May 30th is a Good Day

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So 27 years ago, back on May 30, 1981, I showed up and started doing my thing. To copy from hermanos, I decided to look up some old covers for comics that came out during the month of May, 1981. Sadly, What If skipped that month. Bastards.


– The best covers are definitely the Justice League of America Starro fiasco and Dr. Doom acting like a complete pimp. You know he’s saying, “Suck it, T’Challa!” in that image.

– Ow! Look at Hal Jordan there. I thought John Stewart was the one who injured his spine.

– I need to get back into reading Essential Power Man/Iron Fist. What the hell is going on in that comic?!

– Good to see that Batman’s been an asshole since way before the 90’s.

– I don’t know what’s going on in that Superfriends comic, but I aim to find out and review it.

– Did I mention how fucking awesome that Dr. Doom cover is?

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14 comments to “May 30th is a Good Day”

  1. The Flash and Daredevil covers are probably my favorites.

    Happy birthday, boss.

  2. Boss? But I work for you!

  3. 1. Congrats on the anniversary…

    2. Man, the Titans should probably just hang out at Chuck E Cheeze. That way when the villains inevitabley crash the party it won’t matter as much…

    3. I miss Rom. If Secret Invasion had Rom it would be cool. Just like it was cool back the first time…

    4. I feel sorry for Backlash. I can just see him getting his latest Maggia assignment. “So who do I have to take down now Silvermane? Daredevil? Spider-Man? Moon Knight?” *reads note* “IRON MAN? Are you fucking kidding me?! I use a fucking whip for fucks sake!”

  4. That was a great issue of ROM. Man that cover takes me back.

  5. Belated happy birthday, Gavok!

    Where’d you get the covers? Is there a site where you can search for issues on your birthday?

  6. You can go to comics.org and look up the covers. They’re listed by the month and year they came out on.

  7. Wow, blast from the past. Just from the covers I definitely remember owning those issues of Hulk, ROM, Teen Titans and Brave and the Bold. Sadly the Titans is the only one I still have 🙁

  8. Superman fighting a guy on an energy horse. Hee!

  9. I have that FF issue somewhere. It was… kinda vanilla, I think.

  10. Blacklash: More than just a Mike Adamle fuckup.

  11. Mike Adamle is a beautiful human being. There will be no bashing of Adamle at 4th Letter.

  12. Is Blacklash fair game then?

  13. Sure, why not. I mean, that issue came out after the whole Demon in a Bottle storyline. The same storyline that had Iron Man schooling Blacklash and two others at the same time.

  14. I love the Fantastic Four Issue with Reed being a dick. Why can’t the Avengers help out? I bet it was a failed experiment of his and now he must cover it up. Like I said before: Dick.

    I also love teh X-Men cover with Doctor Doom being a dick. But he’s being a pimp dick, so it’s okay.