Why Must DC Frustrate My Sense Of Order?

March 15th, 2009 by | Tags: ,

Why is the Faces of Evil series, which is a group of unconnected stories, share the same title, while the Battle For The Cowl series, which has a clear narrative running through it, be published under a bunch of different titles?

Gotham Gazette, Battle For The Cowl, Azrael, Commissioner Gordon, Oracle: The Cure – I’ll have to rifle through at least three of my longboxes to read it.

It’s enough to drive me to waiting for trades.

Oh, who am I kidding?  Like there’s a chance in hell that I’m not going to pick up a series about Barbara Gordon.

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5 comments to “Why Must DC Frustrate My Sense Of Order?”

  1. I’m not saying either company does it right, but would you rather ANY book that features a batcrew appearance carry the x-over title like how ANY book with a Osborn/Namor/Doom/Emma/Loki/Hood cameo has a Dark Reign logo ? I prefer the Marvel version since I can at least leaf through it to see how much Dark Reignage is in it for myself pretty easily.

    B4tC to me is one of the most uninteresting crossovers in years as it looks like it’s main function is going to be rehashing old Batman stories from the most miserable parts of the 90’s (Arkham done got blowned up, killer Batzzz w/guns, someone having to pick up the mantle). The first issue drove me nuts with Dick’s incessant complaining about how he can’t put on the costume, despite the fact that he’s done it before.

    It doesn’t seem dignified or in the nature of the character to be such a pansy-ass about putting on a different dress up suit in the face of a major disaster to save lives. It seems like a ridiculous amount of manipulation is required to make us think of any reason why anyone other than Dick would take over for Batman at this point. Why would you let someone who has been doing this (10 years, 5 years ? Whats the differce in age between Tim and Dick anyway ?) for far fewer years be Batman when we’ve been told for god knows how long that Dick is the natural choice.

    I was half expecting Dick to pull the Batsuit out of the display case and smell it because he misses Bruce’s scent halfway through the book. I dunno, I just think I’m sick of hearing Nightwing whine about shit.

  2. One more thing here ; When did Damien become a useless little kid who needed to be hauled out of everything like he was the Bat Team mascot ? Wasn’t he super competent in Morrison’s run where he was chopping peoples heads off and kicking Jason Todd around the batcave ? Is this s rewrite of the character or did I miss something ?

  3. Well, AlexC, I think they don’t want to repeat the story they had in Knightfall, so they can’t put Dick in the bat costume again, so they’re trying to edge him out. Unless he ends up being Batman in which case – I don’t know.

    Good point about the organizational stuff, though. I guess that’s one of the perils of a connected universe.

    Damien – I remember he was not as good as Tim at fighting, but far more devious and amoral. But yeah, he was pretty competent in the last series.

  4. Why not put them together with Battle for the Cowl? Or but all Battle for the Cowl books near Batman RIP?

  5. I so agree with Alex C on this because BFTC is basically a rehash of Knightfall with elements of the Reign Of The Supermen mixed in with it.