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The new teaser image for the next Batgirl comic is out.  I have several thoughts, which I shall put in no particular order.

  • Is the mask, like, stitched to her face or something?  I want to read Batgirl, not Hellraiser.
  • I want that utility belt.  I would rock that thing.
  • I do kind of miss the blue and gold, though.
  • But that only works on Babs.
  • Oh, God, do I want it to be Babs.
  • Or Cass again.
  • Please not someone new.  Don’t have her cure Calculator’s daughter and train the daughter to be the new Batgirl.  I hate new people.  It takes me forever to get warmed up to them and by the time I finally do their book is cancelled.  So come on, DC.  Babs.  Or Cassandra.  Or Stephanie.  Not someone new.

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15 comments to “Batgirl Teaser Image”

  1. I REALLY hope it is not Barbara again.

  2. It’ll probably be Bette Kane (pre-Crisis Bat-Girl and post-Crisis Flamebird) to compliment Kate Kane’s Batwoman. It’s a wildcard, I know, but I really don’t want it to be Barbara. Barbara has grown past her Batgirl days, and works best as Oracle.

  3. The purple background suggests, arghblargl, Spoiler. What a career move that would be – from “Clue Master’s Daughter” to “Robin’s Booty Call”, to “The Fake Batgirl Nobody Wanted”.

  4. It’s totally Catwoman/Selina Kyle.

  5. It’s not likely to be a teenage character, as the body-type is obviously more fully-developed than a young adult, and those hips rule Spoiler out, as that’s not someone who’s had a child. Also, no long hair, so that limits the options a little. Holly from Catwoman?

    I’ll go out on a limb and say it’ll be a new character and the title starts with an origin to make the book accessible to new readers.
    Yes, I WAS smirking as I wrote that – of course it’ll be an existing character whose origins lie in an unrelated book so that new readers will look at it and go “so I needed to have read some other book before I read this one? Pass.” and then the writer/editor/publisher will blame the market or the audience and not the insular mentality that’s seen DC stuck in a ‘Legacy or nothing’ mindset for the last ten years getting frustrated as their fanbase shrinks by the day.
    I like Babs, both as Oracle and as Batgirl, but this could be a breakout title if DC made the effort. Someone new, please!

  6. Misfit!
    I’d love it to be her.
    Barbara should not go back to being Batgirl. Wouldn’t mind Cass, but I highly doubt DC would make a secret of it and go through all this bother if it was her.

  7. I was going to make a comment about the focus on the BEWBS! but actually, they were focusing a bit more on the symbol, and they do stuff like that with Superman all the time. Not as bad as that new JLA (I think) where they show full bodies for men and only Supergirl’s chest.

  8. @MammaJamma: I think you’re putting too much faith in the artist there, but maybe I’m not just putting in enough..

  9. I gave up trying to discern teen bodies and adult bodies a long time ago in mainstream superhero comics.

  10. I have no interest in this and wont until I’m given a creative team.
    Batgirl ongoings don’t exactly have a rich history of good writing.

  11. I don’t know why you want one of the few actual character developments to ever occur in superhero comics to get reversed. It’s a terrible idea. We need all the evidence we can get that there’s some mature, real storytelling in these sorts of books.

  12. Yeah, no offense, but what P_B said.

    It looks more like she ripped the mouthpiece off and left the stitches hanging. In which case, that’s pretty symbolic of what happened with Cass who is no longer mute or hiding behind the cowl. (Then again this happened long ago and so the mouthpiece should’ve been taken off sooner than now…maybe they were waiting for Batman to die to give her room to speak? ).

    Perhaps it is Stephanie Brown. Maybe Cass hands her the cowl but not before removing the mouthpiece. I can live with that.

  13. @Probe:

    The creative team has been revealed as writer Bryan Q. Miller (who has written three episodes of Smallville) and artist Lee Garbett (who is working on the Outsiders recently). Dunno if that helps any…

  14. I’m hoping for Cass, because she’s the only Batgirl who has ever really worked for me.

  15. The way Cass was portrayed in the first few dozen issues of her series was some of my favorite comics in the past two decades (throwing all of the 90s in there doesn’t make it THAT much more a complement, really). Her search for redemption, the running motif of her trying to help other people who’d done wrong but wanted to do right, and that death-battle with Shiva hanging in her future … plus the art. That was just a fine, fine comic. It makes me sad that to get THAT Cassandra back is nearly impossible because I could’ve gone years more reading about that character.