Reading Comics: Donner + Blitzen

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I’ve liked this bit from Milestone’s Heroes 04, by Chriscross, Matt Wayne, and Julia Lacquement for ages. I like Static, obviously, but Donner & Blitzen are a great duo. I love speedsters in general, but I like the idea of the brawler and the speedster on the team being involved even more. They had this playful, honest relationship that I enjoyed reading about as long as they lasted, and it was very cool that they were out lesbians without being portrayed in an ultra male gaze-y way at the same time.

Anyway, in this scene, Static is a huge nerd and Blitzen isn’t as smart as she thinks she is. I can’t even pick a favorite part. I love the banter between Static and Blitzen, the panel of her skipping across the water, and all the gross water flooding out of her mouth while she chastises Static.

Heroes was a good comic. Hit them back issue bins. It was just six issues, and they’re probably cheap now.

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7 comments to “Reading Comics: Donner + Blitzen”

  1. Yes. This was one of my favorite scenes from that series. I’ve still got this somewhere — I should dig it out and re-read this week…

  2. I’ll second what Scott said. And I love how Virgil has that whole “comics have betrayed me” look on his face when Blitzen went underwater.

  3. LOVED this. I’d be hard-pressed to name my favorite Milestone scene (so much good writing!), but this would certainly be top ten.

  4. haha, yeah, this is really good. gotta find this!!

  5. Heh.

    Virgil deconstructed a lot of comics tropes in that series. I also loved the “Stamp on the ground and create a shockwave”, scene with Donner.

  6. And I only just now noticed Blitzen’s answer to Virgil’s question of “Where’s your joir de vivre” was “at home, watching cartoons.” Man, I miss the Milestone books.

  7. Donner and Blitzen were always pretty cool

    DC should really tro tu use them somewhere, like stormwatch