Just a quick one for tonight

January 4th, 2008 by | Tags: , , , , ,

I’m currently bouncing back and forth between several writing projects for this site and I’m tired as hell, so I’ll just fall back on a stupid Photoshop gag.

For shame, Quesada. Ruining the dreams of all those 13-year-old girls and Hoatzin.

Right now, I’m going to stay away from Amazing Spider-Man. Unless, of course, there’s some kind of Venom arc. I’m shallow like that. Other than that, I’m going to spend my reading time catching up on Sinestro Corps or Casanova for a while. If I’m proven wrong and Brand New Day turns out to be redeeming, then that’s what trades are for.

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4 comments to “Just a quick one for tonight”

  1. You know, I like Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane too!

  2. I’ve never read an issue of SMLMJ (maybe since I got a Marvel Digital sub for Christmas). But that was possibly my favorite cover of ’07. It’s just so CUTE and…you RUINED IT.

    But I laughed out loud anyway.

  3. Me-phisto! The Devil! Making cockblocks!

  4. Any chance of getting Firestar to look like Jackpot?