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May 12th, 2010 by |

There is a lot riding on my trip to the comic book shop today.  I have not one, but two highly anticipated comic books coming out on the same freaking day.  That’s almost unfair, and I know everyone at the place I visit is bracing themselves for the despairing wails of a disappointed comic book fan if the two don’t go well.

So, let me distract myself.  What’s the last comic that you were so excited about that you almost didn’t want it to come out, in case it didn’t live up to your hopes?

And how did that turn out?

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13 comments to “Today’s the Day”

  1. Milestone Forever, and thank god it was actually worth picking up with how the rest of that “revival” has been going down.

  2. This is an ‘essay’? 😉

    In any case I’d say Blackest Night. Two solid years of hype after the utterly sublime Sinestro Corps War. I actually enjoyed the final product but in my mind I built it up too much.

    Also I guess Return of Bruce Wayne and Hickman’s SHIELD count as well

  3. Iron Man 2 and the integration of the Milestone characters into the DC universe.

    I felt there was no way the former would live up to the standards set by the original. It turned out to be enjoyable in its way, but it was pretty flawed and certainly fell short of the glory.

    Milestone’s return ti the DCU was a damned mess.

  4. As a big Cassandra Cain fan, I got so excited about the current Batgirl series’ first issue that I almost couldn’t stand it. I remember desperately searching for spoilers the day it came out just to find out what would happen to my favorite character.

    I guess you can imagine my crushing disappointment after I read the issue.

  5. Batgirl #1 last year. I was so damn anxious about it. I was afraid that they’d either turn Babs back into Batgirl or they would do something awful to Cass. I mean, I love Steph and it’s been a good book so far, but I’m still pissed off that Cassandra Cain has been left in editorial purgatory. I believe my reaction was, “rage and squee.”

    As for the new Birds of Prey today? I can’t get to the comic shop ’til Friday! Grr.

  6. Nomad: Girl Without A World, hands down. I was so excited for it it was unbelievable, especially as I was pretty fresh into comics. And of course it turned out to be the best mini-series of 2009, so that worked out for me.

  7. @Nathan: Everyone needs to pad their resume now and again.

    @Nat: Yeah. I love all batgirls, so seeing any one neglected makes me sad. Then again, she is getting a new mini-series. Where she’s a hero. Finally.

    @Maddy: That reaction sums up most people’s response to their most beloved comic books, yes. I still think they should have a ‘Batgirls’ book, in which they cram everyone into one big book and all hell breaks loose.

  8. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: Where’d you hear about her getting a miniseries? All I’ve heard is that there are no plans for her currently. Even though they said there were big plans for her this year.

  9. First issue of Batman and Robin. Once I heard Quietly was on the book I couldn’t wait. It’s probably single issue I read again immediately after finishing it.

  10. @Nat: I keep hearing about it and about how she won’t be a villain, but you’re right, there is very little written down.


  11. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: Aw, you got my hopes up that you knew something I didn’t. I know Fabian Nicieza has talked about using her in Red Robin and said that there were no strings attached to the character, so I guess there never were any plans for her beyond “get her out of the Batgirl costume.” I’m not too excited about the prospect of Nicieza using her, since his version in the Network one-shot was pretty awful. I’d really love to see her show up in Batgirl and I have no idea why Miller seems so adverse to using her. But then again, his interpretation of the character was pretty half-hearted too.

    Sigh. I really do like the current Batgirl series, but whenever I think back to the handful of panels that Cass has appeared in and how she’s never mentioned, I just get irrationally angry. When I read that first issue, I remember being mad for days. The pitfalls of getting too excited for things, I guess.

  12. That Brave and the Bold last month with Wonder Woman, Zatanna and BG Batgirl, drawn by Cliff Chiang? Man … But with JMS writing it, yeah, I wanted to just hold it, after I got it home, and look at the cover and enjoy the perfect comic I imagined it could be, before reading it.

    It even held up, nice all the way through until you get to the hook, the single worst idea I’ve seen written into a comic since Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord. Sigh. Maybe I should just carefully slice out those last pages …

  13. Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye. My expectations were like, I dunno, how the Pope would feel if Jesus himself wrote a sequel to the Bible. It didn’t quite live up to my expectations.