Let a Man Lay Back for a Bit…

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Between enduring the holidays and following it up with Ultimatum Edit, I’ve been a bit exhausted. That’s why I haven’t been doing any updates. Luckily, hermanos has been doing well enough. Esther too, though hermanos has to overshadow her posts with comments that are twice as long. Jerk.

Oh, hey! The new What If issues came out over the past month. Not a great batch this year, but there were two really good issues in there. One is What If: Newer Fantastic Four, which is a sequel to the Mike Wieringo tribute, also featuring the Mini-Marvels conclusion to World War Hulk. Even better is the issue that came out last week, based on Doctor Doom holding onto the Beyonder’s power from Secret Wars. Beautiful art and a perfect ending.

When I finish the We Care a Lot series, I think I’m going to redo the Top 100 What If Countdown. Enough has come out since then to justify it.

We Care a Lot is on a slight hiatus. Nothing too drastic. After all, I need to get my installment about Hybrid up for Black History Month. It’s just that I’ve been spending the past week or so getting ready for another series of articles.

You see, hermanos just did his whole rap countdown. It wasn’t comic-related. So if he’s doing his series of non-comic countdown articles, then damn it, so will I!

It’s coming.

One last thing, I’m going to be checking out all three days of New York Comic Con. Which of yous guys can I expect to see there?

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6 comments to “Let a Man Lay Back for a Bit…”

  1. I’m going for all three days. I’m excited after I saw the panel schedule, but it’s going to be a chore to figure out how to juggle the panels, sketch-getting and other stuff.

  2. If The Rock isn’t in the top five I’m coming for you, ‘Vok

  3. @Frank Castle: I mean, unless it’s a countdown of Royal Rumbles, I guess

  4. To be honest, I think What If: Newer Fantastic Four sucked really bad. I’m a big fan of Infinity Gaunlet so I was happy to see it related to this series but… most of the story in there made no sense. Maybe in 2-3 issues, it could have been better.

  5. I want to see more of perma-drunk Iron Man from Secret Wars. .22 is pretty damn saucy.

  6. @Olivier: See, that’s funny because I’m NOT a fan of Infinity Gauntlet, which is why Newer Fantastic Four was great. Well, that and the Marvel Adventures feel of overall fun to it.

    Yeah, fuck you, Adam Warlock fanwank!

    The more I think of it, the more I don’t like the Back in Black issue. It’s not so much “What If Mary Jane Got Shot?” as it is “What If it was a Kill Shot?” Meaning that if the story was that Aunt May still got shot, but died immediately, the same stuff would’ve gone down.

    The original story: Aunt May gets shot. Spider-Man dresses in black. Spider-Man hunts down Kingpin and beats him up. Spider-Man tells him that the moment Aunt May dies, he’s going to find Kingpin and kill him off for real.

    The What If story: Mary Jane gets shot and dies. Spider-Man dresses in black. Spider-Man hunts down Kingpin and kills him because MJ is dead. Iron Man’s there for a couple pages to make it seem like something new and different.

    What I really hated about it was that after that by-the-numbers sequence of an issue, Peter gives himself up and discusses the possible repercussions of what happened. That in itself sounded interesting as hell and would have made for a cool story, but wouldn’t you know it, they’re out of room.