Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day Seven

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Thinking back to yesterday, I seem to recall Thor slaughtering Unus and then being easily beaten by Magneto. Now ManiacClown and I are back to finish off yet another fun week.

In case you were wondering, the original, untouched version of that last page has Ultron ranting about vibrators. Yes, really.

Thanks for reading. Unless we get another delay or two, get set for Week 5 in August.

Ultimate Edit Week 5

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9 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day Seven”

  1. Madieura can’t draw Ultimate Iron Man. At all. That robot looks closer, but really more inline with a gorilla/subaru combination. Is this the same robot as in http://www.4thletter.net/gavok/ultimate/ultimates3page18.jpg ? Because there’s some geometric shifting going on.

  2. I just want to point out that every damn time I show up and a new Ultimate Edit is posted this week, I’ve seen Mjolnir hitting Magneto in the back of the head as a banner.

    I think it’s an omen or something.

  3. mack: Nah. Ultron just rebuilt a different version of Iron Man after the last one exploded.

    Syrg: I was hoping that would happen to someone.

  4. How nice, we’re back to Wasp the Wasp. You go Loeb! Make sure none of those ethnic types sneak onto your team…

  5. Gavok: So Ultron had the foresight to build a spare Stark?

    Also, calling it now; Tony will cure his tumor/cancer/made of BRAINS! with Ultron parts.

  6. For a second, there, I thought they’d cast Kevin Bacon in the role of Bruce Banner.

    Think about that.



  7. Actually, I think Kevin Bacon could make a pretty good Bruce Banner.

  8. “In case you were wondering, the original, untouched version of that last page has Ultron ranting about vibrators. Yes, really.”

    I didn’t believe this, so I had to download the copy…and sure enough it mentions vibrators. How ****ing stupid is that?!

    The only version of Ultimates 3 that I have read previously were the ones found on this great site. Since reading the real Issue 4, I had to download Issues 1-3. My GOD they are horrible!

    How the **** does someone get paid MONEY to write crap like this?! Yet funny, entertaining parody’s of these issues don’t get anything?

    It’s a shame that I have to download one version and can’t buy it in the stores. On the flip-side though…I’m not buying the version you can buy in stores and downloading it (saying F.U. to Marvel), and still feel ripped off. -_-

  9. Sooo…Ultron looking like Yellowjacket built robots looking like the Ultimates V1 and 2? Wow, that is so excellent. Remember when this line used to be about low continuity and accessability? I have read almost all of the Ultimate line and I have no. idea. what. is. going. on.

    Like, I never quite understood who that Hush guy was, but at least in every issue you had only one new villain for Batman to punch drawn by Jim Lee. That I could understand. This, not so much.