What I Want In Batman Forever II

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I only have two requests.

1) Show more of Gotham city and how they react to the Batman.

2) Make Edward Nigma the villain, and make sure it’s this version. Have the media call him the Riddler before he’s revealed.

The past two films have been all about villains trying to kill other people. Nigma isn’t after that. He’s just heard stories of the “Dark Knight Detective” and he wants to see if he can outsmart him. He pulls off complicated heists, tricky kidnappings, and generally causes high impact, but low danger, crime to get Batman’s attention. He leaves behind a clue or two, maybe a green question mark on a postcard with a rhyme on the back.

He doesn’t want to kill. He doesn’t want to murder. He’s just a thrillseeker who happens to be super-smart. Also, he doesn’t wear a stupid costume. He’s dapper and slick, and probably knows Bruce Wayne in real life, but hasn’t made the connection between Bruce and Bats yet.

Get on it. 2010.

Also, my brother-from-another William points out something fun– Eddie should be black. Just because.

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12 comments to “What I Want In Batman Forever II”

  1. Eh. I’m pretty sure what Nolan has set up is a “hunt the Batman” scenario for the next film, and you will definitely see Gothamites reacting — negatively — but not sure if bringing in a gimmicky “let’s see if I can outsmart this guy who’s already the ire of the police and the people” villain makes any sense.

  2. Haven’t seen TDK yet. But tell me, at what point does your E.Nigma start to fight crime? 🙂

  3. Never! Some villains should stay unrelentingly bad. Lock him up and when he gets out?

    There’s a giant bat painted into the side of the tallest building in Gotham, with a “Stop me… if you’ve heard this one before” below it.

  4. They’ll probably still go with an upper class white dude. There’s a lot of people saying David Hyde Pierce (Niles from Frasier). He’s pretty cool, but has he done anything since that show ended?

  5. Any actor or actors in mind?

    Aaron Eckhart owns the role of Harvey Dent. Heath Ledger owns the film by virtue of his Joker. Sam Jackson is literally Ultimate Fury. Robert Downey Jr. was possessed by the spirit of Tony Stark, just like G-Moz and Metron. ((Morgan Freeman would totally nail John Jones.)) ???? is the perfect Edward Nigma.

  6. I figured the best way for them to bring in Edward Nigma is for him to be the detective sent in to figure out the answer to the ultimate riddle: Who is Batman? Especially considering there will be a manhunt for the third movie.

  7. some people are saying that David Hyde Peirce would be a good nigma.

  8. I’d be happy if Movie Riddler were half as great as the Bruce Timm version.

    Dig up Batman Adventures #10 (IIRC). Terrific Riddler story.

  9. I think the Riddler’s last name might be an issue for some people on the casting front.

  10. I think they might have a hard time featuring a “soft” Batman villain after two films where the villains used mass murder and mayhem as their means. Could even Nolan keep the same feel with a crook who just robs and kidnaps? The atmosphere of death and its constant threat is part of the winning equation in the current series.

  11. unless there’s some huge catastrophe in gotham, a soft villain will be a hard sell.

  12. From where did you find out about this?