It simply cannot be. But is it?

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I have a friend, who shall remain anonymous for reasons that are going to become clear.

She insists that sometime post-Dinah and pre-death, Green Arrow actually hooked up with Catwoman.  I know and you know that this is a scandalous falsehood.  But could it have actually happened?

I leave it to you, internet.  Have you heard of this issue?  And if so, what are the odds that Ollie turns out to be the father of the Catbaby?  (Yes, I know, in canon it’s Sam Bradley.  Still, imagine the dramatic story that will be the origin of The Green Kitten.)

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8 comments to “It simply cannot be. But is it?”

  1. First I’ve ever heard of it. Though it doesn’t help that I don’t read much DC at all.

    Any, really.

    Though without anything to point to saying ‘here’s what I’m basing my theory off of’, it comes off as nothing more than a wild guess. Or maybe just the hopeful wish of someone who would prefer that those two get together or something.

  2. This sounds unlikely. I know some serious GA fans and I’m sure I would have heard about it during various discussions about when and how Ollie was and wasn’t unfaithful to Dinah…

  3. It happened. See Green Arrow #86. Too far back for GA to be the dad of the Cat-Baby though.

  4. @matches: NO, SELINA! NO! You didn’t have to settle for Batman Lite!

  5. It happened in Green Arrow Sleeps With the DC Universe V2 #5.

  6. HAHAHAHA, that is quite possibly the best, most disastrous, and possibly cheesiest recipe for a Bat-Arrow conflict EVER.

    Batman’s mad at Ollie, Ollie’s pissed off/guilty/defensive, Selina’s pissed at Batman and Ollie, Dinah’s pissed at Ollie, Dinah’s mad at Selina, and Selina’s defensive, and on and on and on.

    Meanwhile, all their many, many children will be sitting on the sidelines, watching. With popcorn.

    Then Alfred sets things right and sends everyone to bed without supper.

  7. The Green Kitten is probably the single most epic superhero code-name in the history of comics. I am not kidding. I love it.

  8. @Discount Lad: Suddenly I’m picturing Green Arrow as being equivalent to Dr Frankenfurter in his abilities to seduce all in his path.