Being the Company Man

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You may have noticed that whenever hermanos goes on about how great a certain comic is, he has an Amazon link. That’s great in that it takes care of the cost of this site and all, but part of me resents it. You see, as I’ve mentioned time and time again, I work at Barnes & Noble. I know what Lex Luthor feels like every time he’s forced to work with Superman. At least he isn’t shilling Kindles or any of that bullshit. nook is the way to be.

What I’m getting to is that recently the stores have started to sell Marvel hardcover trades for excessively cheap prices. I’m talking $7. It started with the first Dark Tower trade, which made sense because they marketed the hell out of that comic to the public, all things considered. Then I found out that a nearby store had a bargain hardcover of Death of the Stacys. Just the other day, we got the first hardcover of Supreme Power, which has the first 12 issues plus the first regular appearance by the Squadron Supreme. All for a little over a fifth of the original price. That’s pretty nifty, so I investigated further.

Here is a list of the bargain hardcovers you can find. You can either find them at BN.com (mostly $3.99 each, plus shipping) or just go into your local B&N and ask for them to order it for you. The quantities are very much limited, so if anything catches your eye, go for it immediately. They’re in order from biggest quantity to lowest.

New Avengers v.6: Revolution
Silver Surfer: Requiem
Supreme Power v.2
Spider-Man: One More Day
Spider-Man: Reign
Punisher War Journal v.2: Goin’ Out West
New Fantastic Four
Red Prophet v.1
Defenders: Indefensible
Mighty Avengers v.1: The Ultron Initiative
Wolverine: Evolution (Black & White)
Marvel Zombies: The Covers

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3 comments to “Being the Company Man”

  1. Dammit! Would’ve been nice to know this last week. I just placed a huge order on B&N with a gift card I got for Christmas. It was very difficult finding books that could compete price-wise with Amazon and Books-a-Million. These did not come up with the other bargain books. Also, they have tons of $1.99 stuff if you just search for Graphic Novels under $10. Found a Virgin book I’d considered getting for $1.99.

  2. I picked up a bunch of stuff from B&N online after Christmas. Because I had gift cards. But unless people give me more than I’m unlikely to do it again. I’ve got Prime with Amazon and paying for shipping on individual orders just leaves me annoyed…

    On the other hand, the 2 or 3 times a year I go to a brick store for new books its normally the nearest B&N or Bookstar. Those are part of the same company I think…

  3. If we’re going for a Four Yorkshiremen type argument, then I’ll counter with: “Barnes & Noble? Looxury! All MY graphic novels are ordered expressly from independent shops, either in person or via Abebooks.co.uk!”