Ultimatum Edit Week 4: Day Four

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Last time, we saw Dr. Strange try his chances with the Great Pumpkin Dormammu. Unfortunately, Dr. Strange only got a rock. And by “a rock”, I mean “his head exploded”. Then Hulk jumped around and met up with the X-Men. We’ll continue with that, then move on to the Search for Nick Fury subplot.

Just so you know, the end of that Hulk sequence in the original Loeb version was really a joke about the Hulk having a raging boner. Christ…

Tomorrow, we’ll continue with the Nick Fury stuff, then see what Kitty Pryde is up to.

Thanks again to ManiacClown, who believes that Zarda really just hates the stick shift and doesn’t know how else to express her feelings. Maybe she should have written a catchy song about it, like Cake.

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3 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 4: Day Four”

  1. I don’t think you can park in front of the White House like that.

  2. My other theory was that Zarda was incensed that Fury had paid too much for his muffler.

  3. Here be scared! I’m breaking your car! GRAWR!

    That last shot of Reed that server as a thumbnail is absolutely horrible.