John Rozum & Frazer Irving’s Xombi

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I’ve given DC a lot of crap over Milestone over the past however many months it’s been since they announced the acquisition and started rolling out content. The JLA stuff wasn’t working for me thanks to Ed Benes’s art, the one-shots in The Brave & The Bold were pretty uneven, and the trade schedule went from reasonable to “none.”

But, y’know, there was some news regarding Milestone this past week that was super, super dope. From the DC’s Source blog:

Creator and writer John Rozum returns to the fan-favorite title to continue the story of David, and to give the DCU a new corner of urban horror to explore. Right from the start, John’s throwing David in over his head, giving new readers and old friends alike the chance to dive into a new story and hold on for the ride. Joining him will be the excellent star artist Frazer Irvingon all visual duties to create a world few have seen and fewer still dare to dwell.

I don’t remember reading Xombi as a kid. I’m sure I did at some point, but in rereading it earlier this year, I realized that it wasn’t the type of comic I’d have wanted as a kid. It was a mix of sci-fi and urban fantasy, but clearly written for adults. Not in a mature readers sense, exactly, but written for adults in terms of approach. I like it. I’m looking forward to more and (hopefully) a fat TPB of the first year or so.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with this creative team. John Rozum was the original creator of the series, and Frazer Irving is hot off a stellar turn on Batman & Robin. Irving is perfectly suited to the tone of Xombi, and I’m having trouble thinking of people who do creepy better than he does. Probably Richard Corben, but even then, Corben’s creepy is different than Irving’s creepy. That sickly looking color scheme Irving likes, with the purples and pinks? That’s perfect.

So, DC Comics: Bravo. I’m looking forward to this one.

Check out Frazer Irving’s blog and John Rozum’s, too.

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5 comments to “John Rozum & Frazer Irving’s Xombi”

  1. OH MY GOD



  2. I think there also doing a static ongoing with felicia henderson, who wrote teen titans before krull came along.

  3. i never read the old Xombi but i hope this new book is sweet. i’m still waiting for them to bring Blood Syndicate back! 🙁

  4. @ross:

    If Blood Syndicate was brought back to the DCU, where would they go? They’re nowhere near sunshiny enough to fit in with the JLA or JSA, the Outsiders and Secret Six have already taken up the major “morally ambiguous superhero team” slots and I’m pretty sure that the only thing that would distract any of the major superteams from preventing an alliance with any of the “younger”/newer teams (Titans, BOP) would be another invasion from Apokolips. Then again, considering the “quirks” and character flaws of the team members themselves…

    Wise Son: racist, misogynist
    Tech-9: sociopath (heroic, but still), dead
    Fade: on the DL, spacecase, coward
    Flashback: drug addict, mentally unsound, “bitch”
    DMZ: alien(?),conscriptee(?), cypher
    Third Rail: bigot, STS, flat-leaver
    Brickhouse: epileptic, mentally disabled/insane, “inhuman”
    Masquerade: sociopath, transgender, traitor,
    Kwai: incongruent timeline existence failure waiting to happen, thrall
    Aguamaria: illiterate, “inhuman”
    Oro: reject, spy,
    Boogieman: ‘herb’, ‘wigger’, ‘chump’, liar
    Dogg: Talking. Dog. With. Anger. Management. Issues. Also. A. Raging. Asshole.

    If Dc could do “subtle”, a ongoing/back-up feature for them would be wonderful. Unfortunately, DC doesn’t do “subtle” and most of their writers are shit.

    1. Half of the team is Hispanic (DR or Puerto Rican). Look for any comic book featuring The Blood Syndicate to involve gratuitous amounts of Spanish/Spanglish.

    2. Character derailment. Given DC’s current cultural climate, Boogieman (the lethal joke character) becomes leader (because Wise Son “won’t sell”)

    New Blood Syndicate characterization

    Wise Son: Chris Rock with super-strength/invulnerability. Watch out for frequent use of the word “cracker”.
    Fade: Flamboyantly gay, possible multi-culti BF for Obsidian, Terry berg or any other white gay male in the DCU.
    Tech-9: Still dead, but relationship with Fade is known and tolerated (WTF?) Will be mentioned as “rolling over in his grave” after Fade starts dating token white, gay male DCU character.
    Flashback: Token “hot chick” (because Brickhouse and Aguamaria aren’t human and Kwai is like, part fox or something…). No more drug addiction/triumph over aforementioned addiction. Less trauma/stress/angst, more “Dios Mio, mis tetas!” (flop)
    DMZ: Alternate-reality Martian Manhunter. Calling it now.
    Brickhouse: Name change to “Miss Thang” (get it?) Less angst, even more “wardrobe malfunctions”
    Third Rail: Unapologetic nerd, a la almost every Asian character in DC. If Kwai appears in continuity, any prior mentions of Korean/Chinese animosity will disappear because “all Asians love each other/all Asians are teaming up to overthrow us” (depending on writer.)
    Kwai: Silly cute monster girl, reincarnation is for boys (Resurrection Man, Multi-Man, Manfred Mota). She’s staying around forever, becoming their personal (albeit secondary) deus ex machina and “furry” bait/demographic draw.
    AguaMaria: (Note Static Shock name change) Speaks fluent English (or Spanglish if going for a more “urban” tone). Unable to change back to human form (unlike original incarnation, who chose to remain as water, so that Flashback enjoys “token human chick” status.)
    Boogieman: New leader, possibly acting as Badass Abnormal (due to having suckier powers than everyone else.) May become a full-blown “wigger” or revert to suburban snob, never will be portrayed as being adult enough to know how to code-switch.
    Masquerade: Same as before, because her/his original story is “edgy” enough.
    Oro: Will be portrayed as even “prettier” than before (bishonen as fuck, if you catch my drift.) Will be reduced to unattainable love/lust object for Fade (as he’ll still be straight.) Most likely to leave group and try to go “legitimate” (a la JLA or JSA, because “he was a cop, amirite?”), to the point of parody (his catch phrase: “I’ll bet I’d get more respect flying beside Superman and Wonder Woman!”)
    Dogg: First character to sacrifice himself in the new continuity. Assholery/know it all status reduced to generic snark. Most likely to be portrayed as a drunk (for some reason, I’m thinking that he’s going to really love daquiris.) If written “urban”, will receive at least one, “Do you do it human style or ‘you’-style?”, joke per issue/story arc.

    😡 :argh:

  5. I dont know who Xombi is, but if it means regular Frasier Irving comics then Im all for it