New Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Four

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Yesterday’s action really escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast! It jumped up a notch. There were dragons, a man on fire and Black Panther killed a guy!

T’challa, if you’re reading this, you should find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while, because you’re probably wanted for murder.

Plus Hawkeye walked in on Tony and Carol post-coitus.

Thanks to ManiacClown for agreeing with me that, yeah, that does sort of look like Mila Kunis. Vindication is fun.

Amora and Valkyrie will continue their girl talk tomorrow. See you then.

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7 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Four”

  1. That Thorsex panel is a real page from a real comic sold just as a normal, everyday comic that children can buy?

    Mustachio’d titsucking? Really?

  2. Aw. How nice that they let Cho basically reuse that cover of Logan fucking Scarlet Witch.

  3. Wait, WHAT cover?

  4. @LaterComments: Back during Ultimates 3, Frank Cho began work on a variant cover that would show Wolverine screwing either Scarlet Witch or Magda (they look the same). He ended up not finishing it, but it looked very much like the style of that Thor/Hela image, except he hadn’t yet drawn the cape to cover Magda/Wanda’s giant bare ass.

  5. Ah, OK. But… Wolverine didn’t have sex with anyone in Ultimates 3…? (Frank Cho’d?)

  6. @LaterComments: He did the deed with Magda in a flashback.

  7. Uh wow, I thought the sex panel looked really weird and familiar and it reminded me of the sex panel David Mack drew that he traced from a condom ad. I thought I would be wrong because it’s such a weirdly specific thing to remember.

    But I looked it up and it absolutely is:


    Amusingly, Mack opted to nix the hand on the back and trace the face and boob with more precision, while Cho kept the hand but redrew the face and smaller and the boob bigger.