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For the past couple years, I’d take a second every once and a while to talk about CHIKARA, an indy wrestling organization based out of Philadelphia. Founded by wrestler and head trainer Mike Quackenbush, it’s a school that turned into its own federation. With seven years under its belt, it’s grown to have its own cult following and for good reason.

I regularly bring guests to their shows, tending to take those along who know little or nothing to do with wrestling. They always have a blast. Where else can you see a mute sea monster in a muscle suit team up with a amateur wrestling Rocky Balboa against two clown-like figures dressed up like ice cream people? And not only that, but the wrestling is actually GOOD! It’s routinely funny and the storytelling is top notch.

Back when I first got into it, I did a post about how a bunch of the DVD covers are homages to notable comic book covers. As time went on, the article became a bit popular, but I lost track after a while and kept putting off an update. Now, I think it’s time not to pick up from after I left off, but to redo it from beginning to end. Here we go!

Kids Eat Free On Tuesday & Pick Up Or Delivery
Based on: Flash #123
Features: Mike Quackenbush… and Mike Quackenbush

Tag World Grand Prix 2006 Night 1
Based on: Giant Size X-Men
Features: Crossbones, Rorschach, Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero, Larry Sweeney, Sabian, Eddie Kingston, Delirious, Hallowicked, Equinox

Tag World Grand Prix 2006 Night 2
Based on: Crisis on Infinite Earths #7
Features: Shane Storm, Mr. Zero

Young Lions Cup 4 Night 1
Based on: Captain America Annual #8
Features: Lance Steel and Lance Steel

Young Lions Cup 4 Night 2
Based on: Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man
Features: Retail Dragon, Ice Cream Jr.

Young Lions Cup 4 Night 3
Based on: Marvels #4
Features: Equinox, El Hijo del Ice Cream, Ice Cream Jr.

Return of the Son of the International Invasion of International Invaders 1st Stage
Based on: Showcase #34
Features: Fire Ant, Larry Sweeney

Return of the Son of the International Invasion of International Invaders 2nd Stage
Based on: Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85
Features: Ice Cream Jr., El Hijo del Ice Cream, Hydra

Cibernetico Forever
Based on: Justice League International #1
Features: Ryan Cruz, Cloudy, Hallowicked, Mike Quackenbush, Darin Corbin, Cheech, Eddie Kingston, Shane Storm

Based on: Amazing Spider-Man #50
Features: Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero

Tallent Borrows; Genius Steals
Based on: Fantastic Four #1
Features: Cloudy, Delirious, UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked, Cheech

CHIKARA Yearbook: 2007 Edition
Based on: Kingdom Come
Features: Rorschach, Darkness Crabtree, Dr. Cheung, Daizee Haze, Hydra, El Hijo del Ice Cream, Crossbones, Ice Cream Jr., Larry Sweeney, UltraMantis Black, Claudio Castagnoli, Gran Akuma, Chris Hero, Icarus

King of Trios 2007 Night 1
Based on: Watchmen #1
Features: Ice Cream Jr.

King of Trios 2007 Night 2
Based on: Amazing Spider-Man #129
Features: Hallowicked, Lince Dorado

Time Will Prove Everything
Based on: Spider-Man #1
Features: Lince Dorado

Rey de Voladores
Based on: Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Features: Retail Dragon, Ricochet, Jigsaw, Chuck Taylor, Lince Dorado

Based on: Dark Knight Returns #4
Features: Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush

Young Lions Cup 5 Night 3
Based on: The New Teen Titans #1
Features: Super Xtremo, Moscow the Communist Bovine, Hydra, Soldier Ant, Amigo Suzuki, Lince Dorado, Player Uno

Maximum Overdraft
Based on: Avengers #4
Features: Tim Donst, Black Tiger, Jigsaw, Shane Storm, Bryce Remsburg, Moscow the Communist Bovine

Cibernetico and Robin
Based on: Batman and Robin
Features: El Hijo del Ice Cream, Lince Dorado, Chiva III (or IV), Magno, Incognito

Based on: Incredible Hulk #181
Features: Tim Donst, Eddie Kingston, Bryce Remsburg

The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence
Based on: Crime Suspenstories #22
Features: Mike Quackenbush, Icarus, Gran Akuma, Fire Ant, UltraMantis Black, Soldier Ant, Jigsaw, Worker Ant, Hallowicked, Claudio Castagnoli, Delirious, Chris Hero, Shane Storm

Chapter 11
Based on: Nintendo Comics System #2
Features: Stupefied, Player Uno, Hydra, Fire Ant, Worker Ant, Hallowicked, Lince Dorado, Mitch Ryder

King of Trios 2008 Night 3
Based on: Contest of Champions #1
Features: Chiva II, Amasis, Ophidian, El Hijo del Ice Cream, Player Uno, One Man Gang, Ice Cream Jr., Mike Quackenbush, Jorge “Skayde” Rivera, Worker Ant, Chiva III, Call-Me-Kevin, Demolition Ax, Helios, El Pantera, Chiva IV, Hallowicked, Crossbones, Unibouzu, Shane Storm, Delirious, D.W. Cycloptopuss III, Lince Dorado, Hydra, Soldier Ant, Fire Ant, Incognito, Mecha Mummy, UltraMantis Black, Tim Donst, Demolition Smash.

Passion and Persistence
Based on: Silver Surfer #4
Features: Fire Ant, Bull Pain

Grit and Glory
Based on: X-Men #193
Features: Incognito, Helios, Amasis, Hallowicked, Mike Quackenbush, Claudio Castagnoli, Ophidian, Delirious

Based on: New Avengers #1
Features: Turbo, Delirious, Hallowicked, Soldier Ant, Lince Dorado, Worker Ant

Young Lions Cup 6 Night 3
Based on: Fantastic Four #232
Features: Drake Younger, Fire Ant, Stupefied, Tim Donst, Vin Gerard

Tragedy and Triumph
Based on: Batman #251
Features: Shane Storm, Mike Quackenbush

Vanity and Violence
Based on: Uncanny X-Men #268
Features: Tim Donst, Mike Quackenbush, Hydra

La Loteria Letal
Based on: Uncanny X-Men #141
Features: Hydra, Lince Dorado, Ultimo Breakfast, Claudio Castagnoli, Brodie Lee, Mike Quackenbush, Helios, Icarus, Tim Donst, Hydra, Vin Gerard, Halcom Guerrero, Mitch Ryder

Style and Substance
Based on: Hulk #9
Features: Claudio Castagnoli, Brodie Lee

Global Gauntlet Night 1
Based on: JLA #1
Features: Ophidian, UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked, Amasis, Mike Quackenbush, Ultimo Breakfast, Brodie Lee

Global Gauntlet Night 2
Based on: Amazing Spider-Man #231
Features: Ophidian, Player Uno

Armdrags to Riches
Based on: X-Factor #6
Features: Worker Ant, Fire Ant, Escorpion Egipcio, Soldier Ant, Lince Dorado, Equinox II

Duel and Duality
Based on: Falcon #4
Features: Jigsaw, Stigma, Tim Donst

Revelation X
Based on: Uncanny X-Men #251
Features: Vin Gerard, Equinox II… and some ladders

King of Trios 2009 Night 2
Based on: Green Lantern Corps Recharge #1
Features: Jorge “Skayde” Rivera, Mike Quackenbush, Johnny Saint

King of Trios 2009 Night 3
Based on: New Titans #60
Features: Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Glacier, Hallowicked, Jorge “Skayde” Rivera, Equinox II, Amasis, Chuck Taylor, Frightmare, Grizzly Redwood, Ophidian

The Bobliographon
Based on: Deadpool #32
Features: Frightmare, Grizzly Redwood

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7 comments to “The CHIKARA Comic-to-DVD Cover Gallery”

  1. Thanks for this gallery for it’s exactly what I wished to find on the internet! I’m sure it will be helpful when deciding which comic book I want to buy next.

  2. Man, I really need to make it down to Pennsylvania for some CHIKARA shows. I *am* coming down for the Dragon Gate USA show, which is featuring an 8-man CHIKARA tag match– are you going to be at that?

  3. great feature,gavok!

    I actually own Style and Substance,all 3 nights of King Of Trios 2008 and Duel & Duality πŸ™‚

    they are totally worth it πŸ™‚

  4. Well I’m not a fan of wrestling anymore, but that’s pretty cool.

  5. I don’t think “homage” is quite the right word to describe these considering they’re mostly altering the original art.

    Still frikkin’ cool though.

  6. […] costumes? Why, that describes both of them to a T! The only surprise then, when I stumbled across this gallery of DVD covers that are direct homages to (mostly) classic comic book covers is that it hasn’t […]

  7. […] in Pennsylvania that uses a lot of comic book imagery in their promotion. Case in point, check out these covers to some of their DVDs, which feature homages to classic comic covers by Marco D’Alfonso, or […]