This Week in Panels: Week 64

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Fairly small week, though thankfully with help from Was Taters to bulk it up slightly. It’s definitely a good thing as it introduces me to Thor’s amazing facial expression.

The Wolverine story in this week’s What If is pretty dire. Just saying.

Batgirl 16
Bryan Q. Miller and Dustin Nguyen

Booster Gold #39
Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Chris Batista

Chaos War: Ares
Michael Avon Oeming, Stephen Segovia and Ivan Rodriguez

Detective Comics Annual #12
David Hine, Agustin Padilla and various others

Flash #7
Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins

Incredible Hulks #618
Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier, Jeff Parker and Yacine Elghorri

Justice League: Generation Lost #15
Judd Winick and Joe Bennett

Knight & Squire #3
Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton

New Avengers #7
Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #7
Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee

Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave #6
Gail Simone and Horacio Domingues

What If: Wolverine: Father
Rob Williams and Greg Tocchini

What If the Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool Part 2 (Backup)
Rick Remender and Shawn Moll

I never want that backup story to end. I love it like it was my son. It included one of my new favorite comic quotes, “What? We made an OATH! We swore to keep it real!

Also, Booster sure is yelling at people a lot this week.

Working retail during the holidays has killed my free time that I’d usually use for watching holiday specials and other traditions. My only choice now is to mix and match to save time.

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15 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 64”

  1. Personally, I think Wolverine’s real problem is that he had a son. He does so well when he’s called upon to be a father figure for X-Girls, but the moment he’s called upon to be a father to guy, it all goes straight down the tubes.

    Clearly, the problem is in the Y chromosome.

  2. “Knight and Squire” is amazing. I love that not only was Shakespeare right about Richard III being a jerk, he was also right about Richard III speaking in iambic pentameter, rhyming couplets, and soliloquies.

  3. As a fan of both Dr. Who and really bad puns, I have to give Cornell much love for the Cidermen cameo in Knight andSquire.

  4. Is New Avengers saying Wolverine and Squirrel Girl had a relationship in the past? That’s how I keep reading it, but then my brain says “No, that’s crazy talk”, so I don’t know.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if they did. Logan always seems to have another girlfriend popping up. At this point, if it turned out that like Dr. Doom, Logan goes back in time to sleep with Morgana Le Fay, it’d seem par for the course.

  5. Opening scene, Anne Marie Hoag of Damage Control implied she and Luke Cage were in a relationship and had no problem hitting on Cage in the presence of his wife and daughter. Because in Bendis’s world all women who achieve a position of authority are automatically catty shrews. Jesus.

  6. Who are the others?

  7. @Space Jawa: That brings up a question I’ve asked for a long time. How is it that Logan doesn’t have more kids? Marvel’s telling me that in 150-or-so years of fucking various different women, he only sired one kid? I find it hard to believe that he’s not very fertile, given his healing factor and animalistic qualities, and even harder to believe that he would practice safe sex. What the fuck does he care? He’s the goddamned Wolverine, he doesn’t need protection!

    @CalvinPitt: I also find it mildly disturbing that Wolverine and Squirrel Girl may have done the grown-up in the past, but I really don’t find it surprising. Again, how does he not have more kids?

  8. Safe sex for Wolverine is that 90% of the women he gets with are murdered by Sabretooth.

  9. I think they should do a comic called “Wolverine fathers the whole Marvel Universe” where it’s revealed that all the major Marvel characters are descended from him.

    Incidentally, I mistook the 90s parody character that Deadpool’s arguing with in that “What if” for Johnny Blaze from era.

  10. @Gavok: Victoria Hand and Maria Hill. Who would have been fired or imprisoned over their many fuckups in any sane scenario.

  11. History: (Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure) – Wolverine arrived in the Savage Land, on the trail of whoever was behind an assassination attempt on him. While flying over the area, he lost his lighter, and the Tribe of Fire claimed it as a gift from the gods. Later, Wolverine arrived in their home area and reclaimed his lighter. Startled by this being, the Tribe sought to see if he was a god or demon, and their leader, Gahck, challenged him in combat. Originally clad in an outfit that hid her female form, Gahck gave Logan a tough fight, but he managed to defeat her.

    Gahck was removed as leader of the tribe, and as such, offered herself to Logan (the new leader) and revealed herself to be female. Though she didn’t understand his tales of why he was there, she bedded with him. Over the next few weeks, Logan continued to live with the Tribe of Fire, and proved himself by killing a dinosaur bare-handed. The Tribe then fulfilled his rituals, with Gahck applying warpaint to his body.

    When Falke’s son Chakel was feared dead after an attack by the Honker of Doom (a giant creature that had long terrorized the clan), Logan tracked and destroyed the monster, learning it was a cyborg. Gahck followed him to a lair that turned out to be one of Apocalypse’s.

    There, a rogue robot of Apocalypse’s captured the two of them. However, Wolverine broke free and ordered Gahck to take a rescued Chakel with her, after which Wolverine destroyed the robot.

    After that, Wolverine used the lighter (which, as it was a gift from Nick Fury, doubled as a bomb) to blow up the secret compound and flew out of the Savage Land. Unbeknownst to him, sometime after he left, Gahck gave birth to their child.

  12. @Versasovantare: Weird, I was just thinking: How long till Marvel reveals Logan is Peter Parker’s father and/or grandfather? Has Aunt May wondered where she’s seen him before yet?

  13. @JTabon: Roger Stern already revealed that Richard and Mary Parker worked with Logan in the past, so you never know!

  14. @Dan Coyle: Okay, then…

    1) I wouldn’t exactly call Victoria Hand a catty shrew. Besides, any time she shows attitude it’s warranted because she’s either working for a group of crazy murderers or a group of people who openly hate her for working with a group of crazy murderers. Hill is only really bitchy in the early days and that’s for the sake of being an antagonist who develops a working relationship with the heroes (especially Iron Man). If anything, it was all worth it for the “YOU WERE ON MY SIDE!” scene from Invincible Iron Man.

    2) Any authority figure who isn’t Steve Rogers has their jerk moments under Bendis and even Rogers has a couple tics that might qualify. I don’t see how this is a misogyny thing. Wait, was Skrull Queen Spider-Woman a catty shrew?

    3) Hand did get fired and imprisoned for being involved with Osborn. Then Rogers got her pardoned and rehired her because she was the one sane part of that operation. Hill got demoted and kept on the payroll for the sake of humiliation and later got fired anyway. I don’t see what she’s done that makes her deserving of jail time.

  15. Actually, there’s a throwaway line the latest issue of Wolverine (The Wolverine in Hell story) where Wolverine says he’s been shown all the children he was never there for. He mentions Daken and several that he never knew existed.