Discounts for Your Holiday Shopping Needs

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I’ve worked at Barnes and Noble for a little over two years and we’re getting ready for yet another painful holiday season. More customers = higher potential for people with something completely wrong with them.

I think it was on the Something Awful forums, but I remember someone once complaining about how B&N never discounts graphic novels ever. I had to think it over for a second, but the guy was right. In all the time working there, I don’t remember a single sale for anything graphic novel related, except possibly Alex Ross’ Mythology.

Maybe it says something about the industry’s success, but that’s changed a lot. Back during October, the hardcover trade for Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness went 20% off. That’s an interesting precedent, considering despite the many, many copies sold of Marvel Zombies (at least in my store), even to the point of the warehouses being out of copies, it always remained list price.

As of today, there is a pretty impressive amount of discounted comic titles. I’m pretty certain this counts for every B&N. Off the top of my head:

– Heroes Volume 1
– Black Dossier
– Gunslinger Born
– Jodi Picoult’s Wonder Woman
– 300
– Absolute Sandman Volume 2
– Shooting War
– Marvel Encyclopedia
– DC Encyclopedia

Not a bad batch. Well, the Wonder Woman thing probably sucks, but B&N has a boner for Picoult and I’m interested in seeing how that sells. I think it’s about time the Marvel and DC Encyclopedias get an update, especially the latter. DC Encyclopedia still claims that Dr. Light killed Sue Dibny.

As a forced segue into a future article, Gunslinger Born was done by Peter David. I have one of his greatest comic issues ever coming to my mailbox any day and I can’t wait to review it. It’s a lost gem from my childhood that I had when I was like eight. Oh God, this is going to be sweet!

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9 comments to “Discounts for Your Holiday Shopping Needs”

  1. hey, I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure it was me who went off at B&N never discounting their graphic novels. Glad to hear they’re finally doing something about it.

    I frequent about four different Barnes and Nobles monthly and what upsets me the most is how poor their graphic novel section is maintained since most kids are attracted to it. Nothing grinds my gears more then paying full price for what is essentially a used book

  2. X-Factor #87? Because that’s still one of my favorite single issues ever.

  3. Everyone’s going crazy over Ms. Picoult. Make one novel with a high-end premise (girl is raised as type-match donor for sister, girl finally has enough of this), and everyone falls over themselves to get more of your stuff, good or not.

    I’m pretty sure *I* need to read My Sister’s Keeper at some point, but I think I’ll stop there.

  4. “X-Factor #87? Because that’s still one of my favorite single issues ever.”

    I have a hunch it’s something else. Let’s just say no matter how busy Gavok gets, there’s always room for this. In his schedule, you see.

  5. Yeah, I figure that’s a bit too obvious, but you never know!

  6. Vid: I did enjoy…. this one book of hers whose name I’ve forgotten. Boy shoots his lifelong sweetheart in a failed suicide pact and the resultant court case? That one. Was a good, solid book- not quite enough to warrant back-of-a-bus advertising, which denotes Superstar! Author, at least in my neck of the woods- but Ms Picoult has a definite talent.

    I think that her Wonder Woman run suffered from First Time Comics Writing syndrome, wherein she wanted to play with *all* of the toys in the WW sandbox before they got taken away from her, and she could’ve used a heavier editorial hand to help her nail some pacing and dialog issues. But I would quite like to see her on another book sometime, possibly something with a lower profile so the fanboys don’t kvetch so much when she trips up (as all who are new to writing for comics do).

    Right, /soapbox. ^_^

  7. Oh! Oh!

    Is it the issue of Hulk where Hulk and Venom will pump *clap* you up?

  8. No, though I will cover that another day with the rest of the catch-all Venom saga of articles. HitTheTargets knows what it is.

  9. Well I do now. Also:

    “Oh God, this is going to be sweet!”

    Sounds like you’re going to have a… SWEET CHRISTMAS!!!