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Just so you know, Comics Alliance is the place to go for hot off the presses Wondercon news. Two bits of note for Friday:

Greg Rucka is done at DC Comics and his Batwoman? Well, y’all are gonna be waiting a while. I have more details in the link.

-Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder is back on track. It hits again in February 2011 under the name Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, a six-issue miniseries. I can’t even front, that news is super exciting. I can’t wait to see more of Miller/Lee’s take of the Dark Knight universe. Grant Morrison has faltered for me, due in part to the on and off art, and Dini is writing the kind of comic book you use to break up weed on. Miller/Lee’s ASBAR was like a chilled shot of vodka– something bracing and surprising, and something that’ll rock your world when you least expect it.

More on that later, though. Stay tuned, true believer 🙂

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9 comments to “Hot Wondercon News”

  1. “Dini is writing the kind of comic book you use to break up weed on.”


  2. I used an RPG book to do that once. It was probably a Werewolf one.

  3. I bet Esther was just THRILLED that BQM was there. I saw a few 4thletter related stuff on his signing desk.

    Also Steve Moffat fucking delivers with Who.

  4. Yeah definitely looking forward to more Miller bat. That book is bad, but it’s so stupid it rounds all the way back to hilariously brilliant. I absolutely LOVEit.

    “Dini is writing the kind of comic book you use to break up weed on.”

    I’m a little sleepy explain this comment for me.

  5. Nevermind I got it. Should stop allnighters.

    Also I take it you don’t like Andy Clarke?

  6. I like the CA comments that make it seem like Rucka deciding to stop working on other people’s comics to concentrate on his own properties makes DC evil and stupid. I mean how dare they have people who can leave and go do something else. How stupid can DiDio be not chaining them up in a basement?

  7. @Nathan: What kind of 4thletter stuff on his signing desk? I’m not sure what you mean.

    @lurkerwithout: Yeah, those blew up big. Amazing.

  8. @david brothers: I don’t know how to describe them, but little business cards? There was a small stack of them that said “4thletter” and had the logo from the sidebar.

    @lurkerwithout: I know fucking seriously. I know DC doesn’t have the best editorial but there’s really no indication it was anything other than Rucka wanting a break.

    Well while I’m a little heartbroken, Rucka told me his next Queen & Country novel “opens the door for more comics”. So I’m estatic.

  9. Was a fun con overall, I practically lived at the microphone during the DC panels >_>

    hey David question, did you get “Man with the getaway face” or are you gonna wait for The Outfit to come out?