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If you’re coming to San Francisco for Wondercon, or if you live in or near the city, try to stop by and check out Cartoon Art Museum. It’s a pretty neat place. It has some fairly ancient animation cels, an actual Yellow Kid page, some classic Gene Colan art, a lot of Ed Hannigan works (and he is the beneficiary of a party on Friday evening), and a whole heaping lot of Batman stuff right now.

They have regular lectures/events. I’ve attended a few alone or with friends and enjoyed all of them, even when I had no idea what Scott Kurtz was talking about that one time. I’m really glad this kind of place exists, where comics are treated as art and a focus is placed on creators and characters equally. The Gene Colan exhibit was amazing, and I’m happy I got to see it.

If you stop by and dig the place, give some thought to supporting CAM. Membership starts at 35 bucks, though they also take normal donations. It’s a good place, and I’d like to see it stick around. Give it a look if you get a chance.

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One comment to “Support Worthy Causes”

  1. They say there are about 6,000 pieces of cartoons…Not bad. But what way are they exposed?