Batman in Barcelona?

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I recently saw the solicit for Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight, the upcoming one-shot from DC.

When a string of bizarre murders hits Spain’s beautiful coastal city of Barcelona, The Dark Knight makes solving this crime his top priority. Full of international intrigue, high adventure and even higher stakes, BATMAN IN BARCELONA: DRAGON’S KNIGHT showcases The Caped Crusader in a different type of Gotham – but one no less dangerous!

Barcelona is like Gotham?  Because Gotham is an urban hellhole, plagued by every kind of crime, disease, corruption, poverty and natural disaster.  Has the Barcelona Tourist Bureau heard about this?

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8 comments to “Batman in Barcelona?”

  1. I only hope that whoever is writing and drawing this has actually been to Barcelona.

  2. Barcelona has it share of gothic architecture (though expect to see a lot of Gaudi, obviously), so that’s what they’re getting at. And the major of Barcelona is writing a foreword, they’re making simultaneous editions in Spanish, Italian and Catalan. It’s a pretty big deal.

    Artist Diego Olmos lives in Barcelona. Writer Mark Waid has been there for the Saló once. Waid is wrong about Saint George being a big deal in Spain, though. Sant Jordi is a big deal in Catalonia, which is not quite the same thing.

  3. It’s a DIFFERENT kind of Gotham okay, maybe it’s parents don’t approve of its lifestyle choices, but it and Madrid are getting on just fine without mom and dads approval ok?

  4. I wanna know why Batman gives a fuck about what’s happening in Barcelona, of all places.

  5. Well, back in the Dennis O’Neil days, at least, Batman was traveling all around the world, like when he went to New Orleans during Mardi Gras to investigate the murder of one of his favorite jazz musicians(the idea of Batman listening to Jazz in the Batcave while is hilarious, but Bats would totally listen to jazz) to going to Mexico to investigate a seemingly immortal couple, and of course Ra’s Al Ghul.

    Here, it seems Killer Croc is vacationing in Spain and Batman chases after him, I guess.

  6. @Rick Wears Pants: some of his rogues went there, so it’s Batman’s job to bring them back.

  7. Batman in Barcelona: Love the idea. The gothic quarter actually has rooftops close enough for a person to leap around on. Beautiful city, on top of it.
    Mark Waid: Good sign.
    Artist from Barcelona: Better sign.
    Killer Croc: Ugh. Boring C-lister, but not enough to kill my interest.
    Anything that reminds me of the Denny O’Neill globetrotting days: Very much welcome.

  8. Barcelona will most certainly welcome el “rat-penat” (that’s the Catalan for Bat).
    Can’t wait!!!