Ultimatum Edit Week 5: Day Five

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Yesterday, Jean Grey forced Magneto to see Nick Fury’s memories, which caused Magneto to repent all of his wrongdoing. Then Cyclops acted like a total hero by exploding the head of an old man who was no longer a threat. Good going, guy.

In the actual comic, Fury really showed Magneto how mutants were man-made in a laboratory, as part of Ultimate Origins. I’m still not totally sure why this caused Magneto to change his ways completely. Magneto’s war stopped being humans vs. mutants a while ago, what with him not only killing mutants by the score, but the fact that he was killing his own underlings for the hell of it. And yet this little snippet of information puts him into, “What have I done?!” mode.

Let us move forward.

I blame ManiacClown for that Burma Shave gag and the Wonder Pets thing. Give the guy a break on the latter one. He’s a father. It’s his business to watch that show.

We’ll continue with the X-Men insanity tomorrow, plus a little trip to Latveria.

Day Six!
Day Seven!

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18 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 5: Day Five”

  1. Hey now, the first year or two of Mutant X was actually pretty fun!

  2. I wish some writer with at least a little experience in Biology would break it to the X-Universe that Mutants can’t technically be defined as a Species. They differ genetically from humans, but in wildly different ways; they differ morphologically and physiologically, again in wildly different ways; they can interbreed with each other, but also with humans.

    At best, they are a genetically distinct race or sub-culture of humanity.

  3. @Stig

    They’ve been written as a subspecies for a long time. It was always the “better than humans” crew that insisted that they were a unique species. It’s also canon that the X-gene is a specific gene that somehow manages to manifest in wildly different ways. It’s best not to apply real science to mutants, anyway, and even worse to apply it to Loeb’s works.

  4. Stig,

    these creators think that “sapiens” is a plural. Don’t go breakin’ your heart.

    (Cyclops’ brains are cracking me up. Secret Power: DONUTHEAD)


  5. So there’s no reset button at all? Damn, Marvel sucks.

  6. It’s sobering to realize you’ve read/owned a solid half of the “bad comics worse than Ultimatum”. Then I realize that I did that without ever paying for Ult3/Ultimatum itself and I feel all fuzzy inside.

    (ps: yeah terror titans is still better than this shit)

  7. Hey, “Superman: At World’s End” is an incredible wonderful piece of shit. It goes so far past bad that it comes back as friggin’ incredible. It has Hitler, a gun that puts *any* of Cable’s to shame, and Superman has the most awesome Old-Testament beard ever. Best. Schlock. Ever.

    Oh, and although I don’t think it was great, I wouldn’t have said that Mutant X was all that bad either. It was a entertaining but middling concept that laid the groundwork for Exiles, which started off great but eventually became much much much much much worse.

  8. I AM A MAN

  9. Somebody please tell me I’m not the only one who actually gets the Burma-Shave gag. Fun fact: We were going to put Twinkie the Kid on one of the crowd’s signs, but two things happened. First, I think the Burma-Shave signs crowded that joke out. Second, we both just plum forgot, apparently.

  10. @ManiacClown: They released the MAD hardback collections some time ago. I read ‘Starchie!’ just yesterday, by sheer coincidence.

  11. HAHAHA oh my god, the Burma Shave ad. Delightful.

  12. Not just Hitler, liquidben.

    HitlerS, plural! 2 of them.

    That’s 100% more Hitlers than most works featuring Hitlers, but less than the main Marvel U or the Boys from Brazil.

  13. …A Billy Ray Cyrus comic? By MARVEL?! Do I want an explanation?

  14. @Dan Brown: Yes you do. Go read about it.

  15. Carnage unleashed worse then Ultimatum? That was so bad it was funny whereas Loeb Stuff has to be edited to stop the reader wanting to kill themselves, Ultimatum was just so bad it was bad, and at least most of that list was self contained shite whereas the ultimate U is now ruined.

    Excellent edits thanks for a good laugh.

  16. @Toby Stokes: You need better reading comprehension. Reread that page and try again.

  17. Wait, there was an elseworlds where Batman was Lobo? That sounds awesome.

  18. @NJJ: No, it was an Elseworlds where Joker hired Lobo to dress up as Batman. It wasn’t very good.