Last Week, Rorschach Left the Band…

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I had been thinking about writing a review of the Watchmen movie, but if you’re anything like me, you’re sick of reading reviews. Everyone hits the same notes, pretty much. The guy playing Rorschach was great. The lady playing the first Silk Spectre was not so great. The music wasn’t incorporated very well. The sex scene went on way too long. After that, it’s just the writer’s opinion on how well it did in relation to the original material. Was it too close to the material to be good? Too far away to be good? Was it just right?

So rather than doing a full review (I liked the movie enough to see it twice. There.), I made this.

Anyway. Right now I’m in a creative tug-of-war between articles. I’ve been working on the next We Care a Lot and a review of the SNK vs. Capcom Chaos comics. It’s kind of led to a case of writer’s block, so right now I’m in the middle of working on an update for the Contents page. You know it’s been about a year to the day since I last updated that? That was when Hoatzin was still writing.

Hoatzin, what happened to you? Are you injured? Talk to meeeee!

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7 comments to “Last Week, Rorschach Left the Band…”

  1. Hoatzin will not answer. He was eaten by a bear.

  2. “and a review of the SNK vs. Capcom Chaos comics.”

    I cannot believe someone was able to get through enough of that for a revue. I love SNK, but that comic hurts my soul.

  3. Yeah that’s right. I read through all 8 trades of that shit. But hey, it’s not all bad. After all, it has Choi Bounge killing Vega. That in itself is kind of awesome.

  4. It also had M. Bison blow up the world, Mr. Karate riding a dinosaur, and Kyo, Ryu, Iori, and Terry jobbing like Dan.


    And how you gonna have an SNK comic without Miss X? T’aint right, I tells ya.

    (Ok, Mr. Karate on the dinosaur was nifty. I’ll give them that.)

  5. Not as nifty as Geese Howard riding a motherfucking mastodon.

  6. Hah! I couldn’t remember who else was riding what. And Geese Howard is awesome, all by himself. Not even the wildly inconsistent art could harm his cool.

  7. I’ve got every issue of SVC, and all I want to say is…

    “Kyo! His farts are poisonous!”