Be Kind to Your Valentine

February 14th, 2010 by | Tags: ,

If you’re running late on your Valentine’s Day shopping (shame on you, by the way, we’re all very disappointed), your pals at 4thletter! got you covered. We’ve had these Street Fighter Valentine’s Day cards kicking around on the hard drive at 4l!hq forever, but they date back to the good ol’ days of 1992.

Print one out, throw a quick inscription inside (make it sheepish to avoid a fight), and hand it over. That’s how you save Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome in advance.

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6 comments to “Be Kind to Your Valentine”

  1. Chun-Li looks TERRIFYING.

  2. Good lord, these look like crap. They’re on par with the art from old-school Gamepro.

  3. Honda looks about as enthused for the inevitable fat joke as you’d expect.

    Not pictured: Vega asking “Will yo-de-la-dee-YOU be my Valentine?”; an unexpectedly wrinkly-lookin’ Ryu punching the air and yelling that “SHO-RYU-KEN Be Mine!”; and, Sagat tenderly announcing that “I only have ‘EYE’ for you!”, pointing helpfully at his eyepatch in case the joke wasn’t clear enough on its own.

  4. Speaking of Chun-Li: Dorothy from Doom Patrol has never looked better!

  5. Classic… it should be obligatory seasonal reposting a la the Capcom Christmas poem.

    The official Capcom page tried something similar this year, but it’s not the same:


  6. Gah! What a disturbing blast from the past! I actually had a box of these in the second or third grade….Chun li….what have they done to you?! *runs away sobbing*