at least. Cheech and Ophidian go at it with some quick pin attempts and then steal each other’s taunts. Wrestlers should do that more often. That’s one of the many reasons why WWF No Mercy was so awesome.

Ophidian armdrags Cheech out, Frightmare immediately tosses Ophidian out with headscissors and we’re down to Frightmare vs. Swann. Without a clean hit, they go back and forth on offensive attempts until Frightmare lands on the apron and gets booted off. Cheech attacks Swann and tries for a Sharpshooter, but is kick-shoved out. Swann gets to his feet, leaps to the outside and armdrags Cheech onto the floor. Ophidian faces Frightmare where Ophidian does a cool hurricanrana off the second rope, rolls out and does a second one onto Cheech. Frightmare dives onto them, Swann flips onto them from the second rope and gets up first. He beats up on Frightmare until Ophidian enters the fray. Swann kicks him, gives him a spinning brainbuster and gets ready for his famed standing 450. Ophidian puts his knees up to save himself, Frightmare capitalizes with the Kneecolepsy and eliminates Swann from the contest.

Cheech grabs the two remaining opponents and does a flip into a Stunner on Frightmare and a neckbreaker on Ophidian at the same time. Frightmare gets rid of Cheech for the moment with a backdrop in the corner, then tries the same on Ophidian. Ophidian holds onto the post and stands straight upside-down, then bending back over to deliver a Lungblower to Frightmare. Cheech assists with a modified 619, kicking Frightmare’s face through the corner ropes. Ophidian repays the help by sliding out of the ring and going at Cheech for a hurricanrana. Cheech catches the move and powerbombs Ophidian into the barricade.

Cheech works on hurting Frightmare, gets him with a Fisherman’s Buster and still can’t put him away. Frightmare shows signs of life when he DDTs him out of nowhere. Cheech regains the control, picks Frightmare up with the Gory Special and then slams him down face-first. He climbs to the top and seems to be in a tight spot as Ophidian grabs his leg and Frightmare is back on his feet. Cheech finagles his way out of it by tricking the two into colliding into each other. Frightmare makes an attempt at eliminating Cheech with a crucifix pin with slamming force, but no-go. Ophidian shows him how it’s done by swinging around Cheech, confusing him immensely and then rolling him up with a prawn hold with a bridge. Cheech can’t get a shoulder up, meaning he’s gone. We’re down to the snake and the Nightmare Before Christmas reject.

The two end up brawling on the outside, chopping each other and using the guardrails and apron as platforms to jump off of. Ophidian does a handstand on the apron, perhaps going for another Lungblower, only this time he gets kicked in the breadbasket. Frightmare brings him in, gives him some kind of piledriver move and fails to get the full pin. The tries the Kneecolepsy, misses due to Ophidian rolling out of the way, but still lands on his feet. Ophidian gets onto Frightmare’s shoulders, spikes him down with a reverse hurricanrana and collapses. He slowly gets over him for a pin, but by that time, Frightmare’s awake enough to kick out.

They kick each other for a sec and soon their strikes lead to Matrix-like dodges from each competitor. Frightmare knocks Ophidian down, hits the Kneecolepsy and surprisingly, Ophidian kicks out. Ophidian gets a ton of offense in from here, such as picking Frightmare up wheelbarrow-style and planting him on his face, doing a second rope moonsault and trying the same prawn hold pin that took out Cheech. It’s not enough. The two both end up standing on the top rope, trading blows. Ophidian gets the better of Frightmare and then brings him back to the mat with a top-rope Egyptian Destroyer.

And with that, Frightmare is done. Ophidian pins him and gets a spot in the finals. Frightmare slowly gets to his feet and is greeted to the crowd chanting, “THANK YOU, FRIGHTMARE!”

Match 8
King of Trios Quarterfinals
Bruderschaft des Kreuzes Team B (Lince Dorado, Pinkie Sanchez and Tim Donst) vs. the Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and Green Ant)

Time for some real blood-feud stuff. Tim Donst does the pre-match promo here, explaining the pedigree of his team. You have a former King of Trios winner in Lince, the most recent Cibernetico winner in Pinkie and the current Young Lions Cup holder in Donst. Meanwhile, the Colony is made up of guys who just lost their tag titles and can’t dethrone Donst for the Young Lions Cup. He is excited for the definite BDK vs. BDK finals on Night 3.

This match is kind of a long one, but it keeps its energy up throughout. When the Colony come out, the BDK run at them from the ring, the Colony enter the ring, then do a triple tope. The six brawl throughout the ringside area until Donst and Lince pick up Green and slam him into the corner post. Finally, the bell rings and the match is officially underway. Donst goes for the quick pin on the semi-conscious Green Ant, but Fire stops him. The BDK keep moving opponents with a divide and conquer strategy here, trying to focus on one victim at a time. Lince superkicks Green while Donst and Pinkie do a double Russian Leg Sweep. Soldier comes to the rescue and gets his hands on Pinkie for a sec, but Donst stops him with an STO.

Funny live attendance story here. As they kick the snot out of Soldier, Donst removes his shirt and he’s more on the thick side during this time in his career. The crowd lets loose with, “PUT YOUR SHIRT ON!” and while you can’t see it on the DVD, Green Ant – who is supposed to be near death – is laughing uncontrollably to the point that you can notice it despite his mask. The BDK give Soldier a pretty intense beating, but he sacrifices himself to tag. When Pinkie does a vertical suplex, Soldier holds onto him so that they both tumble over the top rope and fall together. Fire briefly takes apart Lince until falling victim to a Donst Flatliner. Donst also gives him a dreaded Purple Nurple, solidifying his heel status. After forcing him to do the BDK cross pose and having Lince dropkick him in the face during it, they beat on him for a little bit more and allow him to roll out of the ring.

After all, who’s going to stand up to them? Fire just got beat up, Soldier is still licking his wounds and Green hasn’t recovered from the corner post yet. The BDK rule the ring and laugh about it until Green staggers in. He headbutts down Donst and Lince, then goes to town on Pinkie with a series of mounted headbutts.

He puts him in a Texas Cloverleaf, but it’s ill-advised as Lince gets up and attacks him. The other members of the Colony get in there, turn the tide against the BDK and do a triple running dropkick into Donst. Donst, Lince and Pinkie regroup outside, making them easy targets for the Antapult. Inside the ring, opponents change by the second until bodies are littered all over the ring. They stand up and do a synchronized “YAY!”/”BOO!” punch spot. Pinkie and Lince are removed from the ring and Donst is beaten down. They hold him up for the Ant Hill, but Lince dropkicks them out of it. Desperate, Donst rolls up Soldier with a handful of tights for a two-count. Soldier repays him with a TKO, but another kickout. Lince rolls Donst out for his own safety and takes it to Soldier. He hops off the top for the Shooting Star Press and lands right on Soldier’s knees. Fire jumps off the top, kicks Lince in the head, gets him with a Stunner and then drops him with a brainbuster, but this time it’s Pinkie who breaks the pin.

Pinkie sets up Fire for – ironically enough – the Burning Hammer. Green prevents it, but falls prey to Pinkie and the Reverse CHIKARA Special. The crowd chants, “PLEASE DON’T TAP!” and Green holds on just long enough that Fire kicks Pinkie in the skull. Green puts Pinkie in the Texas Cloverleaf until Lince again forces him to stop. Green and Lince climb to the top rope and fight it out until a headbutt drops Lince over the top and onto Fire. Donst runs up the corner post and brings him back down with the Donstitution (an Angle Slam, only tighter and more of a twist). Green Ant actually kicks out of that!

As Green gets back up, Lince runs at him and leaps with a crossbody. He misses and flies through the ropes, landing on the concrete. As this is going on, Pinkie tries to give Fire a Burning Hammer on the ring apron. Fire has ideas of his own and uses the apron for a Beach Breaker.

Lince and Pinkie are both out of the equation. Donst stands in the ring and counts them off. He accounts for Green Ant and he can see Fire Ant, but what about…? Donst looks behind him just in time to receive a saluting discus punch courtesy of Soldier Ant. Soldier wraps up Donst in the CHIKARA Special and with no chance of being rescued, Donst taps out.

For the first time since their reign of terror began, the BDK have a real loss against them. The Colony move on to Night 3 alongside the two Japanese teams and the bigger, more threatening BDK trio.

In tomorrow’s edition, a big name from CHIKARA’s past makes his return and a very special guest shows up out of nowhere.

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