The King of Trios Retrospective: Day 18

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King of Trios 2011: Night 1


The show begins on a somber note, showing a tribute reel to the dearly-departed Alex Whybrow, otherwise known as Larry Sweeney. After the video, we see most of the wrestlers standing around the outside of the ring, clapping their hands and slapping the mat as the crowd claps along and chants, “SWEENEY!” and, “SWEET AND SOUR!” It’s weird to watch, due to all the masked guys in there who are obviously more emotional than they look. Judging from the body language, Hallowicked and Soldier Ant appear to be hit the hardest.

Match 1
King of Trios Round 1
3.0le (El Generico, Scott Parker and Shane Matthews) vs. the Osirian Portal (Amasis, Ophidian and Hieracon)

3.0le cut a promo where Matthews identifies himself as the captain and the other two argue this fact. The arguing leads to Matthews punching Generico in the stomach as Parker lets out a, “BOOYAH!” and they go on their way. The match begins with Matthews vs. Ophidian, where Ophidian keeps getting in his head with his various snake tricks, like doing a handstand in the corner and slithering around, making Matthews frantically ask, “What are you doing?!”

Next up is Generico against Hieracon, which is extremely fast-paced. Generico wins out at first, then Hieracon gets his own streak of offense. Matthews and Parker tell him to pull on the mask or cheat in some way and Generico even considers poking him in the eyes, but then he thinks better of it and gives him a handshake. Then he pokes him in the eyes anyway.

He hides under a nearby table as Parker gets really excited over these turn of events. He steps in and faces Amasis, with the two of them dancing out of each other’s holds. Albeit Parker’s whiteness is very apparent in his moves. The gauntlet is laid down and all of the sudden “Everybody Dance Now” plays. Amasis and Ophidian cut a rug in their usual style with Ophidian even busting out an inverted worm. Parker and Generico combat it by actually doing the Macarena. In 2011! Generico chestbumps Ophidian by surprise, garnering a big, “YOU GOT SERVED!” chant that the Osirian Portal completely disagree with. The comedy keeps going when Generico moves his hands around to try and imitate the Osiran Portal hypnosis trick. It doesn’t work on any of Generico’s opponents, but Matthews is found staggering in a daze on the apron. He steps in there, throws Generico out of the ring, throws Ophidian after and then both teams try to break him free in a wacky spot where they lock hands for leverage and then let the audience join in.

This leads to a massive pop-lock and inspires the crowd to start doing the wave. Matthews finally snaps out of it and hits Amasis. Generico comes in there and Amasis pushes him into the Osirian corner. They make frequent tags and work him over a bit until he’s able to evade a couple corner attacks and roll into a tag. Matthews comes in there and Parker soon follows, doing double teams on Hieracon, Amasis and then Ophidian. The best of these moves is Parker tossing Ophidian upwards into a Spear from Matthews. Ophidian kicks out, but 3.0 keep on keeping on by clearing the ring and doing an assisted Lungblower. Hieracon sneaks in to break the pin. The Osirian Portal start breaking out double team and then triple team attacks, working to isolate Parker from the rest.

Ophidian does a top-rope moonsault with Generico breaking the pin. There’s a breakneck string of opponents switching up one after the other until Amasis and Ophidian start letting loose with a series of strikes on Matthews. Hieracon moonsaults out of the ring onto Generico and Parker, allowing his partners to hit the Osirian Sacrament. The pin is elementary and post-match, Matthews is steamed at his partners.

Match 2
King of Trios Round 1
FIST (Icarus, Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano) vs. Team Australia (Tama Williams, Percy T and Kabel)

Nothing of note from Team Australia’s introductory promo where they discuss how they’re about to commit the biggest upset in the tournament’s history. It’s pretty funny when FIST come out, as they have a new theme instead of the more memorable “Blue Monday” by Orgy. The fans don’t know who to expect until Icarus walks out yelling, “New music!” and the crowd boos him immediately. Team Australia come out and sort of get support with the chanting of, “LET’S GO NOT-FIST!” Gargano and Percy start it off with some opening grappling that leads right into a lot of speedier and more impactful moves, like double stomps and Monkey Flips. Gargano rolls out and Percy tags in Kabel. Chuck gives him a glance and decides that this is Icarus’s fight. Icarus challenges him to a Test of Strength but, well… Kabel is kind of tall.

Icarus kicks him and goes for a Manhattan Drop, but due to Kabel’s size, Icarus’ knee can’t reach anything. Kabel picks him up, walks around the ring and bodyslams him. Next is Tama vs. Chuck, which is Tama giving Chuck a fast-paced beatdown. Percy helps his partner out with a double team and works on Chuck. Gargano makes a blind tag and surprises Percy with a Spear through the ropes followed right after with a Chuck springboard moonsault. FIST work over Percy for a bit, including my favorite part about Gargano being in fist. He and Chuck would do an Irish whip and then elbow their opponent down rather blandly. But with their opponent down, there’s nothing to stop them from cutting a rug.

Followed right after with some stomps. Icarus holds Percy up with a Romero Special and Chuck jumps in with an Ace Crusher off the hold. Icarus removes his jacket, revealing his terrible tattoo and getting a negative response from the fans. He attacks Tama on the apron, backs away from the looming Kabel and it distracts him so that Percy can get him with a neckbreaker. Kabel tags in and shoulderblocks all of FIST one at a time. He chokes both Chuck and Gargano, but they kick him off. Still, he’s able to hold Icarus up on his shoulders so that he and Percy can do the Doomsday Device. Tama does a splash off the top, but it doesn’t get the pin. As Team Australia have the advantage, Tama jumps off the second rope for a dropkick and Chuck pulls Percy in the way before throwing Tama out of there. FIST completely tear into the wrestling nerd. They do their triple corner dropkicks spot with an added follow-up where Icarus and Gargano run off the aprons and Cannonball the other two opponents. Chuck hits Sole Food, Gargano picks him up in a wheelbarrow position, Chuck uses that assist for a DDT, Icarus uses the same assist for a Pedigree, Gargano pulls him up with a full nelson and then drops him on his face. And pin.

Damn, that was overkill.

Match 3
King of Trios Round 1
Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Tim Donst, Jakob Hammermeier and Delirious) vs. Da Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz, Marshe Rockett and Willie Richardson)

Tim Donst gives an excellent promo about the C insignia on his tights. It doesn’t stand for confidence or cunningness – as those are already apparent when you look at him – but for captain. Since becoming a wrestler, Jakob has become a bit more optimistic and no longer the sneering jerk he was a year ago. He comes out smiling and announces the BDK… then races to the back so he and his partners can walk out together. Tursas is with them, holding Delirious’ chain leash. When Da Soul Touchaz are making their entrance, we see Willie walk around the ring, high-fiving fans. Then when he comes across Tursas standing silently, he turns around and quietly goes in the other direction. Also, the fans chant, “MAX BOYER!” at Donst as he recently challenged the former Young Lions Cup holder in a match that Boyer won in four seconds thanks to Hallowicked’s interference.

Jakob begs Donst to let him start the match, but Donst refuses because he’s the captain. He sees Willie’s in the ring and decides to tag in Jakob after all. Jakob confidently get in his face and Willie responds by twisting his nose. Delirious gets in there and starts chopping at the big man. Willie no-sells it, the two start screaming at each other and it appears that Delirious MAY be reciting the lyrics to “Soulja Boy”, which alarms commentator Eddie Kingston, who thinks Delirious may be referring to a black man to his face as “boy”. Willie chops him back and surprises everyone with his mobility by performing a leapfrog and a sweet dropkick. Marshe comes in to keep on him, but Jakob runs in and rakes him in the back. That gives Delirious the opening to jump him. Marshe is pulled into the corner, where Donst gives him a Purple Nurple. Jakob sets up for what looks like some kind of Outsider’s Edge move, but he gets flipped over, eats a couple punches from the other Soul Touchaz and walks right into a boot.

Acid Jaz takes apart Donst with some fast punches and legdrops, but soon falls victim to some double teaming from Donst and Delirious, including a spiked Flapjack. Donst does his own version of the Three Amigos, only with gutwrench suplexes. He holds Acid in the corner, covers his own hand in armpit sweat and then slaps him in the chest. Acid gets pissed and fights back, only to run into the corner. Donst picks him up for a powerbomb and gets powdered cocoa spit into his face via the Swiss Mist. With Donst blind, Willie takes his partner’s place and messes with his enemy. Donst tries to suplex him, thinking it’s Acid, and can’t understand why he can’t lift him up. Willie picks Donst up for a lengthy suplex and when he’s done with that, grabs Jakob and brings him in for a beating. Jakob is thrown by Acid and Marshe into Willie, who gives him a second-rope spinebuster. Yowch.

Donst breaks the pin. Marshe dives down onto Delirious to take him out of the equation. Donst picks up a chair and the referee gets in his face, telling him to put it down. As this is going on, Tursas enters the ring. Acid pounds on him to no effect and gets crushed by a gigantic crossbody. Tursas drapes Jakob over Acid’s corpse and lets him get the pin. As the victorious Delirious walks off to the back, the Spectral Envoy show up to reach out to him. He becomes drunkenly infatuated with Hallowicked’s mask stem as if he recognizes it, but before anything can happen, the BDK attack the Envoy. Delirious runs off to the back in a panic.

Match 4
King of Trios Round 1
The Spanish Announce Team (Amazing Red, Joel Maximo and Wil Maximo) vs. Team Quackenbush (Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw and Manami Toyota)

Jigsaw starts off against Joel with some quick grappling that leads into some hard kicks back and forth. Jigsaw sends Joel out of the ring with a kick and then topes him into a DDT. Quack and Red go at it, also quickly. Red gets tied up in the ropes, Toyota tags in and runs right into him from behind. She takes apart Wil and lands two solid Missile Dropkicks. She and Quack hit him with two palm strikes in the corner, Jigsaw Irish whips him and Wil slides out, meaning he’s made his tag. Red hits Jigsaw with a top-rope crossbody and then a suplex, garnering him a, “RED!” chant. The SAT work Jigsaw over. After Red hits a rather nice lariat for a man his size, Jigsaw is thrown into the corner. The SAT do a move similar to FIST’s triple dropkick, only Joel does an Avalanche during it. He sets Jigsaw up for a superplex and instead Jigsaw pushes him off and takes him out with a hurricanrana.

Quack is tagged in and runs Red down. Their fight takes to the apron and Quack DDTs him hard. He takes on Wil and palm strikes him, setting him up for a Toyota Missile Dropkick and a Jigsaw German suplex. Wil kicks out. Amazing Red always does a trademark spot where he misses a roundhouse kick and then hits a follow-up, only in this instance Quack is smart enough to duck both. Wil grabs Quack for a Monkey Flip and sends him into a Beach Break courtesy of Joel.

Toyota breaks the pin. She delivers a vertical suplex to Joel, Jigsaw does a stomp off the top, Quack does a Swanton and Toyota finishes it with a moonsault. Wil and Red break the pin. The SAT start doing some crazy triple team voodoo on Jigsaw that I can’t even begin to explain, ending in Wil doing a deadlift German suplex. The Maximos prop Jigsaw to the top rope for some attack, but Jigsaw fights them off and sends Wil to the outside. Toyota climbs to the top and splashes down onto Wil and Red. Joel sees Quack coming at him from behind and goes for a moonsault out of desperation. He misses and as Joel slowly gets back to his feet, Quack breaks out a Larry Sweeney-style strut. He brings in Joel for a neckbreaker into a DDT – Sweeney’s trademark ’68 Comeback Special – and Jigsaw stands on the top, pounding his chest and doing the 12 Large Elbow Drop. As the ref counts to three, Bryce on commentary screams, “WE LOVE YOU, SWEENEY!” Incredibly emotional post-match as the crowd chants, “SWEET AND SOUR!” while Quack asks the beaten opponents to get up and shake hands ASAP as he’s just barely holding it together and needs to get backstage.

Match 5
King of Trios Round 1
The Spectra Envoy (UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked and Frightmare) vs. Team Dragon Gate (Akira Tozawa, KAGETORA and Super Shisa)

Akira speaks some broken English in the backstage promo, yelling, “WE ARE DRAGON GATE!” and I don’t understand a word of his Japanese-speaking brethren. Akira plays to the fans by impressively standing on the top turnbuckle and the top of the post while getting him to chant for Dragon Gate. We start with Akira vs. Frightmare, where Frightmare outgrapples him, startles him with his scare taunt and then sends him out of there with a hurricanrana. UltraMantis faces KAGETORA and they go at it with a series of shoulder blocks. UltraMantis handily wins that exchange, so KAGETORA breaks out some armdrags and then dropkicks him out of the ring. Super Shisa and Hallowicked throwdown with lots of dodges and reversals until Shisa is knocked into the ropes, bounces back and dropkicks Hallowicked. UltraMantis and Frightmare rush him, but both end up being locked in an Abdominal Stretch.

Akira dropkicks the prone Frightmare. KAGETORA works on Frightmare’s knee for a bit and brings in Akira. Akira loses control for a second when he runs into Frightmare’s boot, but regains control when Frightmare leaps at him with a crossbody and Akira jumps up and catches him with his knees. Shisa comes in and in a moment where he may have Frightmare beat, the ref is distracted by UltraMantis on the apron. Despite a heelish move, his team still gets a, “LET’S GO, ENVOY!” chant. Frightmare saves himself when he’s picked up by Akira for a tilt-a-whirl and turns it into a DDT. Hallowicked tags in and teams up with his sidekick against Akira and KAGETORA. As both Japanese wrestlers are disposed from the ring, Frightmare adds an exclamation point by diving out onto them. Shisa steps in and gets picked up for the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow, shortly followed by a step-up knee to the face in the corner. Shisa gets his bearings for a second and does a top-rope Vader Bomb to Hallowicked, bounces the ropes and is caught for a Sky High.

KAGETORA breaks the pin and targets UltraMantis, going to town with a variety of nasty kicks. UltraMantis kicks out and makes a comeback by chopping down KAGETORA and planting him with the Cosmic Doom. KAGETORA kicks out. He sends KAGETORA into the corner and misses a rushdown attack, opening him up for a Shisa running elbow and a Yakuza Kick courtesy of Akira. Akira gives him a Backdrop Driver and UltraMantis kicks out. Akira springboards in for a diving headbutt, misses, tries another one, misses and then simply sentons onto him.

The Envoy regroup and go to work on him with a move where UltraMantis and Hallowicked hold Akira up, Frightmare hits him with a top-rope clothesline and then UltraMantis and Hallowicked roll him up for a double pin. The other Dragon Gate guys make the save. Frightmare goes to the top to do some sort of attack on Akira, but Shisa comes out of nowhere and hurricanranas him down. Akira does a plancha headbutt, KAGETORA delivers some kind of Death Valley Driver/piledriver hybrid and Frightmare surprisingly kicks out. Akira and KAGETORA work together and unleash a series of devastating strikes on Frightmare, Akira slams him with a German suplex and then he dives out onto UltraMantis and Hallowicked. With nobody to stop him, Shisu gets Frightmare with the Yoshi Tonic – the move he created – and pins him with no problem. Despite the popularity of the Envoy, the crowd is still completely into cheering for the victors.

Match 6
King of Trios Round 1
The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield, Sugar Dunkerton and Matt Classic) vs. Team Osaka Pro (Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada and Ultimate Spider Jr.)

The Throwbacks enter and Matt insists they join him for exercises. He gets annoyed at Sugar’s flamboyance and forces him to do twenty pushups on the spot. Afterwards, Sugar and Kotoge begin the match. Sugar keeps playing to the crowd instead of locking up until Matt yells, “WRESTLING!” at him and scares him straight. Their opening exchange is both brief and quick as Kotoge catches Sugar with one of his flying kicks. Sugar is amazed at his speed and challenges him to a race. Kotoge agrees to this and they set their marks on one side of the ring. Off they go, bouncing back and forth across the canvas. It starts out relatively even, but soon Kotoge laps him quite a bit and Sugar loses his breath. The crowd labels this, “RACE OF THE YEAR!” They shake hands and Sugar pulls him in for a headlock.

They go back to wrestling for just a sec until Sugar knocks him over with a shoulderblock. Bryce calls a foul and insists that Kotoge gets two free-throw shots. Sugar stands in the corner with his arms looped out and Matt steps in to show Kotoge how it’s done.

Kotoge throws the shot the regular way and gets the first basket in. On the second try, he bounces it off Sugar’s head, then superkicks him. Dasher and Spider step in and mix it up. At one point, Dasher dodges a dropkick and Spider gets up, upset. Rather than continue, he throws a hissy fit about how he really wants to hit somebody with a dropkick. That’s when he breaks out his special ability of invisible webbing. He webs Dasher and pulls him in. Sugar runs to the rescue and he too gets webbed up. The two are pulled into each other, not unlike that special attack from Maximum Carnage for SNES.

He tries the same thing on Matt, but no go. Not because Matt won’t play along, but because he’s so huge. Matt ends up grabbing the mimed strand and drags Spider in for a bearhug. He throws him out of there and catches an incoming Harada with another bearhug before shifting it into a claw hold. Harada challenges him to a contest of shoulderblocks and loses, again, because Matt is pretty massive. As he crushes him in the corner with his posterior, Matt is alarmed when Sugar runs in, pulls him away and then whips him into Harada. Harada moves out of the way and dazes both Matt and Sugar in the corner. Then he steals a page out of Dasher’s book by running the corners of the ring and sliding into their faces. Dasher storms in there, furious at Harada for ripping him off. He begins to outmaneuver Harada and soon their partners Sugar and Kotoge step in. Kotoge and Harada are a better oiled machine than the main duo of the Throwbacks and easily outclass them with rapid offense. They high five, Spider steps in for a high five that neither see and he feels dejected.

Matt challenges the Kotoge/Harada tag team and is able to vertical suplex them both at the same time. Spider catches him with a Missile Dropkick, but Dasher and Sugar avenge Matt by delivering an assisted Flatliner to Spider. Harada and Kotoge go back into the two-on-two battle from before and still come out on top. They clear the ring and Kotoge dives out onto everyone but Matt. Matt decides to join in on this by climbing to the top rope. Then he thinks better of it and climbs down until he’s just on the apron. By this point, everyone’s run off except Spider, who is screaming in fear at an attack he could easily evade.

The other four get in the ring and stand in a circle, chopping at the guy on the right. Sugar ends up clotheslining Kotoge and Harada, then delivers a running kick to Kotoge’s face called Kiss My Converse. After a piledriver, Harada breaks the pin to save his partner. He catches Sugar in his hiptoss-into-knee-to-face move and Dasher breaks the pin. Dasher picks him up and slams him with the Suicide Squeeze, but this time it’s Spider making the save. Dasher makes a run at him and tumbles out after the top rope is pulled down. We’re left with big Matt vs. little Spider and Matt absolutely manhandles him. He climbs to the second rope, then steps down to the bottom rope and goes for a splash. Spider moves out of the way and rolls him up for the pin.

Matt is disgruntled and walks to the back while Dasher and Sugar offer to help Spider up. He refuses their help and stands up by webbing the ceiling and pulling himself up. Harada walks over and “cuts” the webbing with his fingers, making Ultimate Spider Jr. fall back to the mat.

Match 7
King of Trios Round 1
The Dark Army (Sinn Bodhi, Kodama and Obariyon) vs. the Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and Green Ant)

The Dark Army has third Batiri member, the masked goblin Kobald, in their corner. The Colony walk in with a bag of sugar given to them by a fan. As Wink Vavasseur forces Green Ant to wear a protective pad over his metallic arm, Sinn Bodhi steals the sugar and spits into it. BDK referee Derek Sabato is the official for this match and looks far from thrilled. Then again, he never does look thrilled. Maybe that’s why everybody hates him.

Soldier and Obariyon start things off. Soldier maneuvers out of a hold and salutes the demon, only adding to his rage. They get a rather lengthy and good introductory mix-up here instead of the usual twenty seconds of action and then a tag. Fire and Kodama are next and in this instance, Fire easily wins out. Green joins in for some double team work, but Kodama suckerpunches him and brings his leader Bodhi in. Bodhi grabs Green by the throat and gets clipped from behind by Soldier. He prepares for a Black Hole Slam, but it’s reversed into a jawbreaker. Bodhi falls into the corner and the Colony make him pay with their triple running dropkick. The Batiri rush in to even the odds. Sabato has seemed impartial so far, but spends a little too long checking up on Bodhi, which allows Kobald to slide into the ring and Spear Green Ant. Green gets worked over by the Dark Army members.

In a funny instance, the usually mute Kodama tells Soldier and Fire that, “Your souls are going on Craigslist!” Ah, right. I forgot to mention something about the Batiri. They aren’t just trolls. They’re LITERAL INTERNET TROLLS. Kodama and Obariyon go back and forth with attacks on Green, but he continues to power out of any pin. Kodama sets him up in the corner for a Cannonball and misses. While Sabato is looking the other way, Kobald tries another Spear, but this time Green hops over it and makes the tag. Fire and Soldier take on the opposition together and fool Bodhi into clotheslining Kodama and Obariyon at the same time. The Dark Army move to the outside, where Fire Ant is propelled out onto them with the Antapult.

Kodama gets back in the ring and takes down Green Ant. He climbs to the top and performs a split-legged moonsault, but only lands on Green’s knees. Green puts him in the Cloverleaf and although Kodama taps, Sabato chooses this time to tie his shoes, meaning he doesn’t see it. Obariyon has ample time to save his partner. Green rushes Obariyon in the corner, Obariyon leapfrogs back and catches him with a Backstabber. Green is able to tag in Fire, who takes Obariyon apart. He sets up the Beach Break, Obariyon reverses it into a Sunset Flip, puts both legs on the rope and Fire kicks out. Fire kicks Obariyon in the head, then topes out into Bodhi. Soldier comes in and fights with Obariyon, eventually maneuvering him into a TKO. Obariyon kicks out.

A top-rope TKO attempt is prevented when Soldier is shoved to the mat. Obariyon jumps off the top, gets caught by the legs and the other Colony members use this opportunity to put him away with the Ant Hill. The Colony win and make sure that Sabato lifts their arms up in victory.

Such a great, cathartic follow-up to last year’s ending.

Match 8
King of Trios Round 1
Team Minnesota (Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin and the 1-2-3 Kid) vs. Team Michinoku Pro (Dick Togo, Great Sasuke and Jinsei Shinzaki)

Both teams shake hands, but Kid and Shinzaki go into an almost trancelike staredown. The fans are already chanting, “THIS IS AWESOME!” but when we find out that Kid vs. Shinzaki is the first pairing, the chant becomes, “1995!” The Kid gets a microphone and tells the fans that this is what it’s all about. He brings up his clean-shaven look and apologizes for how he wasn’t going to be growing the mullet back under any circumstances. Turns out we aren’t treated to Kid vs. Shinzaki just yet as we instead get Arik vs. Togo. Hell, I’ll take it! The two go through a bunch of armbars and hammerlock reversals, do some nearfalls and then get up for a standoff. Corbin and Sasuke are tagged in and Corbin is geeking out so hard. Sasuke rushes for Corbin, Corbin goes for an armdrag and all of the sudden… SLOW MOTION!

Really, to see someone like Corbin and Jimmy Olsen do this is one thing, but to have a bona fide legend like Sasuke get into it is something else entirely. They slowly go through armdrags, hiptoss reversals and pin attempts before a standoff and afterwards a, “CHIKARA!” chant breaks out. They shake hands and Corbin tags out to the Kid. Kid insists on facing Shinzaki, but Togo comes in instead. A brief mix-up leads to a Togo hurricanrana and Shinzaki is finally brought in to reprise their old Summerslam 1995 matchup. Kid endures some damage from Shinzaki until armdragging him and breaking out the oldschool pose.

Oof. Wave of nostalgia just washed over me. The crowd too, according to the, “YOU STILL GOT IT!” chant.

Shinzaki refuses a handshake and takes Kid apart, even pulling off his trademark of walking across the ropes before jumping off and chopping down. Unlike Undertaker, Shinzaki gets 1/4 of the entire ring before stopping. The Kid rolls out, where Shinzaki’s partners meet him. They pick him up and shove him into the corner post crotch-first. He’s rolled back in, where Shinzaki breaks out the Bronco Buster to add crotch-based insult to crotch-based injury. They take turns wailing on him until he’s able to catch Togo and Sasuke off-guard with a jumping double clothesline. Corbin is tagged in and is immediately taken down by a punch from Sasuke. He too ends up in peril for a spell, though at least the Michinoku Pro team breaks out some sweet high-flying offense to make it interesting.

As Togo and Sasuke team up on him, Corbin is able to kick Togo away and drop Sasuke with the Shiranui. Arik is tagged in and takes apart Sasuke. Kid gets tagged in, does a crotch chop to signal for the Bronco Buster – a gesture he immediately realizes isn’t family friendly and apologizes – and proceeds to miss the move. It’s no big deal, as Corbin runs across the apron and clotheslines Sasuke back down anyway. Sasuke is worked on by the Minnesota trio until he’s able to catch Corbin with a roundhouse kick. Shinzaki is tagged and he takes apart the opposition with his calculated high-flying offense. Once they’re all taken down, he brings in Togo. Arik and Togo chop back and forth really, really hard. This turns into a war of punches and superkicks won out by Arik, as he brings in Togo for a brainbuster. Sasuke breaks the pin and Corbin steps back in.

Sasuke decides to grab a chair and bring it in, causing Bryce to freak out at him with threats of disqualification. Corbin attacks him and the two again battle in slow motion. They have their own little back-and-forth of forearms, only at a snail’s pace. Sasuke wins out and sets the chair up so that Corbin is sitting on it. He slowly climbs up to the top as one of Corbin’s partners screams, “CORBIN! QUIT SCREWIN’ AROUND!” He does just this as right at the last second, he moves away and Sasuke Swantons into the chair.

The ring clears soon after and the Kid jumps off the top rope and onto everyone on the outside with a Cannonball. He brings Sasuke back in, jumps off the top for a senton and misses his mark. Sasuke rolls him up, but he kicks out. He throws him across the ropes and ducks down for a backdrop. Just the opening needed for an X-Factor. Shinzaki breaks the pin. Togo is faced with Arik and Corbin and has little trouble in defeating them both singlehandedly. After some confusion and distraction, Togo jumps off the ropes and gets caught with an Ace Crusher from Corbin. The ring fills back up and Togo plants Corbin with a Pedigree. He climbs to the top, jumps extremely high up and lands with a senton. That gets him the pin and the crowd stands up to applaud this rad main event. “THANK YOU ALL!”

Kid gets the microphone and talks up how much the three members of Michinoku Pro mean to him on a personal level. The six guys embrace, hold their hands up and all that mushy stuff before leaving the 1-2-3 Kid in the ring alone to soak up the crowd’s ovation.

But his story isn’t done quite yet.

King of Trios Retrospective: Contents Page!

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