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There were two things I learned at the DC Universe panel.

There is going to be a Batgirl book after Battle for the Cowl is over.

Cassandra Cain is not going to be ‘part of the batfamily’ after Battle for the Cowl is over.

I asked who was going to fill the cowl and was denied an answer, so I’ve compiled a list.

1.  Barbara Gordon:  Her upcoming series is titled ‘The Cure.’  Dan Didio has gone from flatly denying the idea that Babs would ever walk again to giving cagey answers like, “There’s a lot to be said for a Barbara Gordon Batgirl.”  I think I’ve made it no secret that I would love to see Barbara Gordon as Batgirl again.  But then, isn’t she just a bit old for the ‘girl’ title?  And since the position of Batwoman is filled at least up until the end of the JH Williams Batwoman book, there might not be a place for an adult Batgirl.

2.  Stephanie Brown:  What can I say?  I don’t give up hope. 

3.  Charlie Gage-Radcliffe:  After all, she adopted the title for a while, and Barbara took her under her wing.  But what’s more – It’s been a long time coming.  And let me say, there were times when I truly believed I would never see this day.  But at last, at long last, there might possibly be a heroine with a hyphenated last name in the Batbooks.  Stay strong, sister!  Make us proud!

4.  Cassandra Cain:  Because sometimes a DC editor can be the father of all liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeees.

5.  Deathstroke:  He shows up in every book.  It was just a matter of time, really.

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17 comments to “Batgirl”

  1. A Steph/Spoiler to Batgirl change could be interesting. Misfit doesn’t really seem like someone who would fit in with the rest of the Batfamily. But who knows. Steph was generally pretty cheerful and her best friend was Cassandra. Making Babs go from Oracle to Batgirl again would fit into DC’s seeming goal of constantly moving backwards narratively…

  2. Personally, my money’s on Deathstroke.

  3. It’s Tim

  4. I hate Misfit and don’t want to read Batgirl: Rebirth, so I’m hoping Cass gets to keep the spot and also gets put into a good comic.

  5. I really hope they don’t turn Barbara Gordon back into Batgirl. Like you just pointed out, there are several people that can do that, but there’s only one Oracle.

  6. If for no other reason to see “Ron Perlman as Batgirl” in the credits of a DC cartoon, I back Deathstroke.

  7. I’m gonna go with 4, if only because she can change her name to Cassandra Wayne and it won’t technically be a lie.

  8. Esther . . . you’re at WonderCon? Did you explain to the panel how Robin’s costume looks like a “condom cozy”?

    And Misfit stepping up? I dunno. My experience with her has been through Gail Simone, so I don’t know about a Batgirl in jeans and a t-shirt, bellowing “DARRRRRRK VENGEANCE!” at her foes. Could be sweet, though.

  9. Squire?

  10. @david brothers: I would wait and see what Cass ends up as. I still think she could be interesting in a solo book.

    @HitTheTargets: You are technically correct. The best kind of correct.

    @Jason: Only Red-Robin’s costume looks like that. And no, I did not. And don’t make it worse than it was! I said *designer* costumer cozy.

    No one seems to like Misfit much.

    @ACK:Squire! One I didn’t think of. She is in the promo-issue of Battle For The Cowl, but I love her costume too much to want to see it change.

  11. Sorry for not remembering the right phrase, Esther. And I liked Misfit. I just don’t think she’s Batgirl material.

  12. You forgot Jason Todd! It’s the one identity he missed. (but then he might be Batman…Judd Winick is writing it next, no? hm…)

    I kid. XD

    Jann Jones has reportedly said that DC has some “exciting plans” for Cass Cain in 2009. I’m guessing new costume. X3

  13. Wendy Calculator.

  14. @Jason: Considering I didn’t get the right words either, I gotta forgive you. “Costumer”? What? Man. I was way too tired when I wrote that.

  15. Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is a terrible idea. Good, solid character development in superhero comics, especially among female characters, is one of the rare pieces of irrefutable evidence that some of these books are quality in ways that transcend genre. Reeling it back in is ridiculous.

  16. Poor Cassandra. Went from having one of the most interesting DC books around to total character assassination at the hands of Dan Didio and Adam Beechen.

    I’d personally prefer to see Cassandra back as Batgirl in her own series, hopefully with a writer like Ed Brubaker attached. He did such an amazing job on Catwoman V2.

    I’d have to agree with those who think that Barbara being Batgirl again is moving backwards. To me that seems like Dick Grayson going back to being Robin. He outgrew that role, just as Barbara grew into Oracle. The use of her legs doesn’t mean she can’t be Oracle any more and I’d honestly prefer if she remains Gotham’s number one eavesdropper.

  17. I think DC has been moving backwords for a couple of years now. Everything good that came out of Crisis on Infinite Earth’s and the reboots of Superman, Flash, JLA, Etc… has been canned.