The King of Trios Retrospective: Day 10

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King of Trios 2009: Night 1

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Prior to the show, the crowd is told that Iceberg missed his flight and won’t be at the show. No big loss.

Match 1
King of Trios Round 1
Team EPIC WAR (Austin Aries, Ryan Drago and Tony Kozina) vs. F1rst Family (Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz)

Little bit of backstory for this one. Supposedly, Aries was told to play a face dynamic in this match. Aries wasn’t really happy with this, since he just turned heel in EPIC WAR and he’s been heel pretty much everywhere else. Still, it was insisted that he play face here. Aries decided to oversell it in a way that’s hilarious enough to offset it being unprofessional. This is apparent from the pre-match promo where he interrupts Drago to express how this is all about the fans and their desire to see high-flying action.

When everyone’s in the ring, Aries makes sure to shake everyone’s hand and then claps a little too hard. Drago slaps him on the back to force a tag before things can begin, pissing off the crowd. Drago faces Cannon and can’t get his bearings until pulling Cannon’s hair. Kozina is tagged in to help take advantage, but Cannon sneaks off to tag Corbin. Corbin and Kozina brawl to the outside, effectively tagging, so we get Aries vs. Cruz. They’re the quickest guys on either team, so this is some nice fast-paced action with Aries getting the upper hand. Corbin blind-tags in and the North Star Express double-team on Aries. Cannon comes in to pound on him for a bit and Aries begins to get his second wind… TATANKA-STYLE! He starts doing a war dance while no-selling their hits, chops each one in the head and then lets loose with this!

Kozina hops off the top rope and does a really sloppy headscissors that sends Cannon and himself over the top rope. Aries prepares for a dive, only to get tagged by Drago yet again. Cruz ends up being the one in peril as the EPIC WAR guys take turns beating on him. Drago keeps tagging Aries way too hard for the sake of being a dick. Kozina sets up Cruz on the second rope and tries to jump onto his back, but Cruz sidesteps and causes him to fall out of the ring. Drago tries to stop him from tagging, but receives a kick in the face and the next thing you know, Arik Cannon is cleaning Drago’s clock. Amusingly enough, when Cannon bounces off the second rope for an elbow drop, Aries enthusiastically pats him on the back. Drago is able to send Cannon out of the ring with an enziguri, but the North Star Express step in and sandwich his head with their move the Shell Shock. Drago rolls to the outside and Cruz holds the ropes open to make it easier for Corbin to dive out there for the follow-up.

Cruz tries to do the same, but is intercepted by Aries. Kozina gets Cruz with a top-rope bulldog, but there’s a kickout. Kozina and Aries set up some kind of superplex/top-rope Stunner move, but they’re knocked off. Cannon plants Drago with a Backdrop Driver, but he kicks out. Corbin flapjacks Cruz onto him with the Cruz Control and it’s enough for the full pin. After the match, Aries befriends the team and continues acting as an over-the-top face.

Match 2
King of Trios Round 1
The Osirian Portal (Amasis, Ophidian and Escorpion Egipcio) vs. Team PWG (El Generico, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)

Generico keeps putting Amasis in various holds, only for Amasis to escape by dancing out. Generico shows that he too can play that game and starts breaking out a dance himself, flustering Amasis and garnering a big, “YOU GOT SERVED!” chant. Amasis rushes Generico and gets propelled out of the ring with a dropkick. Matt takes on the much larger Escorpion and defeats him with zero problem, using his high-flying skills to offset Escorpion’s size. Escorpion is sent to the outside and then endures a hurricanrana. Nick and Ophidian have some crazy awesome chemistry and go back and forth with the crowd absolutely loving it. Ophidian finally gets the best of him with some headscissors. Amasis comes in and gets shoved into the PWG corner. The PWG guys tag back and forth to work him over, but it’s mostly the Jacksons doing the work. Amasis finally gets the strength to shove Nick into his corner and Escorpion tags in. Escorpion holds him up in the air while Ophidian and Amasis perform dual dropkicks.

Escorpion attacks Matt and Generico, leaving Matt in the ring to be worked on. Amasis does his own variation of the People’s Elbow, only with far more dancing involved. He and Ophidian double-team Matt until he’s able to find an opening and put Amasis down with a Shiranui. Generico is tagged in and takes apart Amassis and Ophidian before doing a top-rope hurricanrana on Escorpion. The ring fills up and the Jacksons dispose of all their opponents, putting them in position for Nick to pull off an Asai Moonsault onto the Egyptians. Escorpion reenters and takes apart Generico. He performs a TKO, but Generico kicks out. The crowd starts singing “OLE!” to pump up Generico and soon all three PWG members are working together to eliminate Escorpion.

Amasis and Ophidian fight against Matt, who is able to fend them off long enough for Nick to enter the ring and help turn the tables. Amasis and Ophidian are set up in the same corner and endure double dropkicks, followed by an El Generico Yakuza Kick. Escorpion returns and chokeslams both Young Bucks at the same time. Amasis and Ophidian both do 450 Splashes at the same time, but the Jacksons kick out. Escorpion puts El Generico in a Full Nelson and holds him so his teammates can dropkick him, but Generico moves and Escorpion takes the brunt of the attack. Generico goes up against both Amasis and Ophidian, but Ophidian is able to roll him up and compact him with a prawn hold for the pin. Though defeated, the Young Bucks are happy to hear a big, “PLEASE COME BACK!” chant.

Match 3
King of Trios Round 1
The Roughnecks (Eddie Kingston, Brodie Lee and Grizzly Redwood) vs. Team Uppercut (Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson and Dave Taylor)

The backstage interview shows how little Eddie Kingston thinks of Grizzly Redwood when he explains that nobody hits as hard as Eddie, is as vicious as Brodie or… has the beard of Grizz. Regardless, it’s said that Eddie will beat everyone up, Grizzly will chop them down and Brodie will run over what’s left. They come into the ring and bully around announcer Louden Noxious. Team Uppercut show up and the crowd showers Danielson with chants of, “BEST IN THE WORLD!” They even give a big, “EDDIE!” chant, but Eddie tries to heel it up to make them stop. He prepares to face Danielson to start, but then turns around, tags Grizzly and cheeses it.

Grizzly and Danielson have a flex off, which Eddie joins in by lifting his shirt and showing off his gut. Danielson offers his hand to Grizzly and his partners yell at him not to shake. Confused, especially with the crowd telling him to shake the hand, Grizzly gives in and is happy to see that Danielson didn’t attack him. Then he’s taken aback by Eddie and Brodie glaring down at him. Grizzly tries a couple shoulderblocks on Danielson, only hurting himself. Danielson takes pity on the little lumberjack and when receiving another shoulderblock, he backs off and oversells the pain. They do a Test of Strength and Danielson starts out by faking intense pain, but then stands back up and overpowers Grizzly. Claudio and Taylor each get a moment in there to punish Grizzly and he flinches hard when Danielson prepares a European uppercut and stops short. Grizzly angrily tags in Eddie and tells him to deal with it.

Being PG, the crowd chants, “YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR FLIPPIN’ HEAD KICKED IN!” at Eddie. He and Danielson spend a lengthy amount of time going over how they’re going to shoulderblock into each other, but by the time Eddie bounces off the ropes, Claudio and Taylor walk in and shoulderblock him down. Then the three volley Eddie around with a series of European uppercuts. Eddie tags Brodie, who tries to hide his amusement at the chant of, “CHANGE MY OIL!” He and Danielson do a Test of Strength and Danielson immediately does some over-the-top selling on the pain. Brodie angrily lets go and stands there in a huff. He throws Danielson around like a ragdoll, but then Claudio and Taylor get tagged in and bombard Brodie with more uppercuts.

Grizzly is tagged in and proceeds to outsmart the opponents. He leaves the ring and tags Taylor’s leg. Taylor enters the ring and Danielson instinctively hiptosses his partner. They begin to argue as Eddie laughs his ass off. Claudio tries to calm them down, but also gets hiptossed out of instinct. The Roughnecks rush them at once and all three are uppercutted back. With Eddie on the mat, Taylor climbs to the top. Danielson and Claudio beg him to NOT do this as he’s far too old and this would be bad for his health. Eventually, cooler heads prevail and they help him down. Grizzly takes advantage of this chicanery and clips Danielson’s leg. The Roughnecks work on Danielson’s leg for a while, including a nice moment where Eddie puts him in a hybrid of the Brock Lock and the Boston Crab.

Since it’s Eddie doing a Brock Lock, I will refer to it as the Venom Lock (sorry). Brodie comes in and delivers some uppercuts to Danielson as payback. He runs right into Danielson’s boot, Danielson follows with a flying kick to the head and then he tags in Taylor. The ring fills up and Claudio bicycle kicks Grizzly down. He picks him up for the Giant Swing and… hoo boy. See, the Giant Swing – a move where he spins in circles while holding his opponent’s legs as the crowd counts each revolution – usually goes for a count of 10 or 15. With Grizzly so small, Claudio is able to keep it going for far longer. The crowd keeps counting and it goes on for a long while. Unfortunately, the crowd begins counting seconds and not revolutions, so while they get to 100, it was more somewhere in the 80’s. Still, crazy. Once he’s done, he lets go and stumbles out of the ring. Danielson puts Grizzly in the Cattle Mutilation and he immediately taps. After Team Uppercut, Eddie and Brodie are long gone from the arena, Grizzly finally gets up and tumbles all over as the fans chant his name.

Match 4
King of Trios Round 1
Da Soul Touchaz (Marshe Rockett, Willie Richardson and Trauma) vs. Team CZW (Beef Wellington, Greg Excellent and Pinkie Sanchez)

Da Soul Touchaz are doing an promo and about halfway in, Trauma angrily points out that he is NOT Acid Jaz. Willie stops for a second and asks, “Who are you?!” Funny enough, they keep holding a photo of Jaz over his face. Team CZW walks out to “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley and when they see Da Soul Touchaz doing their pre-match gibberish chant to hype themselves up, they respond by getting together and yelling, “GOOOOO BUNDY!”

Pinkie and Rockett start it off, where they keep dancing their way out of each other’s holds. Mitch Ryder is on commentary and notes throughout the match that he definitely likes Pinkie’s style and feels that he’s the only member of the CZW team who knows what he’s doing. Willie and Beef tag in and Beef stops Willie from charging by putting his hand out. Then he grabs the mic and proceeds to rap out the entire first verse of “Ice, Ice Baby” as Willie stands there looking less than amused and the crowd loses it. Right as he reaches the end, he puts the mic to Willie’s face and he says in deadpan, “…as the DJ revolves it.” Beef excitedly does victory laps around Willie and Willie finally lets him have it with a punch to the face. Beef rolls out while saying into the mic, “I deserved that.”

The crowd chants, “THAT WAS AWESOME!” but they haven’t seen anything yet.

Willie prepares for a dive, but gets tripped and dragged out by Pinkie. That leads to Trauma vs. Greg Excellent. As they size each other up, Greg points up to the sound booth and Sugar Hill Gang’s “Apache” begins to play. To the joy of everyone, the two begin to shake it to the tune.

This goes on until Trauma snaps out of it and clotheslines Greg. Willie comes in and gives him a legdrop off the second rope. Rockett comes in to clean up on that, but Greg picks him up so that Beef can perform the Hart Attack. Then he puts Rockett in a Boston Crab as Pinkie leapfrogs over Greg and lands butt-first onto Rockett. Of course, butt-based offense appears to be half of Pinkie’s repertoire. Anyway, they continue to work on Rockett. Beef leaps off the top rope and grabs him for a DDT. Greg does a running splash and Rockett kicks out of the pin. Greg and Beef go for a double suplex, only for Rockett to land on his feet and turn it into a double neckbreaker. Both Greg and Beef roll out of the ring and upon standing back up, they’re met with Rockett doing a crossbody over the ropes. Pinkie knocks Trauma out of the ring and then does his own dive onto everyone. That leaves big Willie and the Urban American Dream proceeds to actually DO A SENTON ONTO EVERYONE!

Shortly after, Team CZW work together on Willie in the corner. Trauma gets in there and Beef lets loose with the Butt Punch, a move that they had to change the name of for the CHIKARA audience. He tries to give the big man a Pedigree, but he’s instead picked up for a Death Valley Driver. Pinkie breaks the pin. He faces Rockett and tries to plancha into the ring, but gets caught with a Diamond Cutter in mid-air. Greg makes the save. He drapes Rockett’s legs over the top rope and does a Pedigree and is shocked when his victim kicks out. He waits for Rockett to get back up, but as he’s distracted, Willie bounces across the ropes and hits the Pounce from behind. He climbs to the top, lets loose with a legdrop and pins Greg Excellent. Afterwards, they show respect to the fallen team. Among the celebration, you can subtly notice Greg being angry at Pinkie. This will be important for later.

Match 5
King of Trios Round 1
FIST (Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor) vs. the Death Match Kings (Necro Butcher, Brain Damage and Toby Klein)

FIST stand in the ring at first and to the chant of, “NECRO!” the Death Match Kings storm the ring before their music even starts. You have to hand it to the booking of this match. Icarus is the guy people want to see punched in the face more than any other and these are the guys to do it. Klein and Chuck start off and while Klein shows some basic grappling skills, he bites Chuck’s hand and calls in his partners. From there, it becomes an out and out brawl for just about all of the match. Beatings everywhere as the FIST members try to run off. Necro completely murders Icarus with slaps and punches. Brain Damage clubs Akuma down to the mat and gives him a Camel Clutch while clawing his eyes until the ref calls him off. Akuma starts kicking at Damage until receiving a powerful clothesline. Icarus tries a Tornado DDT on Necro Butcher, but Necro instead forces him to land on his feet, shoves him off and then punches him clean in the face.

Akuma, the resident badass of FIST, gets fed up and grabs two chairs. He sets them up in the ring and invites Necro to a sit-down chair duel. As Bryce on commentary asks, “What is he doing?!” Eddie Kingston answers him, “Being an idiot?” They sit across from each other and punch back and forth with Akuma even throwing a kick to the head in there. Necro’s punches win and Damage picks up the chair and suplexes the sitting Akuma.

Icarus and Chuck start to get some traction as they work over Necro. Icarus tries to rile up Damage a couple times by running over to him on the apron and slapping him. Klein eventually runs in and puts Chuck in a leg hold of some sort. Akuma grabs Klein for a submission, Necro grabs Akuma and Icarus jumps onto Necro with a sleeper. This leaves only Damage, who is confused at how to even do a wrestling hold. He briefly lifts Icarus’ leg, but drops it back down. The crowd gives him the exact orders on what he should do and he briefly holds his fist out, unsure of himself. Finally, he lets loose with a stiff punch to Icarus’ face and they all go down like a house of cards.

Then he lets out his frustrations by doing a ground and pound on Icarus. Akuma gets up and stands up to Necro’s brute force, but Necro proceeds to punch him into oblivion. Chuck throws him out of the ring and turns around into a Death Valley Driver courtesy of Klein. Chuck kicks out, so Klein climbs up for a moonsault. Icarus causes him to lose his balance and with some assistance, Chuck is eventually able to get Klein with the Omega Driver while Icarus DDTs Damage. Chuck pins Klein, FIST get the hell out of there and Damage is in disbelief, asking aloud, “Those douchebags beat us?!”

Match 6
King of Trios Round 1
Team DDT (KUDO, Kota Ibushi and Michael Nakazawa) vs. the Future is Now (Lince Dorado, Helios and Equinox II)

A smirking Nakazawa walks out first and oils himself, causing his partners to slip a bit as they walk past him. Lince faces Nakazawa to start, finding himself unable to grapple with the slippery wrestler, so he grabs a towel and dries him up enough to get an armbar in there. They tag off into Equinox vs. KUDO. They kick back and forth with KUDO obviously winning to the point that when it’s Equinox’s turn, he runs out of the ring and lets Helios enter to face Kota. They’re the two high-flying workhorses of the teams, so they have a really cool high-flying standoff. Kota ends up standing on the apron and Helios tricks KUDO and Nakazawa into running into him. The Future is Now grabs KUDO and Nakazawa for a triple back suplex, followed with a triple dropkick. Kota reenters and fights off all three until it’s down to Lince, which is when KUDO and Nakazawa help team up on him. Kota and KUDO outwrestle Helios and Equinox while synchronizing their offense. When they’re done, Nakazawa squirts oil onto the fallen opponents and sentons onto them.

Team DDT continue to take advantage. Nakazawa puts Helios in the corner and rubs his oily back all over a grossed-out Helios. Kota is able to completely out-style Lince in an exchange. KUDO brings back the earlier rivalry by snapmaring Equinox a couple times and drilling him with some nasty kicks. Eventually, the Future is Now get KUDO at their mercy and begin to wear him down. He saves himself with a plancha dropkick on Lince and tags in Kota. Kota, unfortunately, runs immediately into a spinning heel kick courtesy of Helios. Again, the two show some awesome offense against each other, but Kota wins out by kicking Helios from the ring. Equinox is able to trump Nakazawa and puts him in peril for a few minutes. When Lince puts him in the Camel Clutch, Nakazawa gets a hold of his oil bottle and oils himself up to escape. Lince grabs onto the leg to prevent the tag, but Nakazawa has that taken care of too.

Kota comes in and kicks everyone. He tries a pin on Equinox after a Pele Kick, but it doesn’t take. Helios enters the ring and is immediately brought down by KUDO hopping off the top and nailing him in the face with his knees. He does another top-rope knee attack, only on a lying Helios while at the same time, Nakazawa does a top-rope splash. The pin is broken by Helios’ teammates. The Future is Now succeed in three German suplexes at the same time…

But three kickouts. There’s a big screwup in this next spot where Helios and Lince do Shooting Star Presses off the top and Equinox does a running Shooting Star Press. Helios and Lince miss, but Nakazawa forgets to move and Equinox has to sell it like he missed despite hitting it perfectly. The six men stumble to their feet and start a circle of hitting the guy to their right. Once the dust settles, we’re down to Kota and Helios. Kota strays from the fight so he can leave the ring and get Lince with an Asai Moonsault. Helios shrugs and backflips out onto KUDO. Nakazawa hits a sweet flipping Spear on Equinox, but he kicks out.

An Olympic Slam follow-up still isn’t enough. He pours oil into his mouth and prepares to spit it like mist, but Equinox strikes him in the throat. Nakazawa begins to choke and falls to the mat. Equinox stomps onto his gut and causes him to spit it out like a geyser. He puts him in the CHIKARA Special, Nakazawa taps and the fans – who were totally into the match – suddenly start booing like crazy. That’s what happens when you toss three faces with nothing going on in terms of storyline and put them over a more popular act. It really looked like these guys were shoe-ins to win the tournament and that is NOT what the fans wanted to see.

Oh, and after the match, Nakazawa hugs Equinox while pouring oil on him, causing Equinox to step off.

Match 7
King of Trios Round 1
Incoherence (Delirious, Hallowicked and Frightmare) vs. the Masters of 1,000 Holds (Mike Quackenbush, Johnny Saint and Jorge “Skayde” Rivera)

The crowd goes chant crazy for the Masters, especially Johnny Saint. Frightmare and Rivera start off, shaking hands before mixing it up. Frightmare gets some good takedowns, causing Rivera to take things more seriously with some submission holds. Frightmare is still able to get an armdrag in there that sends Rivera out and he flips onto him to follow up. Quackenbush and Hallowicked go at it, beginning with Quack doing some mat holds. Hallowicked fights this with some armdrags, causing Quack to step up his lucha game, ending in a standoff. Next it’s Delirious vs. Johnny Saint. They start with a series of Full Nelsons reversed into opposing Full Nelsons, but Saint makes his elaborate reversals look completely easy. Delirious, finding himself one step behind in every instance, acts just a little afraid.

Quack is able to outclass Frightmare with ease. Frightmare gets a string of lucha offense in there, but then runs right into a backbreaker. Frightmare armdrags Quack out and then gives chase, before Hallowicked gives him a supporting pat on the head. Hallowicked prepares to face Saint and Delirious warns him, “He’s got tricks!” They have a lengthy set against each other where Saint more or less dominates with his top-notch maneuverability and ability to break out of any hold. Delirious faces Rivera and Rivera puts him in a mix between a Sharpshooter and a Pendulum.

The Masters tag back and forth while putting Delirious in various unique submissions. Delirious gets out of this funk by dropkicking Quack and bringing Hallowicked in for an assisted Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Hallowicked holds him up with a Full Nelson and Quack moves out of the way in time for Delirious to clothesline his partner. Quack and Rivera team up against the two and simply play around with them like they were nothing, ending it with two backdrops sending them to the floor. The Masters attempt to triple pin Frightmare, but his partners save him. We’re soon left with Saint and Delirious in the ring and Saint confuses him into a Schoolboy, earning him a pin. With the Masters victorious, they hand out handshakes to their defeated opponents.

Match 8
King of Trios Round 1
The UnStable (Vin Gerard, STIGMA and Colin Delaney) vs. the Cold Front (Glacier, Al Snow and ???)

Backstage, Glacier tells Snow about how he was at King of Trios last year and he even made it to the finals. WHAT?! NO HE DIDN’T! Snow cuts a rather good promo about how they’ve had everything done to them so no matter what the UnStable tries, they won’t be breaking any ground against their defenses. They’re fully prepared to do it two-on-three, even when the UnStable have their awesome unison mustaches, but Leonard Chikarason walks in with a hat filled with possible replacements. Glacier and Snow also get separate entrances because why not.

Snow demands that Head should be their third man, but it falls on deaf ears. Their partner is chosen to be Avatar. Snow, disgusted, tells them, “NO!” The next pick is Shinobi. Snow, getting very annoyed, tells them, “SHUT UP!” He and the crowd know where this is going and as expected, the next name is Leif Cassady. Snow almost kills them on the spot and adds that he never liked being a Rocker. Amazing Red is announced yet, but he’s not there. Green Ant is pulled, but to the crowd’s relief, he’s not there either. Then it’s D’Lo Brown, but Bryce checks the back and doesn’t see him. The lights go out and D’Lo gets a big pop by walking out. D’Lo is fresh off his short-lived WWE return run, so when the crowd chants at Colin, “YOU GOT FIRED!” D’Lo shushes the crowd because he too just got fired.

Glacier and Gerard start off, ready to continue their feud from the previous King of Trios, but Gerard steps out. Instead, it’s Glacier vs. Colin and Colin is immediately put in peril. D’Lo comes in and hits a loud and nasty chest slap, garnering a, “ONE MORE TIME!” chant. He does this and Colin flops around like a dying fish. Colin slips away from Glacier and tags in Gerard. Gerard mocks him with the Karate Kid stance and a Sub-Zero iceball pose. He puts his fist out to play whatever that game is when you touch the back of your wrists and try to hit each other and keeps cheapshotting Glacier with backhands and kicks to the leg. Glacier eventually gets him with a backhand slap of his own and then throws him out. STIGMA attacks from behind, but Glacier fends for himself and starts dragging his enemy around by his belt.

In easily the highlight of the match (not that it’s saying much), STIGMA gets D’Lo down to his knees and prepares for a Shining Wizard. It’s blocked and STIGMA ends up on his knees. D’Lo yells, “THAT JAPANESE MOVE!” and nails STIGMA with the Shining Wizard. He may have been told to do that backstage, but considering D’Lo’s tendency to show up on the podcast regularly afterwards despite rarely having anything to do with the product, it really looks like he knew what he was doing and was legitimately glad to be there. The same cannot be said for Al Snow.

For instance, D’Lo does a second-rope moonsault onto STIGMA and tags in Snow. He gets rushed by the UnStable and they work him over briefly until he just shrugs it off and gets Colin with his uprotected headbutts spot and a moonsault off the top. As Glacier takes his place, there’s a bit that isn’t recorded on the DVD but I saw live where Snow proceeded to make fun of Glacier behind his back to D’Lo and joke about how Glacier wasn’t capable of doing a moonsault like they can.

D’Lo beats up Colin for a while and Snow comes in, setting up for a Snow Plow. Gerard escapes the hold and attacks D’Lo and Glacier, which they screw up by not reacting. They have to do this spot again so that they enter the ring and get the ref distracted so the UnStable can ambush Snow. Snow fights them off and the crowd has officially stopped caring. When he bounces off the ropes, Colin pulls the top rope down and Snow crashes to the outside. Snow is FINALLY in peril and it’s about time. This match has gone on for about twenty minutes at this point and all it’s been is the faces trumping the heels while taking their time. It’s like the opening couple minutes of a match dragged into twenty minutes. It gets decent for a moment as Gerard does a Frog Splash onto Snow, Colin does a Frog Splash and then STIGMA does a Frog Splash WHILE DOING THE D’LO HEADSHAKE!

Ha! Yes! Snow gets an enziguri on STIGMA, but Colin and Gerard jump him to prevent a tag. They try a triple pin, but it’s broken up. Colin goes to the top rope and Snow shoves him off. Snow is so not into this match that he does the first and only instance I’ve ever seen of a standing hot tag.

D’Lo cleans house with a Black Hole Slam on Colin and then a Sky High on Gerard. As he talks trash at Gerard, Colin gets back up and backslides him for a surprise pin. The face team get their licks in post-match with a Cryonic Kick on STIGMA, Gerard getting smacked with Head and D’Lo throwing Colin straight up and catching him on the way down with a Cutter. He follows with a Frog Splash and the losing team celebrate before leaving.

The show was really good up until that never-ending main event. It’s no surprise that Snow never showed up in a CHIKARA ring since then. Anyway, here’s the brackets as of this show.

This will continue tomorrow, including another notoriously bad match.

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