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Batwoman was in Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of BloodThe Question #3 last week. It’s the first time I thought this version of Batwoman was kind of cool, and it’s generally a good comic that you should be reading. Anyway, I noticed an interesting thing: Matthew Clark made some sly but noticable changes to her design. It’s an improvement.


On the left is Alex Ross’ original design. On the right is Batwoman from the issue in question (hehe), as drawn by Matthew Clark. Note the streamlined cowl, the more realistic gloves, the actually functional looking utility belt, the lack of superfluous and poorly placed bat-symbols and best of all: The ridiculous high heels appear to be gone.

Pretty cool huh?

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6 comments to “Just an observation”

  1. No heels! This makes me unspeakably happy.

  2. I love the way she looked in that book. I love the way she moved. It was great. She was absolutely brutal. That panel makes me think of DKR for some reason. I can’t wait to see this character finally fleshed out.

  3. I’d love for the character to just go away.

  4. Oooh, Matthew Clark is still around. I remember him from back when Wonder Woman readers were complaining his Diana wasn’t “Sexy enough.”

  5. Yeah, I dig Matthew Clark. He reminds me of Kevin Nowlan sometimes, too, which is awesome.

  6. Maybe I just didn’t look that hard, but the heels didn’t really make me think they were that bad. But whatever, those are some cool, realistic improvements that you sort of expect from a street-level gal.