Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Six

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Home stretch time.

In the last installment, Ant Man said something really unbearably stupid. Let’s move on as the Ultimates confront Magneto, not with actions, but with words.

So, yeah, if you were wondering where I was going with that inner dialogue about Iron Man’s spine, there you go.

Thanks to writing partner ManiacClown for coming up with too much usable dialogue so that I had to make the text all scrunched up and awkward looking to fit in some word bubbles. Thanks a lot, jerk!

Tomorrow is the big conclusion. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Day Seven!

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5 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Six”

  1. So Magneto is kind of impotent, despite beating up Thor.

    Also, he looks exactly like his 616 self.

    And why did Hawkeye try to kill him? He said he was doing the job, but what job was that? As far as I can tell, Mags was a dupe, just like everybody else…

  2. You’re trying to make sense of Jeph Loeb. That’s not a good idea, for that way lies madness. Remember why we were apparently supposed to find out why everyone was dressed as their 616 selves instead of their Ultimate universe designs? Yeah, that didn’t happen. He’s a hack who, for the most part, seems to be mostly making it up as he goes along except for the most vital plot points, and even then they’re done imcompetently.

  3. It’s the Loeb way – everything’s a plot point, except only one or two will be explained, and the rest will be dropped.

  4. Wow, Iron Man really did become Blue Beetle there.

  5. Awesomely, if you want to see all the Ultimates act like the Ultimates and dress like the Ultimates, you can see them in this month’s Ultimate Spider-man.