Googling Destiny: Reader Appreciation

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Ah, it’s Valentine’s Day. A day that honestly means nothing to me. But I can pretend. I did have a huge, ten-page article written up, but before posting, I remembered hermanos’ warning that he would bludgeon me to death with a life-sized bust of Ultra-Humanite if I were to ever write up Galactus/Giganta erotic fanfiction. So that’s out.

I swear, the scene with the Seattle Space Needle was one of my finest works.

Instead, I think I’ll show a bit of appreciation to our fans. No, not our regulars. You, who come to 4th Letter every couple of days to check for updates. This isn’t about you.

No, not the people who stumble upon 4th Letter by clicking on links in forums and other comic blogs. We appreciate you guys too, but this isn’t about you. Not today.

(Note: Article not totally work safe. You’ve been warned)

A while back, hermanos showed me how to check the search engine results for our site. I got to see exactly what people were typing to find their ways here. A lot of it is mundane stuff, as you can guess. People looking for stuff on Rom the Spaceknight or Supernova. And yet, I found a couple that stuck out like a sore thumb. For the past few months, I’ve been collecting these odd search terms, preparing for this day.

And now, my friends, a list of the best search terms to bring someone to 4th Letter!

namor sucked her breast
son fuck son
family letters now I’m a bit lazy
men ass
sorry letter to someone died
essay life sucks
“christmas climax”
you tube batgirl bound and gagged
kidney punch she
“purple kitchen gloves”
thomas wanderer rhyme
puppet shows, life sucks
tophat with animal skull
getting fingered
bound gagged mary jane spiderman
why the flash is the greatest hero ever
Elvis “Danny Rand”
hippy life
cock ruler
“stronger than superman” erotic
how to do liu kang’s attacks in mk3
Gwen Stacy kidnapped and gagged
how to make good hair styles for women
superheroes in bearhugs
how do i know if i got good hair?
naked cartoons of justice league
big hole in ground mystery
embarrassed in school
tony stark pimp
can you c the pride in the panther
“you speak so well” black
big dick club
hipsters vs short jackets
create emoboy character face
to elfbot download
how cold is it,it is so cold all hell froze over, cartoon
hairy women
blacks want to have good hair
gymnast outfit oops
oprah winfrey hair afro
I hate Chuck Austen

Not to mention we get like a million people looking for pictures of Kitana and Mileena.

Here’s to you, internet. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Don’t worry. I’ll have a real update tomorrow.

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One comment to “Googling Destiny: Reader Appreciation”

  1. So wait… where are you hiding the picture of Namor? I can’t find it.