Didn’t Start None (Won’t Be None)

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DC Comics is bringing back Milestone Comics this year, or rather the characters from it. They got a fairly high profile reintroduction in JLA, which is getting a hardcover in October, and there are a series of trades coming out soon collecting issues of the old series. I’m not exactly clear on whether or not they will be collecting the full runs, but the trades are coming. Static Shock has already been announced, for example. I’m a little skeptical about it collecting what’s basically the beginning and the end of the series, but you know what? Both are really good stories, so that’s fine.

No, my problem is this. I’m starting a new weekly series tomorrow morning, and I’m prepping posts ahead of time. I wanted to see what trades were coming out for Milestone, as I’m only going to be showing off stuff you can actually buy in a store or on Amazon, so I popped over to dccomics.com to see what trades where coming.


Milestone Media is a fairly well-regarded institution. Its comics are fondly remembered, they broke a ton of industry talent, created a few fascinating breakthroughs in coloring, and DC obviously thought well enough of them to bring them back into the fold after a lengthy absence.

I’m not exactly asking for dccomics.com/milestone, though that is a great idea and should probably happen. But, if you’re doing this big relaunch of a specific property, why can’t I use the search to see what’s coming? I ended up searching by series and found two Static trades (Trial By Fire is out of print and Rebirth of Cool comes out in June) and one trade of Icon, which is out of print.

Some kind of microsite or something pointing the way to what Milestone is, what’s coming, and what’s come before would be nice. Even just the word “Milestone” in the descriptions would work, so that I could find these series via search.

C’mon, DC Comics. This is easy. Even better, holler at this guy, jazz it up some, turn it into dccomics.com/milestone, and throw him a few hundred bucks. The work is already done.

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3 comments to “Didn’t Start None (Won’t Be None)”

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  2. It’s ridiculously past time for this feature. I gave up on DC’s and Marvel’s sites a very long time, ago. Navigation was too much trouble and the results were too little reward.

    Here’s hoping for a better Milestone implementation/integration than we’ve seen, so far.

  3. The problem is that both companies are decidedly terrible at keeping their catalogs online. Using the book search on Marvel’s site is a clusterfuck at best (I like the time I searched for “newuniversal” and it gave me about 7 X-Men issues instead), but then there are times when I’ll go to specific portals on DC’s site and it’ll have information that’s just blatantly wrong (if you tried finding Final Crisis release dates, you might know this one firsthand – hi, one-part Superman Beyond for months!)

    But yes. I’d love to be able to find out when the hell I can get my hands on those trades as well. It’d be nice if it was made more accessible with the information.