The King of Trios Retrospective: Day 14

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King of Trios 2010: Night 1

Something of interest I should point out is how before all these King of Trios shows, the live crowd would get to see various episodes of the CHIKARA Podcast-a-Go-Go while waiting. During the weekend, they’d show about 3-4 of them prior to each show, working its way from episodes dated a couple months ago to the present. Many of these were filled with King of Trios updates on the scheduled teams and opening matches. No matter how many times the pre-recorded Gavin Loudspeaker would namedrop Team Mexico as one of the trios, the crowd would go into one huge boo frenzy.

Also, the BDK’s personal ring announcer (he was doing it before Ricardo Rodriguez) Jakob Hammermeier would constantly glare at people and scream with a heavy German accent as a way to convince them to buy a BDK t-shirt.

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Match 1
King of Trios Round 1
FIST (Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor) vs. the Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield, Sugar Dunkerton and Matt Classic)

The Throwbacks get to cut a promo where Sugar is excited over the prospect of going the distance. Matt Classic is very disgruntled and openly asks about when people like Sugar were allowed into wrestling, which Dasher is distraught over, but Sugar misconstrues what he says and treats it like a positive. Either way, Classic is crotchety and wants to get to wrestling instead of talking to a piece of glass… whatever this “camera” business is. Once in the ring, Dasher and Sugar decide on who will wrestle first by doing that baseball bat handle game that I can’t remember the name of. Dasher wins out and hands the ref a basketball so he and Icarus can do a tipoff.

Icarus is angry at this and yells, “This isn’t basketball!”

Sugar responds, “This is CHIKARA, man!” They do the tipoff, Sugar gets the ball, passes it to Dasher, Dasher passes it into Icarus’ chest, Sugar goes for a Sunset Flip and Icarus kicks out, angry at the ref for not considering that a foreign object and grounds for disqualification. Sugar keeps on him and Cannonballs him in the corner. Classic is tagged in and puts the Claw on Icarus. Sugar and Dasher enter the ring to turn it into a triple Claw. Icarus and Akuma break it up, but then Classic gives both of them the Claw. Icarus axe-handles him in the back, Classic turns around and scares him off with a simple pose.

Dasher faces Akuma and easily gets the best of him. Classic returns and Icarus points and exclaims, “Yeah, I want him!” Then he tags in Chuck and gets out of there. Classic stands still in a grapple-ready pose and Chuck circles around him, unsure how to go after him. The ref announces, “And wrestle!” and Classic throws him. Chuck challenges him to some amateur wrestling, but Classic responds by raking his back. Classic bounces the ropes and takes an elbow to the chest, selling it like he got hit with a car. Chuck is rather surprised by his own strength.

Classic picks Chuck up and gives him the Airplane Spin, taking a break so Dasher can come in and slap Chuck. Back up for the Airplane Spin, stopping so Sugar can lay into Chuck with some jabs. After another Airplane Spin, both are incredibly dizzy. Akuma throws him into the FIST corner and runs at him. Classic moves out of the way and Akuma bumps into Icarus, almost knocking him off the apron. Akuma grabs onto his partner’s wrists as Icarus desperately tries not to fall. All of the sudden, “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly starts playing and Sugar slowly makes his way around the ring apron with basketball in hand. He slam dunks the space between FISTs’ arms and in doing so causes Icarus to fall flat to the floor. Still one of the damnedest CHIKARA moments I’ve seen.

Chuck attacks Sugar during the celebration and Sugar spends the next few minutes in peril. All the while, Classic is outside the ring, doing exercises and mostly walking up and down the ring steps. In another great comedy moment, Akuma stands on the apron and while facing the crowd, he holds Sugar’s arm by the wrist and begins slamming the arm against his shoulder repeatedly. He lets go for a second and Sugar forces Icarus’ hand into that same position. Akuma’s still focused on the crowd and goes back to the pattern, unknowingly slamming Icarus’ arm into his own shoulder. After a while, he begins to notice the FIST logo on the wrist and the fact that the arm is white. He reaches back, feels Icarus’ hair and slowly realizes his folly. He turns around, Icarus gives him a disappointed stink-eye and then collapses. The two begin to argue and Sugar eggs them on until they realize they’re being played and attack. Sugar slams both of them to the mat and tags Dasher in.

Dasher knocks Chuck out of there with a bat-like swinging of the arms and then hits all three members of FIST with one Baseball Slide. Sugar jumps off the top rope onto them, leaving Classic to do the same. Well… not quite. He goes to the top rope… climbs down to the second rope… then just stands on the apron and falls onto FIST. Back in the ring, he does a bottom-rope splash on Akuma with Chuck breaking the pin. He gets Icarus in a bearhug, gets shoved into the FIST corner and then falls victim to their triple dropkick. Akuma and Chuck each kick him several times, knocking him into Icarus’ Backstabber. Icarus pins the living legend and the reigning champs move forward.

Also amusing with this whole match is how on commentary, Bryce and UltraMantis keep mentioning, “Rumor has it,” in regards to Classic, such as how he once bearhugged a tree for two hours just because.

Match 2
King of Trios Round 1
Team Big Japan (Daisuke Sekimoto, Kankuro Hoshino and Yuji Okabayashi) vs. Team Frightning (Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked and Frightmare)

Quack immediately dropkicks Sekimoto in the knee. Sekimoto tries throwing him out of the ring, but instead Quack starts putting him in leglocks. Quack has him grabbed from behind, gets elbowed in the face and then Sekimoto does a Pele Kick to knock Quack out of the ring. Hallowicked and Frightmare attempt to double-team him, but Sekimoto just throws Frightmare into Hallowicked’s arms and shoves him over. Hoshino is tagged in and tries to throw around Frightmare, but fails at first and gets slapped in the back of the head. Frightmare lands a direct hit dropkick, but Hoshino won’t go down and he responds by flattening the little guy. Okabayashi tags in and from here, Frightmare is in peril, getting worked over by guys at least twice his size. He slides out during an Irish whip and Quack nails Sekimoto with a springboard dropkick.

Quack tries chopping at Sekimoto’s chest to no effect. Sekimoto chops Quack once and knocks him over. Quack gets back into things with a springboard DDT and tries a palm strike. Sekimoto reverses it into a Rock Bottom, which Quack escapes out of, only to be pulled in for a dead-lift German suplex. Frightmare gets back in there to help out his trainer, but Quack is thrown into him in the corner and Sekimoto succeeds in German suplexing both of them at once.

Hallowicked runs in there and is caught with an STO from Hoshino. Quack gives Hoshino a palm strike, but he won’t go down. Quack goes to the top rope and gets thrown off, landing on his feet. He runs for another palm strike and gets taken down with a discus forearm, sending Quack tumbling to the outside. Hoshino clotheslines Frightmare into another dimension, climbs to the top and performs a senton. He misses and gets up to receive Hallowicked’s boot to the face. Hallowicked follows with a Sky High and the pin’s broken by Okabayashi. Hallowicked gives him a Michinoku Driver, Quack does a top-rope Swanton, Hallowicked follows with the same and Frightmare does a standing moonsault to finish it off. It’s not enough and Okabayashi kicks out. Frightmare lays into him with some strikes and is silenced with a clothesline. Okabayashi dead-lifts him with a vertical suplex, then makes him tap with a Torture Rack.

So if a team of Quackenbush and Hallowicked can be taken out in the first round, these guys are definitely a big deal.

Match 3
King of Trios Round 1
Bruderschaft des Kreuzes Team A (Claudio Castagnoli, Ares and Tursas) vs. ???

With Team Mexico no-showing the event, there needs to be a drawing for a replacement. Gavin Loudspeaker (a renamed Louden Noxious) and Bryce pick out names such as Well Dunn and Strikeforce, but neither team is there. The next choice is the Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian). Curious that all the choices would be teams of two. Loudspeaker points out that if they go far, they’ll have to forego their spots in the Rey de Voladores tournament, but before Amasis or Ophidian can answer, the new Director of Fun Dieter VonSteigerwalt interrupts and gives a new hat to pick names out of. The name chosen is none other than BDK member Sara Del Rey.


Sara demands to start the match first against Ares with Amasis trying to prevent it. Ophidian slides under her, catches Ares with a Sunset Flip and almost gets the pin. Ophidian keeps the momentum going until Sara almost tags herself in. Amasis tags instead and goes for a handful of quick pin attempts on Claudio. None work. Tursas is tagged in and looms over Amasis. Amasis backs up into Sara tagging him on the back and she lays down so that Tursas can pin her with one foot. The Portal prevent that from happening and Ophidian drags her out of the ring. Amasis chops at Tursas to no effect and is paid back with a Black Hole Slam. Amasis takes a lot of punishment in the coming minutes, including a Tursas Avalanche. When being bearhugged by Claudio, he claps over Claudio’s head to get free, only to discover that Ophidian’s been removed from the ring apron. With nobody to turn to, he’s pounded on some more and barely kicks out of a Tursas Abdullah-style elbow drop.

Sara distracts the referee so the BDK can triple team the Funky Pharaoh. Amasis finally finds an opening when he does a split to duck an Ares clothesline, hits him with an elbow, collapses and works his way into tagging Ophidian. Ophidian dominates Ares with his lucha offense and leaps off the top to hit a standing Ares in the face with both knees. He could have him down long enough for a pin, but Sara again distracts the ref. The Portal get together to hypnotize Sara and put her in a daze for the next few moments. They clear the ring of Tursas and Claudio, then take down Ares and hit their double-team top-rope finisher, the Osirian Sacrament. Ares kicks out, mainly because Sara got there just a little too late to break the pin. Amasis dives off the top and knocks Sara out of there with a shoulder tackle.

Ophidian is on a roll here, tricking Claudio into bicycle kicking Tursas off the apron and then thrust kicking him in the jaw. Claudio catches Ophidian with the Swiss Death and sets him up for the Ricola Bomb, only for Ophidian to sneak his way out of it and lock in the Cobra Clutch while wrapping both legs around Claudio’s torso. The Portal appear to have the odds beaten, but Sara gets in there, grabs Ophidian by the legs and openly kicks him right in the family jewels. Although Bryce sees this, Sara gets in his face about it and points out that all he can really do is disqualify her team and give the win to the BDK. It probably would have been for the better, as the BDK grab Ophidian for their epic finisher, the Ragnarok.

Wowsers. BDK win and afterwards, Tursas splashes Ophidian for the sake of being a heel.

Absolutely amazing match for something so one-sided. Really well done for something so quickly put together.

Match 4
King of Trios Round 1
The UnStable (Vin Gerard, STIGMA and Colin Delaney) vs. Team Osaka Pro (Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada and Tadasuke)

The gentlemen from Team Osaka Pro are shown introducing themselves and speak only in Japanese, so… yeah. Gerard and Harada start it off with Gerard outright refusing to shake hands. They show even matwork, dropkick at the same time and then get literally head-to-head while staring each other down. STIGMA and Tadasuke mix it up with a good old fashioned power clash. In a battle of shoulder blocks, Tadasuke wins and sends STIGMA out of there. Colin steps in to face Kotoge, who uses his speed to get the better of Colin. Gerard and STIGMA go after him and get taken out as well. Colin uses the distraction to jump him and when Gerard tries to get a piece, Colin shouts at him to back off and let him do this. By this point, the crowd jeers him with mocking, drawn out chants of, “COLIN!”

The UnStable let loose with a series of senton variations on Kotoge and take turns beating him down. Kotoge ends up on the apron, where Gerard goes at him from behind. He kicks Gerard and then dives through the ropes, back into the ring, where he grabs Colin for an Ace Crusher. He makes the hot tag to Tadasuke, who chops everyone in sight, then goes into clotheslines. Two consecutive clotheslines won’t drop STIGMA, opening him up for a STIGMA DDT. Tadasuke springs back to his feet, filled with fighting spirit and gives STIGMA a jawbreaker, stunning him for a Fireman’s Carry into a sitdown slam. Gerard is just a little late in breaking the pin, but they go with it anyway. Tadasuke rolls to the outside and gets toped by Gerard.

Kotoge is back in and trumps STIGMA’s strength with his speed. Kotoge and Harada work together for some super-fast double teams. Kotoge dives out onto both Gerard and STIGMA, leaving Harada vs. Colin in the ring. Harada tries a German suplex and gets elbowed off. Colin bounces the ropes, is lifted up with a hiptoss and gets caught with a knee to the face, a German suplex and is held down for the pin. Having lost so early, the UnStable are extremely frustrated, especially at Colin.

Match 5
King of Trios Round 1
The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and Green Ant) vs. the Jack of All Trios (Flip Kendrick, Louis Lyndon and Johnny Gargano)

Aeroform go off about how they’re “flipping the script” and other things that Gargano admits to not understanding. He does admit that he did a bad thing and he looked into the book of history, flipped a few pages forward and saw that they were going to win and have a very happy ending. As the match begins, we get Lyndon vs. Soldier Ant. Decked out in 80’s martial arts movie duds, Lyndon keeps doing the crane style stance to taunt Soldier. Soldier simply taunts back by saluting and the force overwhelms him.

Soldier and Fire double team Lyndon until he slides out. Kendrick is in there and shows to be one step ahead of Fire. Lyndon sneaks in and knocks Fire over with a Glacier-esque double chop. Fire backdrops Lyndon and Lyndon drags him out of the ring with him. Gargano and Green Ant face off. Gargano is on the defensive at first, missing a haymaker and getting headbutted back by the hard-headed Green Ant. Then the two go back and forth on reversals until Gargano does an Ace Crusher on Green, who’s on his knees. Green is in trouble with Gargano and Aeroform each getting their licks in. Flip Kendrick certainly lives up to his name, unleashing some cool flippy offense. Things go wrong for the Jacks when Lyndon slams Green’s head into the turnbuckle. Green starts to power up because he has a Samoan skull, I guess, and tags in Soldier.

Gargano tries to get his hands on Soldier and ends up hitting both of his partners off the apron. Fire comes in and once again, Gargano accidentally knocks both of his partners off the apron. The Jacks argue and Green Ant jumps off the top and hits both Aeroform members with a crossbody. The Jacks regain their composure and knock Green out of the ring with a triple kick. Gargano dives out onto Soldier and Fire, but misses completely. Lyndon and Kendrick make up for it by diving out and hitting the mark. Green runs towards a dive, but Gargano intercepts with a slingshot Spear into the ring. They battle it out until Green gets Gargano in a Texas Cloverleaf. Lyndon makes him break the hold.

Lyndon leans into the corner and puts his feet up. Gargano picks up Fire Ant and lawn-darts him into the boots. Kendrick performs a Corkscrew Press and Soldier breaks the pin. Soldier fights off all three opponents until only Kendrick remains. He’s knocked into the corner and the ants run forward with a triple dropkick to the face. Lyndon performs a crossbody off the top onto Soldier, but as he falls back, he turns it into a Fallaway Slam. They set up the Ant Hill, but don’t pull it off due to the interference of Kendrick and Gargano. Soldier and Green take care of them, leaving it to Fire to nail Lyndon with a kick off the top rope and then a Beach Breaker to finish him off.

Match 6
King of Trios Round 1
Bruderschaft des Kreuzes Team B (Lince Dorado, Pinkie Sanchez and Tim Donst) vs. the F1rst Family (Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz)

Arik goes into a promo about why they’re going to win, but Corbin interrupts and points out that the other 15 teams are doing the same old thing. Since rap is in, he shows his partners a rap he wrote on the road trip about how they’ll win the tournament. A beat mysteriously comes out of nowhere and they awkwardly rap while reading off Corbin’s smart phone. There’s even a quick reference to how Arik looks like his ring gear is made out of trash bags, which bemuses him. The payoff is that the whole gag is a parody of the terrible Wrestlicious internet show’s intro as Corbin points out that their team is Chikaralicious. Oof.

Before the match, the fans cheer for the F1rst Family, making the BDK jealous. They try to get a reaction from the crowd and are annoyed to only receive boos. This goes back and forth until referee Nick Papagiorgio steps onto the turnbuckles and gets a huge ovation and accompanying chant. Tim Donst is surprised and disgusted at this. Lince and Arik prepare for a lockup, Lince shoves Arik’s hands down and celebrates like he just won the match already. Then he leaves and it’s Pinkie vs. Cruz. Cruz easily makes a fool out of him here and scares him off with a spin kick. Donst gets in there to stare down Corbin and removes his own shirt to a chorus of boos. As they stare down, Corbin stomps on Donst’s foot and the fighting begins. Donst goes for one of his trademarks, the Donstitution, but it doesn’t work right and Corbin lands on his feet. Pinkie kicks at Corbin from the apron, only it backfires and Corbin ends up knocking Donst into him.

Arik finally get to face Lince for real and dominates one-on-one. Arik rears back his fist and Lince gets out of there. Pinkie tries his luck next and ends up in a world of hurt as the F1rst Family take turns chopping the hell out of him and delivering clotheslines in the corner. Corbin sneaks in a Spineroonie for flavor. The North Star Express team up on Pinkie some more until Donst drags out Corbin and Pinkie’s able to get some licks in on Cruz. The BDK force Cruz into doing their cross pose and while he’s stuck in that position, Lince and Pinkie kick him in the face.

With Cruz prone into the corner, Pinkie dashes and slams his butt in his face before taking off in the opposite direction so he can clear the top rope and jump onto Arik. Cruz gets a surprise kick on Lince, makes a tag and Corbin starts to clean house, starting with a Tornado DDT on Donst while kicking Lince and Pinkie in the same motion. Lince makes an attempt at a springboard attack, but gets caught in an Ace Crusher, Arik follows with a kick to the head and Cruz finishes with a 450 Splash springboard. The pin is broken. The fight goes to the outside with Lince doing a Corkscrew onto everyone. He brings Arik back in, does a swinging DDT and a Lionsault. It’s not enough. Opponents keep rapidly changing with the winner of each battle being taken out by the newcomer until we’re back to Lince vs. Arik. Arik delivers a brainbuster, then shortly after grabs Donst for the Total Anarchy. Unfortunately, he accidentally hits Lince with Donst and screws up the move, allowing Donst to capitalize with a neckbreaker.

Arik still isn’t out and lariats Lince so hard that he makes him flip. He knocks him out with the Glimmering Warlock, but Pinkie breaks the pin. The North Star Express do their team-up move Incoming onto Donst in the corner and prepare for Cruz Control on Pinkie. Donst gets his bearings and stops the move, dropping Cruz onto Corbin with a Fireman’s Carry. Corbin is propped on Donst’s shoulders and gets taken down with a double top-rope bulldog from Lince and Pinkie. Cruz breaks the pin and is brought in for some punishment. He’s placed in Tree of Woe position so that Pinkie can do a butt splash from the top onto him. Lince follows with a Shooting Star Press and Pinkie makes him tap with the Inverted CHIKARA Special. The second BDK team walks off victorious, while the F1rst Family soak in the cheers and chants from the crowd.

Match 7
King of Trios Round 1
Team Delicioso (Curry Man, El Hijo del Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr.) vs. Team Perros del Mal (El Alebrije, El Oriental and Cuije)

Curry Man gets his own separate intro, which is as good a reason as any to briefly get Los Ice Creams to join him in the Curry Shuffle!

El Oriental and Curry Man start off with a handshake, then get into it. As Oriental runs across the ropes, Curry stops him in his tracks and does the Curry Shuffle. Oriental kicks him in the gut, they go back to wrestling and end up in a standoff. Oriental tags in Cuije, much to the delight of the crowd. Tiny Cuije keeps bouncing off the ropes, but when Curry jumps up for a leapfrog, Cuije cowers back. Curry tries to run him through the spot, explaining how they’re supposed to do it and after one more attempt, Cuije just stops, waits for Curry to land and stomps his foot. Hijo and the massive Alebrije face off with Cuije insisting on fighting Hijo instead. Hijo would smack the little guy and turn around, boasting to his partners. During this, Alebrije would sneak in and kick Hijo in the ass. Surprised and hurt, Hijo turns around to see Cuije gripping his own foot. Hijo hits him again, turns around to boast and Alebrije body checks him. Hijo sits there crying and turns around to see Cuije posing. Alebrije and Cuije make fools out of Ice Creams via outsmarting them, leading to a humorous tug of war on Cuije.

Oriental and Curry go back at it with Oriental getting the best of it and toping out into Curry. Junior gets thrashed by Alebrije, enduring a powerslam and a huge elbow drop. Hijo joins the fray and the two double team Alebrije, knocking him out of the ring. Hijo drags Cuije into the ring and proceeds to shove him around like a jerk, causing a chant of, “YOU’RE A BULLY!” Hijo holds him in the Abdominal Stretch until Oriental makes the save. Oriental is sent to the outside via a triple dropkick and Alebrije is dumped out of there seconds later. Now Cuije is cornered, all on his own. He kicks at everyone’s shins, but the three brain chop him all at once. Hijo and Junior pass him around like a baby, but Curry steals him away and sets him down, not feeling the need to bully him further. Los Ice Creams don’t agree and kick Cuije to the mat.

Alebrije returns and throws Cuije at Junior’s head, turning it into a tiny headscissors takedown. Hijo lunges his butt at Alebrije and hurts himself due to the size of his opponent. Junior keeps Alebrije busy long enough for Hijo to rejoin and they momentarily take him out of the equation with the Assassino. Oriental takes apart Junior with a second-rope dropkick, a bottom-rope moonsault, a second-rope moonsault and then a second-rope corkscrew senton. Curry works over Oriental for a moment, but Oriental then sends all three of them out of there, before catching them with a top-rope moonsault. Hijo crawls in and gets his commupance at the hands of Alebrije. Hijo is held down so that Cuije can land a series of sentons. Alebrije then picks up his little buddy and throws him straight up for a big splash.

They both pin down Hijo and it’s over.

Shortly after the match, a fan proposes to his girlfriend in the center of the ring. Despite chants of, “PLEASE DON’T TAP!” she says yes.

Match 8
King of Trios Round 1
The Jackson Three (Matt, Nick and Malachi Jackson) vs. the Future is Now (Jigsaw, Equinox II and Helios)

The two teams exchange handshakes to start and Malachi asks to start off against Helios. At first he’s granted it, but Nick tags in anyway. They have a slow feeling out process that gradually picks up into an even battle, but after getting kicked in the face, Nick tags Malachi back in. Malachi gets the best of Equinox and does some offense based on rapid-fire clotheslines. Kind of weird. Equinox is sent out of there and Malachi gets him with a springboard crossbody. Matt and Jigsaw have a very fast-paced exchange with Jigsaw getting the better. Malachi fights Helios and can’t keep up, causing Helios to mock the other Jacksons. Malachi is in peril, but works his way out of the predicament when he reverses Jigsaw’s Gory Special into a Sunset Flip. He rolls out and allows his brothers to take Jigsaw apart together. They take turns on him and do a little double teaming, but when they miss a double dropkick, Equinox takes advantage by hitting Matt with a Missile Dropkick. Nick gets him back with a swinging DDT.

Noticeably, Nick forces Malachi off of Equinox so that he can make the pin instead. Equinox kicks out and the match continues, but it’s more and more apparent that Generation Me are acting more heelish. Malachi performs a crossbody off the top, but Equinox catches him by jumping and putting his knees up. This gets him the hot tag and Helios proceeds to take apart all three Jacksons. Helios and friends let loose with a bunch of rapid attacks on Nick in the corner. Eventually, the Jacksons are able to take down Helios thanks to their numbers. Matt and Malachi do standing moonsaults at the same time, Nick planchas into a splash, but Jigsaw breaks the pin. A lot of dive spots happen (as you’d expect with this match) and Helios flips onto all of them, impressively landing right on his feet during the impact.

It doesn’t take long for everything to wind down for a second in the ring due to everyone laying around half-dead. Jigsaw drives down Nick with a brainbuster, but to his surprise, Nick gets a shoulder up. In one of the absolute coolest spots I’ve ever seen, the six stand up and pair off into punch fests. At the same time, Malachi, Helios and Equinox each bounce across the ropes and eat a superkick from their respective opponent. That leaves Jigsaw standing in the middle as Generation Me superkick him from both sides, wait for him to fall to the mat and kick him in the head again. Awesome!

Jigsaw kicks out. They keep it going by getting Jigsaw with More Bang for Your Buck and then a Malachi Shooting Star Press, but Helios and Equinox are there to stop the pin. Matt and Nick rush Helios and Equinox with the tecnico team ducking down while dragging the top rope with them. Generation Me fall to the outside and Helios and Equinox jump out after them. Or at least, Equinox does. Helios is intercepted with a Malachi clothesline. Equinox gets back in there and does his combination of an Overbomb into a piledriver. Jigsaw picks him up in Torture Rack position and slams him down. Then Helios does a 450 Senton and pins him with no trouble.

Matt and Nick are both furious, both at their brother and their opponents. They refuse the handshakes and when they see Malachi get the support of the crowd and shake hands with the Future is Now, Matt and Nick abandon him and walk off to the back.

What an awesome first round. This is the only year that doesn’t have a head-shaking trio on the roster. No Patriot, Cold Front, Immortals or… well, you’ll see when I get to 2011. Anyway, here are the standings.

The quarterfinals and flippy tournament tomorrow.

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One comment to “The King of Trios Retrospective: Day 14”

  1. Hey, Gavok, I have some explanation for the spinaroonie that Corbin threw in during the BDK-B vs F1RST Family match, given I was there live and sort of contributed to it.

    When Pinkie got trapped in the Family’s corner and got chopped to hell by Cannon, I got my section to start a “Five more times!” chant. Corbin riffed on it by tagging in, holding up his hand (five!), then staring at it Booker T-style before doing the spinaroonie.

    That is all. Love the retrospective.