This Week in Panels: Week 3

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This week begins with a lack of Amazing Spider-Man. That’s odd.

Batman and Robin #5
Grant Morrison and Phillip Tan

The Boys #35
Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson

Dark Reign: The List: Secret Warriors
Jonathan Hickman and Ed McGuinness

Deadpool #16
Daniel Way and Paco Medina

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1
Rick Remender and Jefte Palo

House of M: Masters of Evil #3
Christos N. Gage and Manuel Garcia

Irredeemable #7
Mark Waid and Peter Krause

Luke Cage: Noir #3
Mike Benson, Adam Glass and Shawn Martinbrough

Magog #2
Keith Giffen and Howard Porter

North 40 #4
Aaron Williams and Fiona Staples

Strange Tales #2
Jacob Chabot among many others

X-Babies #1
Gregg Schigiel and Jacob Chabot

X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1
Jeff Parker and Carlo Pagulayan

Yeah, that’s right. I’m reading Magog. Wanna make something of it?

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8 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 3”

  1. Oh, crap. Wolverine got claw-blocked TWICE by Cyclops in one week?

  2. Makes sense. He can’t cock-block him anymore what with Jean dead.

  3. The best part of Batman & Robin was Jason starting a phone poll.

  4. how was magog? I got the first one and it didn’t strike me as all that great, but I’ve read interviews with Giffen that made me think that he might actually throw some interesting mythology stuff thrown in there.

  5. I thought the second issue was better than the first, but I’m still not completely sold on it. Personally, I really loved the character in Kingdom Come and I tend to enjoy Giffen’s work, so I’m giving it a try for a bit.

  6. I’d have thought you’d have used Nick Fury’s list

  7. Gog needs a serious costume overhaul if Giffen wants to succeed in his intent of remaking the man as a Thor-like character.

  8. Er…Magog.