This Week in Panels: Week 59

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Welcome to another great week of ThWiP! Lot of fun comic stuff this week. Bruce Wayne made a major announcement that’s going to shake up the DC status quo. Frank Castle met up with a woman whose unmasking is likely to piss off SO MANY hardcore Punisher fans, more so than the Frankenstein fiasco. And panel contributor Was Taters believes the Red Hood image shows that it’s only a matter of time before some crap writer tries to retcon Damian Wayne’s heritage even further.

Amazing Spider-Man #647
Fred Van Lente, Max Fiumara and Various

Avengers Academy #6
Christos Gage and Mike McKone

Batman and Robin #16
Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart, Chris Burnham and Frazer Irving

Batman/Catwoman: Follow the Money
Howard Chaykin

Boys #48
Garth Ennis and Russ Braun

Bullseye: Perfect Game #1
Charlie Huston and Shawn Martinbrough

Chaos War #3
Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Khoi Pham

Doom Patrol #16
Brian Keene, Keith Giffen

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #6
Jim McCann and David Lopez

I, Zombie #7
Chris Roberson and Michael Allred

Invincible #75
Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

Iron Man/Thor #1
Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Scot Eaton

Irredeemable #19
Mark Waid and Peter Krause

Namor: The First Mutant #3
Stuart Moore, Ariel Olivetti and Fernando Blanco

Ozma of Oz #1
Eric Shanower and Skottie Young

Punisher: In The Blood #1
Rick Remender and Roland Boschi

Red Hood: The Lost Days #6
Judd Winick and Jeremy Haun

Secret Six #27
Gail Simone and J. Calafiore

Strange Tales II #2
Jeffrey Brown and many others

Superboy #1
Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo

Taskmaster #3
Fred Van Lente and Jefte Palo

Young Allies #6
Sean McKeever and David Baldeon

Yeah, I had to use that panel. Those eyes, man… Those eyes. It’s a depressing final issue, not by design, but because McKeever had to pack it in so early. #5 ended with, “Hey, we should start a team!” “NO!” because he wanted the following issues to build up to the characters actually becoming a team outside of one random adventure. Then thanks to the cancellation, #6 becomes, “I still think we should start a team!” “STILL NO!” THE END.

Taskmaster is my personal pick of the week, even as much as I enjoyed Batman & Robin. I really want to see Van Lente take this concept into an on-going.

Got a big series of articles coming this week for the wrestling fans. Check in starting on Thursday. In the meantime, here’s a preview.

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11 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 59”

  1. I love the baby octopus, very cute !

  2. Boy, Conner Kent has some serious potty mouth in that Boys panel. But where’s the ‘S’ on his chest?

  3. Great stuff. I enjoy this every week. Thanks for that.

    Baby Oc.

    Who’d have thought this character would have such story potential? I haven’t read this series but I remain interested.

    Chaos War.
    I am very interested in what the hierarchy or relative power levels of higher beings like Galactus, Olympians, Asgardian gods, Asgardian regular citizens, Eternals, terrestrial super powered beings, etc. If this series even hints at that, I am tempted.

    Incredible events in this issue. The next scene was awesome. Too bad the “doubled sized” issue was double priced, but packed with Science Dog and Tech Jacket tales. I don’t want to pay more for that.

    This “first mutant” claim to fame bugs me for multiple reasons. One is that Apocalypse had that label before and he is hell a older than Namor.

    Red Hood.
    Same as Bullseye. Great mini. Great animated thingee.

    Secret identity? What secret identity?

  4. I was surprised by this new Invincible, mostly that I was shocked that I actually cared about what happened with Oliver. I DESPISED this guy just a couple dozen issues back. Guess he grew on me more than I thought ;_;

  5. Baby Ock is beyond adorable.

  6. Must… resist… comic nerddom…

    Fuck it: Baby Ock was almost worth the trouble of BND (ahem, where’s Little Normie?)

    The power level order was essentially correct (abstracts/cosmic beings, Asgardians, Olympians, Eternals, planet-bound superhumans, Asgardian citizens), I still have my “Odin smacks the shit out of Thanos without ruining his armor” issue.

    Namor as “the first mutant” doesn’t really bother me, at least in consideration of the fact that the MU’s really old mutants usually possess godlike/cosmic-level power (Poccy, Selene, the various Ferons, etc…)

  7. “Odin smacks the shit out of Thanos without ruining his armor”

    I can’t believe this existed and my geek radar didn’t begin tracking it, immediately.

  8. according to McKeever’s little letter at the end he wasn’t actually going to have them as a “team” team. Which means I think it’s be pretty forced to get them all together outside of Nomad, Spider-girl and Toro who’d already worked together.

  9. Man, what sort of sadistic scumbag gives their kid Doctor Octopus’s hairstyle?

  10. @versasovantare: The kind whose dad gave him Norman Osborn’s?

  11. @Evil Abraham Lincoln – The “Honor Thy Father” story in ASM alludes to the fact that Harry has been a lousy dad to Normie, but he doesn’t want to make the same mistake with Stanley. Normie is still with Liz.