Ultimatum Edit Week 4: Day Six

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It was only yesterday when Nick Fury got Dr. Doom to explain his behind-the-scenes role in Ultimates 3 and how it led to what’s going on in Ultimatum. Then Wolverine and Kitty Pryde hung out because there’s nothing important going on anywhere at the moment.

Let’s finish with that scene, then take a trip to Magneto’s place for punch and pie.

In case you’re wondering what the hell Magneto and Sabretooth are talking about, here, knock yourself out. The very fact that this song exists boggles my mind to this day.

And you see that final Hawkeye panel? In the original, he says, “That’s gonna leave a mark.” NO IT WON’T. THAT IS SABRETOOTH.

Tomorrow, ManiacClown and I will close out yet another week. It leads to a legitimately badass final page, other than how Storm looks like some kind of alien cripple doing an interpretive dance. You’ll know it when you see it.

Day Seven!

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5 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 4: Day Six”

  1. I remember hearing a couple years ago that Bendis and Loeb got into a shouting match.

    I wondered why those two would argue.

    I wish I never knew the answer.

    I have all the Rulk issues and this is just freaking absurd.

  2. How about that. Even British people say it mag-neat-o. Though I was half expecting the Youtube video to be one’a them Falcon Punch anime videos.

    One last thing, I love your insane version of Hawkeye. He’s like a cross between Deadpool and the Mini-Marvel Hawkeye.

  3. I am not sure I understand their big battle plan…they fly in two metal plans at his big floating fortress? And he sees them coming? And still everybody gets on board?

  4. @HitTheTargets: Gavok and I were just talking a couple nights ago how we realized we were basically writing a Deadpool in Hawkeye. The difference is we took away some of the abject insanity and filled that hole with abject stupidity in its place.

    @Adam: Yeah, I know. I pointed this out myself, but I think part of the reason we don’t make fun of it too much is the fact that, really, what do you do with a flaw that glaring? There’s also the fact that Wolverine is also going after him, so I think it’s like having a friend who keeps getting blind drunk and going home with hambeasts. Sure, you try to stop him the first time or two, but eventually you realize it’s just not worth the effort anymore.

  5. I’m surprised no one mentioned Angel tasting like chicken.