Fourcast! 24: Nightcrawler vs Batgirl

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Reader ACK let me know that Cassandra Cain turns ten this year, and I realized that she’s a character I enjoy, and she’s a Batgirl, so I know Esther likes her, too. Luckily, we have a podcast where we can talk about her for hours. Luckily for you I edited that down to about 48 minutes.

-Pedro Tejeda, a true man among men and Funnybook Babylonian, clues us in on a few things you’ll never hear on the Fourcast!, at least until I trick him into being a special guest.
– 6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental opens up the show…
-I kick off the Continuity Off with Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler, and run down his hits and misses. I left out the swashbuckling stuff by accident, but no one’s perfect.
-Esther talks about Batgirl some, which makes me talk about Batgirl some, and then we are down the rabbit hole, ladies and gents.

Share your favorite Cassandra Cain moments down in the comments, good or bad, and we’ll catch you next week!

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10 comments to “Fourcast! 24: Nightcrawler vs Batgirl”

  1. My favorite Cass moment is Batgirl #28, wherein she trains with Spoiler. It’s just adorable how Cass goes from being mildly irritated by Steph to actually enjoying her company over the course of the issue. There’s a subplot with some government group that is never really completed, but the rest of the issue always makes me smile. And then makes me sad when you get to the end of the issue and Cass goes back to being alone. I miss how the Batgirl book when written by Kelley Puckett and illustrated by Damion Scott never really had a set plot or any 3 or 6 issue arcs or anything like that, so it could devote whole issues to character moments without people complaining about them being filler.

    Why DC didn’t give the character back to Puckett when he was with DC again and working on Supergirl will always confound me and make me wonder about what could have been.

  2. Can you post scans for that horrible Chuck Austen X-men issue?

  3. I’m at work, so I can’t now, but read this and this in the meantime.

  4. I sometimes suspect that Chuck Austen deliberately chooses the daftest, weirdest, most out there ideas he can think of so as to at least grab people’s attention. Could be subscribing to the philosophy that the worst thing that you can do to your audience is bore them.

    Batman being weirdly protective of Cassandra was something I quite liked because it took some of what are usually Batman’s worst traits, like his overbearingness and control freak nature, and turned them into things that made him seem sort of sweetly maladjusted, rather than a bit of a dick, as they often do.

  5. @david brothers: I meant the one with Angel and Page Guthrie that you mentioned in another 4cast. I think you should slip into This Week in Panels, or as an addendum to the Grant Morrison X-men post, but there’s no rush.

  6. Cassandra Cain doesn’t hold a lot of interest for me: for all that she wasn’t much of a communicator when she was found, of late she’s an eye-roll worthy combination of emo and smug bitchery. It does not help that in order to build her up, recent writers have tried to tear other characters down, in the age-old exasperating method.

    When I have liked her, it’s been in incidental moments to the story: Bruce is trying to assure a social worker that he took his ward’s (Jason’s) safety seriously and that he takes the man himself seriously. While he’s standing there at the front door in his robe after an adventure, Cassandra zips over in one of his shirts and nothing else to ask him about coffee, scandalizing the social worker.

    I have liked her brawls with Spoiler and her closeness with Barbara – in fact, I felt it was sort of sad that her relationship with Babs was played down in favor of what was a much less convincing one with Bruce.

    I’m curious what her future holds but I’m not sure she’ll ever be one of the characters I follow with great interest.

  7. Oh yeah. Both Bruce and Cass both had crappy anniversaries. I figure the way things are going, Dick gets to die next year.

  8. Alright Casino, here’s the smut you’re after.

  9. the Death Row issue. the end always makes me laugh like a deranged fool.

  10. @CasinoGrande: http://www.thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/linkara/at4w/3668-uncanny-x-men-423